Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 44: Injured From Saving Her

As soon as Isabella turned around, she saw Erin running towards her with a knife in hand.

Under the sunlight, the knife shone mercilessly.

At that time, there weren't many people at the entrance of the hospital, but most of them were
frightened by the sudden situation and were stunned for a moment.

Only when Erin was about to pounce on Isabella did someone realize what was happening, but it was
too late to snatch the knife from her hand now.

Some people merely chose to stand by and watch.

Before Isabella could dodge the knife, Erin was already holding it up high, ready to draw a big scratch
on her face.

At that moment, Isabella didn't even know what had happened.

She was too tired last night and went to bed early, so she hadn't checked her phone.

Perhaps Erin's issue had been exposed, she thought.

At that critical moment, someone forcefully pulled her into their embrace, so she successfully avoided
the knife, however, her lifesaver got stabbed instead.


Morgan's voice called out that name from somewhere nearby, and Isabella's head buzzed.

By the time she was released from the hard grip, Erin had already been subdued by two strong men,
who were Maxwell's men.

Morgan had a serious expression when he walked over to Maxwell, but his expression changed greatly
when he saw the latter's hand.

"Call the doctor! Quick!"

"Morgan, it's not a big deal," said Maxwell slowly.

His voice was slightly hoarse, but his dominant aura remained.

"Madam, please take Mr.Sharp inside and get his wound bandaged.I need to make a call to Val!"

Morgan was extremely anxious this time, and he completely ignored Maxwell, turning to Isabella

Since it was a serious situation, Isabella dared not delay.

She nodded and quickly took Maxwell inside.

Although she didn't understand why Morgan got so worried about Maxwell's injured arm, she didn't
delay his treatment.

Maxwell got injured in order to save her.

When she thought about it, Isabella still felt what he did was unexpected.

No matter how she thought about it, it never crossed her mind that he would be the one saving her...

When she came to the emergency room to get Maxwell bandaged, a crowd of doctors swarmed in.

Even the director of the hospital, whom Isabella had only met a few times, came out of the emergency

"Get out."

Maxwell glanced at the people who rushed into the emergency room and ordered coldly.

lsabella paused her hand, which was holding a disinfectant.

"Do I have to say it a second time?"

His indifferent and icy voice didn't carry any emotion.

Other than coldness, there was only an imposing tone in his voice.

"Mr.Sharp, calm down.We'll get out now.Isabella, help Mr.Sharp bandage his wound!"

The director smiled and looked at Maxwell with a flattering face, but when he turned back to look at
Isabella, he pulled a strict face.

Isabella silently cursed this evil capitalist, but she still nodded in compliance.

Even if no one reminded her, she knew it by heart.

No matter what, Maxwell was injured because of her, so she wouldn't stab her lifesaver in the back.

After everyone left, Isabella looked at Maxwell and instructed, "Take off your shirt."

Maxwell remained motionless after hearing her instructions.

"Hurry up and take off your clothes."

Isabella was worried sick about him, but he was as unresponsive as a plank, not giving her a response.

"Is this how you treat your patients?"

Maxwell glanced at Isabella coldly.

Hearing that, Isabella could feel the corners of her mouth twitch.

Was he acting like an actual patient right now? Even though that was her thoughts, Isabella didn't voice
it out loud and helped him take off his shirt instead.

The sleeves of his white shirt were also stained with blood, so she could only cut off the sleeve along
his arm.

"Remember to return my shirt."

Maxwell watched Isabella do her work and uttered suddenly.

Responding to his sudden response, her hand, which was holding the medical scissors, trembled

She was close to getting angry with him.


Isabella gritted her teeth and replied, but she dared not delay the examination of his wound.

Fortunately, the wound didn't cut too deep.

There was only a little scratch on the surface.

Instead, to Isabella's surprise, Maxwel bled a lot for such a small wound.

No wonder Morgan was so anxious earlier.

"You don't need stitches," said Isabella as she disinfected the wound.

Maxwell didn't say anything, but it didn't mean that others agreed with Isabella.

"No, we must stitch up his wound!"

When Val and Morgan walked in, they had solemn expressions on their faces.

Isabella turned to look at Morgan and Val.

"Madam, this is Val Bradley, the family doctor."

Morgan immediately introduced him to Isabella.

Isabella had heard about this name several times, but she always thought he was a woman.

He was also a pretty renowned doctor across the world! "His body condition is a little different from
other people.

If a small wound isn't treated in time, or if it's not treated properly, it will keep bleeding.

He also has a rare AB negative blood type, and there are only a few blood bags that are compatible for
him in the hospitals across Buserama, so we can't underestimate any wound!"

Val walked to Maxwell's side and looked at his disinfected wound.

