Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 46: Help Me

Isabella left the director's office as she didn't want to think about what happened afterward in the

Since Dennis was here, and Morgan had already put pressure on him, she believed he could handle it

Thinking of that, Isabella couldn't help but sigh at the fact that capitalism sometimes worked wonders.

After contemplating for a while, Isabella decided to give Noel a call.

"Hey, you don't have to look for the footage for me anymore.The hospital took care of it already."

As soon as Noel picked up the call, Isabella informed her about the situation.

At the same time, she felt lucky that her hospital wasn't under Noel's jurisdiction, otherwise, she would
have found out what actually happened.

"Oh? That's efficient! I just got the footage too, and you were right."

Noel was watching the footage while she replied to her friend.

"Yup! Now that there's evidence and the culprits admitted their mistakes, there's nothing left for me to
do.When are you free? I'll make you some pie!"

Isabella blinked her eyes and couldn't help but sigh silently, because Maxwell's efficiency was no joke.

"Come over this weekend! It's my day off.I want to introduce you to someone too!"

Noel paused for a moment before saying it mysteriously.

When Isabella heard that, she couldn't help but inquire curiously, "Wait, are you finally introducing me
to your mysterious boyfriend?"

"What?! No! I have a pretty good friend, and he's single, so I want to introduce him to you!"

Noel pretended to be angry when she heard that question.

"Then forget it, I'm not coming,"

Isabella refused curtly.

Even if she had ten times the courage, she wouldn't dare to go on any blind date.

If Maxwell knew about it, her life would be miserable.

"No, wait! I was joking.Just come to my house this weekend."

When Noel heard Isabella's refusal, she immediately took back her words.

"Alright.I'll call you then."

Isabella nodded and hung up the phone.

When Maxwell's driver saw Isabella coming out of the hospital, he drove the car to the main entrance.

Even though the traffic was heavy at the entrance, fortunately, the car he drove wasn't too eye-
catching, so no one paid special attention.

"Drop me at Raffles.I wanna get something."

Isabella requested as she didn't waste the opportunity to use her available resources.

In response, the driver nodded his head and started the car immediately.

When they arrived at the destination, Isabella didn't expect the driver to follow her, so she was

Although Maxwell's worry wasn't unreasonable, this was a bit too much.

Others might find it strange if they saw someone following her around like a bodyguard...

"You don't have to worry, madam.I won't get too close.I'm just here to keep you safe, and I'll keep my

The driver seemed to read Isabella's mind, so he explained quickly.

When she heard his explanation, Isabella nodded awkwardly and replied, "Alright, sure.Thanks."

She didn't want Maxwell to pester her for the shirt when she got home, so Isabella decided to come
and get one for him.

However, Isabella remembered how expensive his clothes were, and they seemed they were custom-
made by a special designer.

Even though she couldn't afford them, she bit the bullet and went into some of the luxury stores she
never used to enter.

After visiting a few stores, she found a grey shirt that she liked most.

However, that shirt had exceeded her expectations by a sky-high price.

Moreover, the promoter kept on recommending a tie that would go really well with the shirt, putting
Isabella in an uncomfortable position.

When she walked out of the store with a paper bag, she felt like she had spent her whole fortune.

This was too much...

She had used up a months’ salary to buy this shirt.

Isabella went home early, leaving Tyler a little surprised.

It seemed he didn't know about Maxwell's injury yet.

Initially, she wanted to ask Tyler to pass the shirt to Maxwell, but after thinking about it, she thought it
was better to give it to him by herself.

With that in mind, Isabella carried the bag upstairs.

She wanted to read a book for a while but accidentally fell asleep.

It was already dark outside when she woke up.

Looking at the time, Isabella thought Maxwell should be on the way home by now.

When she recalled what had happened today, Isabella hurried downstairs.

"Tyler, do we have pork livers in the fridge?"

Isabella asked anxiously while looking at Tyler, who was assigning maids to clean the house.

Hearing Isabella's question, he was a little confused, "What do you need the livers for? I think there are
some in the kitchen."

Taken aback by his question, she didn't know whether she should tell him about Maxwell's injury, so
she simply answered that she was craving it.

In an instant, Tyler wanted to ask the chefs to prepare it for her, but Isabella quickly refused, "It's okay.I
can do it myself.I just want to have some porridge with pork livers."

Since Isabella insisted on making it herself, Tyler didn't stop her, but he was confused.

Morgan was the one who asked them to order livers because Maxwell was injured, but why was
Isabella the one who suddenly wanted to eat it? When Maxwell came back, Isabella was still cooking in
the kitchen.

Tyler informed Maxwell about it and glanced at Maxwell's arm with a distressed expression.

"Don't tell Madam Sharp I got injured," Maxwell instructed.

