Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 42: I Won't Be Easily Manipulated!

The next day, Isabella could feel malicious gazes and whispers behind her whenever she went.

Although she felt uncomfortable, she couldn't do anything about it.

If she asked for a leave now, her colleagues would certainly think that she was guilty, and this would
definitely please the culprit.

When it was almost time to get off work, Drew returned to the office and walked to Isabella's table.

"During the meeting just now, the hospital decided to bar you from taking the assessment."

While listening to Drew's words, Isabella sneaked a glance at Erin and Charmaine.

This was what she had been expecting.

"However, I rejected their proposal because it's my assistant that we're talking about now.I should be
the one making the choice.I don't care about what kind of people you are outside the hospital, but you
have to live up to your vows and promises you made when you first wore the white robe.Don't put your
fellow colleagues in shame."

Drew continued after a pause.

His words somewhat stunned Isabella.

It was out of her expectation that Drew would still help her after she talked so harshly to him at noon.

"This time, whether the news was true or not, the hospital will never let go of the person who spread
it.Once the culprit is found, he or she will be dismissed.By then, you can sue the person for defamation
if you want."

Looking at Isabella's surprised eyes, Drew couldn't help but sigh.

In the end, he was soft-hearted.

Although he wasn't sure whether what Isabella had said was true or to provoke him, he couldn't deny
she was a medical talent.

If he gave up such a talent now, he probably wouldn't encounter another one in the future.

Besides, he had feelings toward her too.

"Thank you, Doctor Ross."

Isabella stood up, looked at Drew, and said softly.

In response, Drew shook his head and walked back to his office.

Then, Isabella looked at Erin and Charmaine, who were in front of her, thoughtfully.

At this moment, she already had some clues in her heart.

Just now, she hadn't missed the opportunity to observe their expressions because Drew's words would
certainly affect their mood no matter what he said.

Moreover, what Drew said just now was deliberately said for them.

In her mind, she believed Drew had similar thoughts with her.

Since this tempest appeared a few days before the assessment, the hospital would undoubtedly take

As she didn't have any enemy here, only a few people would turn again her at this time.

"Congratulations, Bella."

As if sensing Isabella's gaze, Erin turned to look at her and said.

With a slight nod, Isabella replied, "Yeah, we can still work together for a few more days."

"Congratulations, Isabella."

Charmaine, another competitor who only had little interaction with Isabella, turned around and said

Isabella met her gaze and recalled she hadn't talked with Charmaine other than about academic

Even if they bumped into each other in the hospital, they would only nod as a greeting.

Besides, Charmaine had a good reputation in the hospital just like Isabella before the scandal spread.

Of course, there weren't any rumors about her ganging up with others too.

This made Isabella hard to associate the person who framed her with Charmaine.

Moreover, Charmaine had the lowest grade among them and Erin was a more formidable opponent.

"Thank you," Isabella looked at her and replied.

After work, Erin and Charmaine left first whereas Isabella stayed to sort out some information.

When Drew came out and saw Isabella busy with work, he became hesitant, "The IT department just
called me, Bella.They said the person posted on the forum in a cybercafe.The café should be near
Broadview Garden, but the staff couldn't find out which café it is."

Drew told Isabella softly.

Upon hearing this, Isabella looked for the cybercafes near the Broadview Garden and found nearly
twenty of them.

"Does anyone from our department live there?"

Isabella frowned while looking at the search results.

"About this, I need to ask HR."

Looking at her actions and hearing her question, Drew immediately knew what Isabella's plan was.

"Hmm...Can I take a day of leave tomorrow, Doctor Ross?"

Isabella asked after thinking for a while.

Her words confused Drew and he asked doubtfully, "Are you going to visit all the cybercafes there?"

In response, Isabella nodded.

"Since I know when the person posted on the forum, I think I can find them out by checking all the
surveillance videos there.One day should be enough as there are only around 20 of them."

"But do you think the cybercafes will easily show you their surveillance videos?"

Drew found Isabella's plan a little whimsical.

Shaking her head, Isabella answered, "I've thought of a plan, so you don't need to worry, Doctor Ross.If
HR manages to provide you with our department employees’ addresses tomorrow, please send them to

At first, Drew wanted to say he could help, but he didn't say it out loud after seeing Isabella didn't
mention anything about it in the end.

