Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 43: B*tch! You Ruined Me!

After receiving Morgan's instructions, the two men carefully followed Isabella and Noel.

Knowing that Noel was a police officer, the two of them were extra careful.

After all, police were more observant and vigilant than ordinary people.

On the other side of the city, Morgan looked at Maxwell, who was still in the conference room and felt
his head hurt.

Just like what Noel had said, if it wasn't a serious matter, Isabella wouldn't have asked anyone for help.

Even he, who had only known Isabella for a short time, knew.

After thinking for a while, Morgan decided not to tell Maxwell for the time being.

Isabella's investigation was smooth with Noel's presence.

However, Isabella didn't manage to find the person she expected after going through multiple Internet

After lunch, the two of them continued to visit other Internet cafes.

Isabella told Noel about her speculations, and Noel used her knowledge to analyze Isabella's
predictions and agreed to that, so she encouraged her friend to go on searching every potential
Internet cafe in the area.

At that moment, Isabella didn't know there was another accusation of her happening in the hospital...

"Do you mean your surveillance cameras went out that day?"

Isabella looked at the Internet cafe admin and questioned incredulously.

When the admin saw the police, he thought it was something serious.

Nodding his head, he replied, "Yes, I was on duty that day and I was confused about how the
surveillance camera broke, so I got someone to fix it, and they said the wire was too old, so it might
have been bitten off by a mouse.The camera got fixed around 11 at noon.Do you want to take a look,

They were already at the last Internet cafe in Broadview Garden.

The surveillance cameras of more than ten cafes they had visited were all fine, but she couldn't find
what she wanted.

This was the last place, but the surveillance camera was broken...

Suddenly, Isabella thought of Drew.

There were a lot of notifications on her phone, but she didn't have time to read them.

She only read the ones from him.

Erin lived nearer to Broadview Garden, but there were also a few others who stayed a little further

Isabella filtered some of the culprits she suspected, and her eyes sank.

"I still think it's her."

Isabella put down her phone and declared with certainty.

"Let me see the wiring."

Noel looked at the admin and requested.

Hearing that, he immediately understood what she wanted to see, so he quickly led the way.

After checking the live wire, she knew it was indeed old and had been bitten by a rat.

Isabella showed the suspects’ photos to the admin, but due to high traffic in the cafe, he couldn't
remember if he saw person.

By the time Isabella and Noel walked out of the Internet Cafe, it was already late in the afternoon.

"Let's get something to eat first.There's no point getting gloomy and sad,"

Noel spoke while looking at her friend.

In agreement, Isabella nodded.

Just as the two of them had left, the two men appointed to follow them quickly entered the Internet cafe
to avoid suspicion.

Once they came out, they also received orders to stop following Isabella.

Morgan had already told Maxwell about the matter.

Seeing that his boss was silent, Morgan was also lost.

Although he wanted to call the surveillance department around Broadview Garden’ Internet cafe area,
he couldn't act rashly without Maxwell's order.

"I'll leave it to you to take care of this matter.If she can't handle it, then help her,"

Maxwell finally spoke up with a cold voice, hiding all his emotions.

Morgan felt relieved after hearing that.

Without hesitation, he quickly ordered someone to settle the matter.

"What kind of post is it?"

In the quiet office, Maxwell's cold and rigid voice sounded so casual that it made Morgan shiver.

Sometimes, his tone of voice made people feel that it was a call from hell.

"Please wait a moment."

Morgan quickly fiddled with the iPad in his hand, and soon the message was sent to Maxwell's

When Maxwell opened the message sent by Morgan, he unconsciously frowned as soon as he saw the
title of the post.

What kind of nonsense was this...

Morgan consciously furthered himself away to a distance that he wouldn't get hit.

Instantly, the sounds of porcelain breaking rang in the office.

The porcelain vase gifted by the mayor of Buserama three days ago was now on the ground, smashed
into pieces.

"Who posted this?!"

Maxwell's cold voice was full of anger.

The clothes she was wearing were his, so he naturally knew when it took place.

He didn't expect what had happened that day would turn into such a huge issue.

In Maxwell's eye, Isabella was his possession.

He could humiliate her to the extreme, torture her, and pamper her, but he absolutely wouldn't allow
anyone other than him to insult her like this! "We'll find out soon,’ Morgan cleared his throat and replied
in a serious tone.

As expected, Maxwell flew into a rage when he saw the post.

"I'm giving them five minutes.They have to bear the consequences if they can't."

Morgan nodded and quickly phoned the two men.

After a meal, Noel wanted to send Isabella home, but Isabella couldn't let her do that.

She had to come up with all kinds of excuses before she managed to send Noel away.

