Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 41: Who Is Behind This?

At the beginning of the post, the content was nothing more than the title, saying that it was unexpected
that a woman who went by the name Bella wasn't as cool and elegant as she seemed.

In fact, she was a shameless wh*re.

Since there was only one Bella in the cardiology division, the writer was obviously targeting Isabella.

As if this wasn't enough, a photo of her was even attached in the end.

Upon seeing the photo, Isabella knew when it was taken.

It was the day when Dolcie was forcefully brought to the hospital and she begged Maxwell for mercy.

The photo was taken during her departure from the emergency exit, and at that time, her clothes had
been torn by Maxwell and she was wearing his coat while walking alone on the street.

Even though the photo only captured the side of her face, it wasn't hard to tell what she had done.

Not only was her face flushed, but her hair was in a mess.

She could be described as "disheveled". It was out of her expectation that somebody had noticed her
as she had chosen the most remote exit.

Most importantly, this happened a long time ago, so why was this photo only released now? "Is
everyone saying that I'm s*lItry?"

Isabella closed the web page with a calm expression and spoke slowly.

Looking at her calm face, Connie was a little surprised.

In her mind, she knew some people were able to maintain a calm composure despite being flustered at
the bottom of their hearts.

"Don't worry about this, Bella.My cousin will deal with it.The photo is obviously photoshopped and
posted by people who wish to drive you away from the hospital! I believe in you!"

Connie told Isabella softly, yet her gaze determined.

Listening to her words, Isabella couldn't help but feel apologetic.

It seemed she would fail to live up to Connie's trust because she knew better than anyone else that the
photo wasn't photoshopped.

"Don't worry, Bella.My cousin has gone to the technical department and will certainly find out the culprit!
How dare this person do such a shameless thing? He or she must be fired!"

Seeing that Isabella didn't speak, Connie comforted.

Shaking her head, Isabella said, "I'm okay.Don't worry about me.I won't be defeated by such a small

Her words finally made Connie feel a bit more at ease.

With a nod, she encouraged, "I trust you! You're the most determined person that I've ever met!"

"Well well, aren't you the star of the hospital today? Why are you hiding here? Are you scared of
meeting everyone now?"

Just as Isabella was about to speak, a voice rang.

Without turning around to see who it was, Isabella knew only Skyler could make such sarcastic

"Don't you have anything to do, Skyler? Is talking nonsense the only thing you know? The photo is
obviously photoshopped.Can you at least use your brain?"

As Connie had a violent temper, she talked back impolitely at once.

How could a dumb woman like Skyler be worthy of being her cousin-in-law? To Connie, it could only be
Isabella! Connie's words provoked Skyler so much that she was lost for words.

Why did Connie have to take Isabella's side and be against her every time? "Do you even know the
nature of Isabella, Connie? Just take a look at the photo on the forum.She looks so professional in her
white robe during the day, but who knows what she does after work! She's simply insulting the robe

Skyler pointed at Isabella and said rudely.

As she had said, as long as Isabella exposed a small weakness, she would certainly make use of it and
crush her!

“To me, Bella never talks nonsense or does anything behind people's backs.Most importantly, she won't
overestimate herself or engage in wishful thinking!"

Connie snorted and retorted fiercely.

When Skyler heard Connie scolding her indirectly, she was so furious that she strode over and wanted
to slap her.

"You said I've insulted our profession.What about you? Have you ever paid close attention to or taken
good care of a patient ever since you started working in the hospital? Have you ever treated your job
seriously? What kind of person I am isn't up to you to judge, Skyler Mitchell.You aren't qualified.Have
you seen what I did after work, hmm? Do you have evidence?"

All of a sudden, Isabella shot up and said sternly while fixing her cold gaze on Skyler.

At once, Skyler was intimidated because she didn't expect Isabella, who was usually cold and quiet, to
be so terrifying when provoked.

"Ha! How eloquent you are! Isn't the photo on the forum evidence? How dare you say that it's fake?"

Skyler calmed herself down and looked at Isabella disdainfully.

This rendered Isabella speechless because the photo was indeed authentic.

She couldn't say it was fake because her lie would be exposed once a professional looked at it.

How could she explain for herself by then? At that time, not only would she have denied the fact and
lied, but she would also be helping the person who wanted to frame her up.