Tyler nodded fervently in response.

He never intended to inform her either because she had a weak heart.

If he told her about it, she might not be able to take the news well.

Isabella walked out of the kitchen to check if Maxwell had returned when she saw him sitting at the
dining table with maids beside him.

He definitely looked like a king sitting on his throne.

"Oh? You're back? Let's eat then."

Isabella looked at Maxwell and muttered to herself.

Soon, the maids served various dishes on the table.

When he saw all of the food, he couldn't help but frown.

There was liver porridge, boiled livers, and all kinds of dishes with pork livers in it.

"What's all this?"

Maxwell questioned.

"'s good for your body,’ Isabella whispered, thinking that Tyler hadn't known about Maxwell's

Maxwell was baffled at Isabella being all mysterious.

Did she have to go to this length to make sure he healed? He found her amusing.

Tyler now knew why Isabella requested livers.

She must have thought they didn't know about Maxwell's injury.

With that thought in mind, Tyler came up with a clever response, "Madam, I didn't know you like livers
so much! I'll get someone to send more tomorrow."

Hearing Tyler's words, Isabella nodded and replied, "Okay.Sure.It's nice to have some livers in this cold

Looking at Maxwell's darkened face, Tyler forced a smile.

"Chop chop.I didn't add any salt or oil."

Isabella pushed the bowl in front of Maxwell and uttered softly.

It wouldn't be good if there was a scar on his arm.

"Pfft...Why does it matter if I'm a man with scars?"

Maxwell sneered at that, but truthfully, he wouldn't feel comfortable if he had a scar on his arm.

Isabella intentionally filtered out the words she didn't want to hear.

She left the soup with him, walked over to her seat, and started digging in.

Otherwise, they might start doubting her.

Even though she was not a fan for livers, she forced herself to finish it to look convincing...

The two of them ate quietly at the dining table, and Tyler appreciated that.

After the two of them finished eating and went upstairs, Tyler followed them behind.

"Help me wash up."

His cold voice was calm as the sea waves, but it could easily make anyone flush when it was said out

Hearing that, Tyler covered his ears and was instantly amazed by Maxwell's cleverness in taking
advantage of the situation.

Isabella, on the other hand, flushed crimson.Wasn't this man being too greedy?

"Do it yourself! Or let Tyler help you," Isabella whispered.

Maxwell eyed her sideways and questioned, "Do you want Grandma to know I'm injured?"

If Tyler knew about it, that meant Madam Sharp would find out soon too.

"Besides, who did I get hurt for?"

Isabella was stunned at his reply.

She was anxious, realizing she couldn't rebut.

Did she ask him to save her? He made her look like she was being ungrateful to him.

"Hurry up."

Without waiting for Isabella to come back to her senses, Maxwell blurted two words and left.

After stomping her feet on the ground in irritation, she turned around and returned to her bedroom.

When she came out, she was holding a brand new shirt that she had washed.

Meanwhile, Tyler had already been sent away by Maxwell.

The latter couldn't help but sigh at the former, who was completely oblivious to the situation and
continued to follow him around.

When Isabella arrived in Maxwell's bedroom, the door was left ajar.

After knocking on the door and entering the room, she noticed he was standing by the windows, gazing
out with a distant look in his eyes.

"Erm...Why don't you just skip the shower for a few days until your stitches are removed?"

Isabella cleared her throat and looked at him awkwardly.

"Why don't you try it?"

Maxwell glanced at Isabella and questioned.

When he saw the shirt in her hand, his eyes flickered, then he proceeded to walk towards the

Isabella got angry at his response.

Why was he being so rude? Thinking of that, she kept reminding herself that he was her lifesaver! He
got injured by saving her! After leaving his shirt at the corner of the bed, she followed Maxwell into the

The bathroom was huge, and it was way bigger than the place she used to live in alone.

It was simply luxurious.

"Your clothes..."

Isabella looked at him uncomfortably.

Maxwell nodded and waved his hand, indicating for her to take off his clothes.

Isabella immediately understood what he wanted.

If she didn't come over to help him take off his clothes, it might tear the wound.

Somewhat helpless, Isabella went forward and helped him take off his coat.

She was relatively calm when taking off his coat, but when she started unbuttoning his shirt, her hands
trembled fervently.

She kept comforting herself silently, but she was still flustered.

While she lowered her head and struggled with the buttons, Maxwell lowered his eyes and watched

The distance between them was so close that he could feel her nervousness.

She was so soft.

When Isabella finally took off his shirt, Maxwell seemed completely fine, but her back was almost
soaked with sweat.

She had never thought she was able to sweat so much.

She silently cursed the temperature in the bathroom for being too warm, but on the surface, she pursed
her lips and tried her best to not speak and not let her eyes roam around.