Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 47: Running Away

When Isabella reached his pants, she said with a hoarse voice, " should take your pants off
with your other hand."

Maxwell looked at Isabella's flushed face and sneered.


Although he sneered at her, he reached out his other hand to untie his belt and remove his pants.

For the first time, Isabella felt thankful for his expensive pants.

She finally understood the value of the pants.

Because once Maxwell unbuttoned it, it slid down his legs almost instantly.

Isabella couldn't turn away in time, so she immediately blushed due to embarrassment when she saw
what she shouldn't.

"Ahem! All done."

Isabella kept a serious expression as she walked over to adjust the temperature of the water, soaked
the towel, and started wiping Maxwell down.

Why did she agree to this man’s unreasonable request? She felt there was something wrong with the
atmosphere, but she could only ignore it as much as possible.

In fact, Maxwell also felt a little speechless.

He felt nothing earlier, but now, he felt funny.

He was instantly aroused after she had taken a quick look at his member.

Looking at the foreign words on the bottle, she took it and gave it to Maxwell, assuming that it was the
shower gel.

When she was done cleaning his upper body, her face was already as red as a tomato.

She had no choice but to clean his lower body now.

"I'll just help you rinse with water, “ said Isabella in a muffled voice.

"Is this how you treat your lifesaver?"

Maxwell asked coldly.

The restrained hoarse voice was extremely pleasant to hear, but it was also frightening.

Isabella lifted her brows in shock.

What else could she do? Did he want her to wipe him like how she did to his upper body?!

" can use your other hand..."

Isabella stuttered as she was a little embarrassed.

Looking at her abashed appearance, Maxwell was ready to have her there and then if it weren't for the
fact that he still cared about her resistance.

Wasn't she aware how dangerous it was to flush in front of a man under such circumstances?

"Okay, go out and call Val in," ordered Maxwell as he took the towel from Isabella's hand.

Isabella understood what Maxwell meant, and he was unbearable.

Even though she wanted to leave the towel with him, the guilt in her heart made it impossible for her to
do so.

No matter how much she hated him, she might have not been able to explain the situation and clear
her name if not for him.

She realized especially after seeing the director's change in attitude today.

Wanting to repay her gratitude, Isabella accepted her fate and decided to help him.

"Sit down,"

Isabella spoke in a muffled voice.

She dared not make eye contact with Maxwell at this point in time.

Not wanting to make things difficult for her, Maxwell complied and sat down.

Isabella reminded herself silently that she was just repaying her gratitude towards him as she carefully
wiped his body.

She couldn't help but shiver at the thought of looking like a lowly maid serving her master.

Once she was done cleaning his legs, Isabella was about to wash off the shower gel with water when
she heard Maxwell's unusual hoarse voice, saying, "You're not done yet."

Isabella was puzzled at his statement.

Turning to look at him, she saw a frown on his face as if he was holding back.

Instantly, she understood his words and her face flushed a darker shade of red.

That was terrifying...

"You can actually do it by yourself,"

Isabella replied, pretending to be calm.

"Do it myself? But I've never done it by myself," he snorted coldly.

What did he mean by that? Not wanting to argue with him, she insisted, "I'm only here to help you

"Well, you missed out on some areas,’ Maxwell answered smoothly.

Without uttering a word, she silently turned on the showerhead and sprayed it at him.

Icy cold water started splashed onto Maxwell's member, and he shuddered as he took a cold breath.

Isabella pretended not to hear it and continued to wash him down.

With his quick reflexes, Maxwell shoved the showerhead away from Isabella's hand.

Just as she wanted to snatch it back, he grabbed her hand.

She wanted to struggle to get out of his grip, but when she realized he was grabbing her with his
bandaged hand, she halted her movements.

"Is it fun?"

His dark orbs stared at her ruthlessly.He wasn't even afraid to spoil her fun!

"I'm just trying to cool you down," answered Isabella.

"Ah...Let me show you the proper way to cool me down..."