Before they parted, her friend promised to tell Isabella if she had any news.

When Isabella returned to Sharp Mansion, Morgan was about to leave.

Before he pulled out of the mansion, Isabella felt a meaningful gaze from him, but even though she was
confused, Isabella ignored it, assuming that she had seen it wrongly.

For the whole day, she had been running around watching footage from the surveillance cameras,
causing her eyes to sore.

"Tyler, I've had dinner already, so you don't have to call me for dinner."

Isabella changed into indoor slippers and said to Tyler, who looked a little uneasy in the house.

"Madam, Mr.Sharp wants you in the study."

Tyler informed her in a soft voice.Hearing that, she was a little confused, but she still went upstairs.

Could it be that she didn't mistake the look in Morgan's eyes? Isabella lightly knocked on the closed

After waiting for a while, there was no response from inside, so Isabella opened the door and went in.

The sky outside had not completely darkened, but the study was already dark.

There was a little red light illuminating and smoke rising from it.

Maxwell was smoking.

This realization made Isabella's body tremble unconsciously.

It was like this that night.

He sat in the dark like a cold prince, observing her quietly in the dark while she snooped around in pitch

"Tyler said you were looking for me?"

Isabella carefully closed the door and slowly walked over to him.

At times like this, she knew she had to go up to him even when he didn't respond.

"What happened in the hospital?"

A hoarse and charming voice rang, causing Isabella to be taken aback.

"It's nothing.It's just a small matter."

Isabella shook her head and replied softly.

It seemed he knew about it already.

As soon as Isabella finished speaking, the cigarette in Maxwell's hand suddenly flew past the side of
her face.

She could feel the heat right next to her skin.

Goosebumps instantly covered her whole body.

To be frank, she was afraid of him from the bottom of her heart, especially his unpredictable mood and
the cold aura.

"You're my f*cking woman! How can someone insult you when I haven't done that to you myself!"

He was fuming in white-hot anger, even though he didn't expect himself to be so angry.

From the moment he saw the post, especially the photos of her, it was as if someone was eyeing his
treasure, and it wasn't just one person, but many.

He was so angry that he wanted to dig their eyeballs out.

Morgan had expected he would get angry, so he immediately took down the post from the hospital
board and only left a copy to show Maxwell.

When Isabella heard him fuming, she found him ridiculous.

Wasn't he the reason all of this happened? She wasn't even upset, so what right did he have to shout
at her?! "You called me here for this?"

Isabella looked at Maxwell calmly.

The fear she had for him at the beginning had already disappeared.

Stunned by her reaction, Maxwell didn't respond.

"If there's nothing else, I'm leaving.I'm tired and I wanna rest."

After a pause, Isabella continued.

After that, she turned on her heels, intending to leave, "Wait."

She had known her attitude would anger him, but she couldn't control her temper.

Isabella looked at Maxwell and inquired without expression, "What?"

"Don't you have anything to say to me?"

Maxwell was at a loss, so the question came out of his mouth.

"No, I'm also responsible for this matter, and it's mine to solve.It has nothing to do with others."

Isabella shook her head and replied in a composed manner.

Maxwell didn't say anything else.

He watched Isabella leave and then lowered his head to look at the cigarette butt on the floor dimming

Not long after, there was another incoming message.

Maxwell had a headache and reached out to pinch his forehead without opening the email, but a call
from Morgan quickly came.

"Sir, something new happened in Madam's hospital.They're accusing her of doing it.I've already sorted
out the information and sent it over.You may take a look."

Morgan's voice came from the receiver.

After hanging up the phone, Maxwell opened the email and skimmed through the information that
Morgan had sorted out.

Everything was written in detail in that document.

Now, he was a little surprised.

How could someone try to bring her down from a mere assistant position through such despicable
means? If Isabella wanted it, he could arrange somewhere better for her to work at.

However, when he thought of the woman's stubborn personality, Maxwell's eyes darkened.

Isabella felt frustrated after returning to her room.

In fact, she realized she didn't have to lose her temper with Maxwell.

His anger might have stemmed from the fact that his possession was insulted, and he, as the owner,
didn't know about it, or he felt insulted too.

She wasn't in a good mood and couldn't find a place to vent, so she talked to him with an attitude

The next morning, Maxwell had already left when Isabella went out.

Although there wasn't any definite news, Noel called her last night and said she could give her some
information by noon, so Isabella's mood lightened.

When she arrived at the entrance of the hospital, Isabella heard someone call her name from afar.

Turning around, she saw Erin running towards her with a twisted face and eyes full of anger, all the
while holding a knife in her hand.

"B*tch! You ruined me! You evil b*tch!”