Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 45: Personality Flaws Dennis

Porter looked at Morgan in disbelief and muttered, "Mr.Byrne, is Mr.Sharp's wife..."

"That's right, she’s right beside me.I've already dealt with the posts on your hospital's intranet, but this
issue has caused a certain degree of damage to Mrs.Sharp physically and psychologically, yet you
have not dealt with it in time.I will hand this over to a lawyer, and as for the insults and accusations of
your hospital staff to Mrs.Sharp, I think you know better how to deal with them without me telling
you.Your hospital is doing such a bad job, and I think it'll be better to hand the two staff over to the
police immediately!"

Morgan announced coldly.

Dennis was about to go crazy after hearing that.

Never had he expected there would be such a powerful figure in the hospital hiding her identity, but
why would Mr.Sharp's wife come to the hospital for no reason? Worse still, he failed to recognize her
true identity, and even offended her...

"Here's the evidence of the wrongdoings of your two staff.The person who shared the post in the
community is Charmaine Jenkins, and Skyler Mitchell was the one who exposed Erin Richards's
personal matter.I hope you can settle all these matters and give Mr.and Mrs.Sharp a satisfactory
solution,’ said Morgan while he handed the document to Dennis.

Dennis took the document and read the information on it.

The more he read, the more shocked he got.

He didn't expect things to turn out this way, and never did he expect Maxwell's men to investigate
everything in such a short time.

"Mrs.Sharp, Mr.Byrne, rest assured that I'll deal with these issues immediately.I promise!"

Dennis was now sweating profusely.

After dismissing the doctors, who were still standing watching the scene, Dennis invited Morgan and
Isabella to his office.

At the same time, Isabella was also sweating in her palms.

Never had she thought about having a talk in his office one day.

"Morgan, how did he know..."

Isabella was still a little confused about Maxwell's sudden appearance.How did he know she would get
hurt today?

"Mr.Sharp was very angry when he found out about your issue yesterday and asked me to pay close
attention to you.Later, I received news that the actual wife of Erin's man showed up at the hospital and
made a fuss, shouting she wanted to fight Erin.She also declared the person who sent her the
message was a Holland.Erin immediately insisted you had betrayed her, so I sent someone to check
that woman's phone number.Turns out the number wasn't registered, so I used a little trick to find the
person who sent the photo, and it was Skyler," replied Morgan.

Isabella quietly listened to Morgan's words, but she was in utter shock.

In Morgan's eyes, it might have just been a small trick, but to Isabella, it wasn't an easy task to find a
number that hadn't been registered, but he just said it like it wasn't a big deal.

"I told him everything about your issue, then he suddenly wanted to come to the hospital today, and
Erin was coming at you when he entered, and you know what happened afterward,"

Morgan continued.In fact, Morgan also felt it was a bit inconceivable.

At that time, they all saw Erin rushing towards Isabella, but they didn't expect Maxwell's reflexes to be
so quick.

Morgan thought he'd send someone to protect her, but instead, he rushed over to protect her by

Moreover, he watched carefully from behind.

He could clearly tell that Maxwell stood a chance to dodge the knife.

He was definitely capable of dodging an attack from someone like Erin, who had no skills.

He knew how agile Maxwell was.

However, he let the knife slash his arm, and it bled.

Morgan realized Maxwell did it on purpose, but he couldn't figure out why Maxwell did it.

Only after seeing Maxwell's interaction with Isabella did he suddenly understand.

Looking at the anxious look on Isabella's face, Morgan couldn't help but think Maxwell was rather

"Mr.Sharp is going to have an important meeting soon, and he can't let people see any flaws.If he's
injected with local anesthesia, and it doesn't wear off, he may not be able to get his senses back and
accidents may occur.This mustn't happen during the meeting," Morgan continued.

To be frank, Isabella knew she shouldn't listen to any more of this.

Some things had exceeded the scope of what she had to know, but she couldn't help but quietly listen
to Morgan as he talked, not bothering to stop him.

"Mr.Sharp isn't as bad as you think.He's just more mature than kids of his age and he's a little
spoiled.He's the only heir of the Sharp family, and you also know the Sharp family's financial power isn't
only limited to Buserama.It involves many other areas, so he has a lot of burden on his shoulders.The
environment he grew up in is also part of the reason he has personality flaws."

Noticing that Isabella was immersed in her thoughts, Morgan decided to tell her after a moment of

When Isabella heard his words, her eyes widened unconsciously and she looked at Morgan in

She had doubts in the beginning because Maxwell's emotions changed so fast compared to ordinary
people, and she had never seen him being happy before.

"He has personality flaws, huh?"

Isabella thoughtlessly repeated what Morgan had said.

Morgan nodded in response.

"Only a few people know about this because this flaw is also Mr.Sharp's weakness.If anyone who
intends to drag him down from his high status finds out about it, things will be very bad."