"Okay.Be careful tomorrow."

"Thank you, Doctor Ross."

Isabella nodded and said softly.

After Drew left, Isabella called Noel because she had no other choice.

After ending the call, Isabella went back to Sharp Mansion and found Maxwell wasn't back yet.

From what Tyler had said, Maxwell seemed to be very busy recently and probably wouldn't be back
until late at night.

Hence, she had her dinner as usual and went to Maxwell's study to do research online, not having the
time to go to the library.

She was still compiling her notes when Maxwell was back.

Same as yesterday, she didn't notice when Maxwell walked in whereas Maxwell didn't disturb her

Picking up a book, he went to the armchair and started reading.

Finished writing, Isabella looked up and found Maxwell sitting in the same spot as last night.

This time, he seemed to be reading a more difficult book, with a title in a foreign language that she
didn't understand, which gave her a feeling that Maxwell chose this book that she didn't understand on

"Are you done?"

"Yes, I've gotten everything I need."

Consciously, Isabella stood up and let Maxwell have her seat.

"Let me go and make you a cup of tea."

Since she was using his things, she felt she needed to at least curry favor with him.

In her mind, she couldn't help but be amazed by his computer.

The features were so good that she didn't want to use other computers anymore.

As Maxwell didn't answer, she took it as a tacit agreement.

Leaving her notebook on the desk, she went out to make tea for Maxwell.

Although Maxwell claimed to be not interested in her things, he couldn't hold back from picking her
notebook up to read after walking to the desk.

Then, he happened to read the addresses of the cybercafes around the Broadview Garden that she
had jotted down.

Confused, he read through them and found times marked beside.

This made him wonder what she was trying to do.

Quietly, he put the notebook back to where it had been and then opened his mailbox to check his

When Isabella came in with the tea, Maxwell was already working.

Afraid of disturbing him, she carefully put the tea beside him and then quickly left with her notebook.

After Isabella left the study, Maxwell loaded the browser history.

If Isabella were here now, she would be shocked because Maxwell was checking all the web pages she
had just browsed.

Maxwell only closed the browser after sending all the addresses of Broadview Garden’ cybercafes to

He believed Isabella must have run into trouble as she didn't even manage to hide her frustration from
her face.

Even Tyler had sensed it and kept giving him hints just now.

Not long after, Morgan called.

"Send someone to follow her all day tomorrow and see what she's going to do."

In his usual imposing manner, Maxwell ordered in a calm and cold voice.

"Sure.Do I need to call the hospital and ask about it first?"

Morgan got what he meant at once.

Hearing this, Maxwell thought for a while and said, "Not for now.Just follow her and protect her when

The next morning, Isabella didn't go to the hospital after breakfast.

Instead, she asked the chauffeur to drive her to Broadview Garden.

After she reached the destination, she didn't notice that an SUV was quietly following her.

By the time Noel arrived in her police uniform, Isabella had already waited for almost ten minutes.

"What happened? Why do you suddenly want me to accompany you for a day? Sorry for being late, the
traffic was too heavy."

Noel got out of the car and looked at Isabella in confusion.

As Isabella called her last night to ask for help ina serious tone, she was worried that something bad
had happened to her.

"Well, you also know about my assessment.Someone thinks I'm a huge threat and framed me up.That
person posted something on the hospital's forum from a cybercafe here, but the IT guys can't find out
which café it is.So I plan to visit all of them to check the surveillance videos, and you pop into my mind
when I think about gaining permission to investigate."

Isabella looked at Noel and said fawningly.

When Noel heard her words and noticed her carefree attitude, she sighed softly.

"You're always like this.No matter what happens, you always keep a calm appearance and won't look
for others’ help unless it's serious.Let's go then.If you wish to thank me, come to my house and cook
me dinner when you're free."

In her mind, Noel knew the situation must have gone out of Isabella's control.

Otherwise, how could a stubborn and capable woman like Isabella ask for her help and let her know
about this? Isabella nodded and promised, "Once I complete my assessment, I'll be your nanny!"

"Keep your words!"

While speaking, the two of them walked away.

Soon, the two men who had followed Isabella got out of the SUV with earphones.

At this moment, Isabella didn't know her clothes had been planted with a bug that would transmit what
she had said to Morgan…