"Do you guys have nothing to do now? Let your head nurse come and find me,"

Just as Isabella was going to speak, Drew's voice rang and it sounded like a savior to her.

Casting a hateful glance at Isabella, Skyler told herself that Isabella was just lucky today! Meanwhile,
Connie patted Isabella's hand and left quickly, leaving Maxwell on the spot, who glanced at Isabella
and said, "Come to my office."

In response, Isabella let out a soft sigh and knew she couldn't avoid the reality.

It seemed she was no longer qualified to be Drew's assistant.

When they were in the office, Drew looked at Isabella closely and had a bitter feeling.

Only now did he realize he knew nothing about Isabella.

"The IT department is dealing with the post now, so don't worry.The hospital will bring you justice."

Drew told Isabella softly while looking at her.

He was trying to read her emotions from her expression, but he failed.

Until now, she still looked as calm as usual and he couldn't find any helplessness or panic in her eyes.

"Thanks, Doctor Ross,"

Isabella replied calmly.

To be honest, she was ready to accept the consequence no matter what they would be.

"Okay, I think that's all.Remember my words.No matter what difficulties you have, I will help you."

Drew spoke, not knowing what he could do to bring out her true feelings.

Shock flickered in Isabella's eyes when she heard this.

If they were in normal times, she would at most be doubtful upon Drew's words.

However, in the current situation, she knew Drew had already believed the news on the forum.

Even though the photo was real, the news was fake.

"Is this true? Is Doctor Ross so kind?"

Isabella fixed her gaze on Drew.

Confused, Drew said, "I've always been telling the truth with you, Bella.You don't have to..."

"I need two hundred million.Can Doctor Ross help me? If I violate the contract, I might need more than
that.Even so, will Doctor Ross still help me?"

Before Drew could finish, Isabella spoke again.

Her cold voice and indifferent expression were the same as when they first met.

Although nothing seemed to have changed, Drew felt she was a different person.


Drew stared at Isabella with wide eyes.

"There's nothing you can do, right? You don't have to care about my affairs, Doctor Ross.There's no
need for you to keep saying that you can help me while probing my words at the same time.Your
opinion won't affect me, Doctor Ross.What if I truly am a gold digger? Once the hospital decided I
should leave, I'll leave.That's all I want to say.Sorry for troubling you, Doctor Ross."

Ignoring Drew's shock, Isabella said everything she had in mind, bowed politely and left.

Even though she loved this job very much, she had no choice.

However, she would definitely find out the person who framed her! She accepted challenges from
anyone and the following consequences wholeheartedly, but not a single dirty trick should should be let
go by her.

She would find them out by all means! She would never let this matter go! When Isabella came out of
Drew's office, Erin had already returned.

When she saw Isabella, her expression was complicated.

She had been worried that Isabella would expose her matter, but little did she know Isabella was the
one who would suffer in the end.

Seemingly, she was safe now.

"I can only express my sympathy for you."

Erin walked to Isabella's side and spoke softly.

Then, she was surprised to find Isabella reading the post about her on the forum.

"Hey, please don't tell me that you don't care about it at all?"

Erin was confused as she couldn't figure out what Isabella was going to do.

Wasn't she worried at all? How could she still be in the mood to read the post? If it were Erin who was
involved, she definitely wouldn't look at it a second time! "Instead of caring about this matter, I care
more about the person who framed me,"

Isabella said coldly, remembering the scene in the photo.

Complex feelings rose in Erin's heart when she heard this.

"Take care of yourself then."

"Now that I'm the first target, you'd better be prepared, Erin.I have no enemy in this hospital and I can't
think of anyone who want to harm other than you, Charmaine, and Skyler.Who do you think it is?"

Isabella's cold voice rang.

This made Erin shiver.Isabella's words made a point.

"What are you trying to say?"

Erin looked at Isabella warily.

"Just be careful of the people around you."

Isabella closed the web page and spoke slowly.

However, she was lost because there was nothing she could do even if she memorized the photo.

After all, this happened a long time ago.

Erin took a deep look at Isabella.

"You're the only one who knows about my affairs."

Her implication was clear.

If somebody wanted to harm her, Isabella would be the only suspect! Hearing this, Isabella shrugged

To be honest, if the person wished to frame all of them up, Erin would certainly be dragged into this
within the next few days.

The reason why her photo was only exposed now must be that the person had just gotten something
against Erin!