Val was on his way out when Morgan called, and since he was coincidentally nearby, he rushed over
as fast as he could, afraid that something bad would happen.

Now that he saw the wound had been disinfected, he finally let out a sigh of relief.

When Isabella heard Val's words, she stared at Maxwell with wide eyes.

She didn't expect him to have such a rare body condition and a rare blood type, which was horrifying to

She remembered once when they were assigned to check the blood bank in the hospital, and that time
she was just a new doctor.

She was among those who were sent there, but there was none of his blood type at all! If something
did happen, she would have blamed herself.

"What are you looking at? You still have to give my shirt back."

Sensing Isabella's self-blaming gaze, Maxwell uttered coldly, not taking his injury seriously.

Val and Morgan looked at them, confused.

Isabella's face turned white in anger.

How could he still think about his d*mn shirt at this time?! "I got it! Stop talking and get your wound

Isabella glared at him coldly.

She would never talk to Maxwell like this usually, and she wouldn't even glare at him so sharply when
he was just looking at her, but now she was anxious.

His body didn't allow him to be so careless.

Seeing that, Val and Morgan exchanged glances at each other.

Both of them were shocked by Maxwell's reaction.

Why didn't he get angry? Without delay, Val looked at Maxwell and said, "I'll have to put you on local
anesthesia.Just for a short while."

Glancing at the clock on the wall, Maxwell urged, "I don't have time for the anesthesia to wear off.I
have a meeting later.Just stitch me up now."

Once he finished speaking, a big fellow came in and respectfully handed the bag in his hand to

Hearing that, Val sighed, but he didn't intend to wait for the anesthesia to be ready anymore.

Seeing that Maxwell was planning to get stitches without anesthesia, Isabella couldn't help but frown,
"It will hurt a lot if you don't use anesthesia.Don't take it so lightly."

"Do I look like I'm taking it lightly?"

Maxwell refuted.

Of course, she knew he wasn't, but she didn't want him to suffer from the pain.

"I'll go get it now.I'll be back in five minutes at most.Wait here."

"It's fine.Small stitches are nothing to him.He had it worse in the past.He'll be able to endure it."

Val shook his head.

Isabella wanted to speak, but Val had already started performing the procedure on him, while Maxwell
had a calm expression.

He didn't even flinch.

Val was prepared to give him a Tetanus shot after the stitching was done, so he didn't waste any time.

Once everything was done and the bleeding stopped, Isabella noticed Maxwell's face was a little pale.

Looking at him, she felt as if there was a boulder on her heart, leaving her breathless.

Beside, Morgan had already taken out a shirt from the paper bag and put it on Maxwell.

He seemed completely normal from the outside as if he wasn't injured in the first place.

"Stay here and settle things with her."

Maxwell loosened his collar and raised his chin, exuding a dominant aura.

Morgan nodded and agreed with that, then he proceeded to arrange for some men to follow up with
Maxwell's work.

All the while, Isabella had been standing at the side, unable to offer help.

When she heard his orders, she refused, "I can solve my own problems...Let Morgan follow you."

"Are you sure? No one will come and save you next time if you get stabbed again."

Maxwell quipped while looking at Isabella with disdain.

She instantly felt it was almost impossible to talk to him nicely without getting furious.

After that, Val followed Maxwell out of the emergency room quickly while Isabella and Morgan tagged

When they went out, there was a crowd of doctors waiting outside, with the director standing right in

Seeing Maxwell coming out, he reacted as vividly as he could.

"Mr.Sharp, I'm incredibly sorry that our private matters in the hospital accidentally caused you harm, but
don't worry, I'll make sure to teach my employees a good lesson and hold them responsible for their

As the director spoke, he glared at Isabella in a menacing look.

Isabella looked back at him with a helpless expression.

She was the victim this whole time! When Maxwell heard the words of the director, he stopped in his

"Hold them responsible?"

His distant and arrogant voice was like a frost that descended, causing everyone present to tremble in

"Yes, yes! Don't worry, I'll make sure to investigate the responsibilities of these people!"

The director just wanted to get rid of this matter, because Maxwell wasn't someone he could afford to

"Is that so? Then my assistant will talk to you later.My wife was insulted and hurt in your
hospital.Shouldn't you take the responsibility?"

Maxwell glanced at the director and uttered.

After he finished speaking, he ignored everyone's expression and left.

Val and a few others followed suit, leaving Isabella with a dumbstruck expression, and Morgan, who
was already planning on how to ask for compensation.

Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, Morgan pretended to clear his throat.

"Hello, Mr.Porter, I have ten minutes to discuss compensation with you.Otherwise, we might change
our mind," Morgan uttered coldly.