Maxwell suddenly smirked.

As soon as he finished speaking, he brought Isabella's hand to his member.

Isabella wished that the temperature in the bathroom was warmer so she could lose consciousness on
the spot.

This was too embarrassing! How could he use her hand to pleasure himself?! Isabella was so ashamed
that she wanted to die.

After he was done, she clutched on her shirt and ran out of the bathroom as fast as she could.

Watching her fleeing out of the room, Maxwell unconsciously lifted the corner of his lips.

He didn't even realize he was smiling the whole time.

She wouldn't be able to leave if she stayed a second longer.

God knew how uncomfortable she was.

Fortunately, no one dared to come up to the second floor for anything unnecessary.

When Isabella rushed back to her room from Maxwell's, she didn't bump into anyone.

She ran into the bathroom, turned on the water tap, and started washing her hands.

She had to be sober right now.

Even after washing her hands with soap, she could still feel his scent lingering on her fingertips.

She was terrified and afraid of Maxwell.

He had the ability to bewitch people without batting an eye.

Although she was clearly resisting him in her heart, her body seemed to betray her.

Isabella was afraid of losing control of her feelings.

After coming out of the bathroom, she didn't step out of the bedroom again.

No matter what happened to Maxwell afterward, she knew she couldn't face him today.

The next morning, Isabella went downstairs with heavy eye bags.

When Maxwell saw her in that state, his eyes flickered.

"l'm not coming back for dinner tonight,"

he informed no one, in particular, causing Tyler to be taken aback.

This was the first time that Maxwell took the initiative to inform them.


Isabella was still a little absent-minded, so she answered him half-heartedly.

Hearing her answer, Maxwell got upset.

He got up after dumping his breakfast on the table.

Tyler looked at Maxwell, then looked at Isabella, and shook his head helplessly.

There was still a long way to go...

"Sir, the new secretary at the front desk has come to report today.All the information you need has
been placed on your table."

When they arrived at the company, Morgan started reporting to him.

Maxwell responded slowly, "Book a place for dinner."

Morgan looked at Maxwell in confusion.

"I don't want to eat any liver anymore," Maxwell answered matter-of-factly.

Holding back his laughter, Morgan replied, "Well, Madam called me just now and told me Tyler will be
sending a liver meal.She says it's good for healing."

When Maxwell saw Morgan's gloating look, his eyes darkened, "Do you think it's funny?"

"Of course not! I'm envious that you have such a considerate and caring wife!"

Morgan quickly shook his head and flattered Maxwell.

Maxwell felt better after hearing that.

Seeing that he had successfully lightened up Maxwell's mood, Morgan continued reporting.

"Morgan, stop flattering me.I'll leave the matters in Aztec to you.If you don't handle it well, you know
where I'm throwing you off to."

Just when Morgan thought he was over with the matter earlier, Maxwell's cold voice sounded.

A bitter face instantly painted across Morgan's face.

‘It's time for the meeting."

Looking at the time, Morgan reminded him.

Maxwell responded with a curt nod, closed the tab on his computer, and got up from his seat.

Just as he opened the door, a woman, who was holding a cup of coffee in her hands, splashed her
coffee all over Maxwell's shirt.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, sir...I'm sorry..."

The woman was Clearly panicking.

Morgan was also caught off guard by this sudden accident.

When Maxwell saw the grey shirt had already been stained, his eyes instantly turned icy cold.

The atmosphere instantly fell to the freezing point.

"Clean this place up and leave the office," ordered Morgan.

Meanwhile, Maxwell had already turned around and returned to his office.

When the woman who had lowered her head to apologize heard Morgan's words, she raised her head
in shock and looked at Maxwell's back.

She wanted to chase after him but was stopped by Morgan.

"Isabella's my sister! Mr.Sharp, I know it's my fault, but I didn't do it on purpose! Please don't fire me!"

The woman stared at Maxwell's back and exclaimed anxiously.