"Val once said he has many personality flaws that can only be found out after you come to know him,
but the most obvious ones are possessiveness and dominance."

"For example, he presents his flawed traits to you, madam.When he found out about your issue
yesterday, he smashed an exquisite porcelain vase into pieces.You should have seen how he looked
like yesterday, he was furious to the point it looked frightening.He regards you as his possession and

doesn't allow anyone other than him to lay a finger on you, but he can be pretty well-controlled
whenever he's with you, and I personally find that amusing."

She had long guessed that he saw her as his prized possession.

"Is there any treatment for him?"

Isabella looked at Morgan and inquired worriedly.If this defect continued to exist, she could imagine
how difficult life would be for him in the future.

"Val's still working on a solution."

Morgan shook his head and answered.

He left some things unsaid, like how Maxwell's character was formed, because he wasn't in the place
to tell Maxwell's stories.

If Isabella was the one who was going to be by his side for a lifetime, then she should discover the
answers by herself.

For a moment, both of them fell silent.

Not long after, footsteps came from outside, and soon Dennis returned to the office.

"Sorry for making you two wait so long.I've brought the culprits here!"

Dennis looked at both of them and tried to flatter them.

When Skyler and Charmaine were brought into the room, they freaked out seeing Isabella sitting on the

"Did you guys think Erin could kill me?"

When Isabella saw the shock in their eyes, she was furious.

She didn't expect that they would use such vicious and cruel means to satisfy their selfish needs.

"Too bad I'm all fine now, and I'll only get better in the future, but you two will be done for life.The prison
doors welcome such cruel people like you two," continued Isabella after a pause.

"What nonsense are you talking about?! We did nothing wrong! Why are you accusing us when you're
the one who doesn't admit your own mistakes?! Don't be so full of yourself now that you have someone
powerful to rely on!"

When Skyler heard Isabella's words, her eyes turned red due to anger, and she couldn't help but shout
at the latter.

"What about you, Charmaine? Aren't you gonna admit your mistakes?"

Isabella ignored Skyler and looked at Charmaine, who had been silent the whole time.

Charmaine raised her head and glanced at Isabella plainly.

"What do you want me to admit?"

"Morgan, I'll leave these two to you.I think you should be able to put them in prison for at least ten
years,’ Isabella smiled cynically and uttered.

"Don't worry, madam.Even if you don't make me do it, I will make sure to put them in jail."

Morgan nodded and answered seriously.

The conversation between Morgan and Isabella made Skyler and Charmaine pull a long face.

"Who on earth are you?! What right do you have to do this!"

Skyler wanted to pounce on them but was instantly stopped by the security guard.

"Do you have the right to know who I am?"

Morgan glanced at the shrew.

Dennis watched them quietly aside, not saying a word.

Obviously, he had no right to interrupt.

"Mr.Porter, our criminal lawyer will come over and deal with this matter later.Please provide your full

Morgan looked at his phone and announced.

Hearing that, Dennis was drenched in a cold sweat.

The Sharp family's lawyer was a powerful figure.

It seemed the two culprits were definitely going to be locked up for good...

"Got it, Mr.Byrne.Don't worry, I'll give my full cooperation."

"Madam, I have to rush to the company now.Mr.Sharp wants you to go home and rest for the day."

Morgan put away his phone and stood up.

Hearing Morgan's words, Isabella nodded and replied, "Okay.You can go ahead.I still have some
matters to settle."

"Alright.I've arranged for a driver to wait for you outside the hospital." Morgan nodded.

In the end, Maxwell was still worried for Isabella's safety.

What if Erin was crazy enough to hire someone else to hurt her? After Morgan had left, Isabella
explained to Dennis what happened today and told him not to spread the news.

She didn't want everyone in the hospital to know about her relationship with Maxwell.

It was mainly because she didn't want people to look at her with prejudice.

Upon hearing that, Dennis nodded fervently in compliance.

"Don't worry.I'll pass down my orders so no one will spread it."

Isabella nodded and was about to leave, but Skyler and Charmaine looked at Isabella, or Mrs.Sharp, in
a daze.

In Buserama, there was only one person from the Sharp family who could make Dennis so humble...

"Isabella Holland!"

Skyler glared at Isabella and wanted to curse at Isabella, but she couldn't say it.

Turning to Skyler, Isabella refuted, "I told you I wasn't interested in Drew at the dinner party, but you
didn't believe me."

"Your medical reports are well written, but your practical skills aren't up to par.Reports are important,
but practical skills are crucial.If a doctor can only perform well in a report but can't stay calm in an
actual operating room, you can't save people as a doctor.You don't even understand this, and you hurt
a fellow outstanding doctor."

Isabella then turned to Charmaine with cold eyes.

Erin was an exceptional doctor, but her life was ruined by Charmaine and Skyler.