Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 40: Under Her Pure Looks...

When Isabella read the sentence, she was stunned for a moment.

This should be Maxwell's handwriting.

Although she knew it was a quote from the book, she was surprised by his neat and sharp handwriting.

Just by looking at it, she could feel his dominance.

Not knowing where he was right now, she had to put down the book.

It would be awkward if he caught her reading.

However, just as she turned around, she met his gaze.

"Oh! Y-You...When did you..."

Isabella felt guilty and asked awkwardly.

All of a sudden, she felt she was on extremely bad luck today.

Not only had her lies been exposed within an hour, but she was even caught by Maxwell just as she
picked up his book.

Looking at her guilty expression, Maxwell said softly, "I've been here when you picked up the
book.What is it? Have you read it before?"

Nodding, Isabella answered, "I read it in college, but I didn't finish it because of the internship."

"Aren't you a good student? Don't you know how to persevere?"

Maxwell snorted while walking to the desk.

Upon hearing this, Isabella raised her eyebrows because this wasn't the first time he had mocked her.

Just now, he hinted that she was stupid, but she ignored him.Why was he doing it again?!

"I have a reason.If you aren't reading it anymore, lend it to me!"

She picked up the book from the coffee table.

Casting a glance at her, Maxwell replied, "Just take it as you please."

After hearing the same words from him not long ago, Isabella left the room grumpily.

Her footsteps were heavy as she vented her anger along the way.

Seeing her walking away, Maxwell said lightly, "Write me a book review after finishing it."

Isabella, who had reached the door, was stunned by Maxwell's words and stopped in her track.

Turning around, she asked, "What book review?"

"What else can it be, huh?"

There was a faint smile in Maxwell's eyes when he looked at her.

Being certain that Maxwell would never smile at her, Isabella believed the dim, yellow lights were giving
her a hallucination.

"Well, I don't want to read it anymore."

Was Maxwell cracking a joke on her now? It had been ages since she wrote a book review, and yet,
Maxwell said it so lightly as though it was as simple as ABC.

Recently, she had been so busy with work that she hardly had time to rest.

Hence, how would she have the time to write a book review? If she had known earlier, she wouldn't
have asked!


Maxwell's disdainful laughter rang.

Clenching the book tightly, Isabella glanced at the man and stopped herself from putting the book back
onto the table.

Quickly, she left the room with the book in her hand.

Since Maxwell didn't give her a deadline, she could take it as long as she wanted! Watching Isabella
walking away exasperatedly, Maxwell smiled.

In one night, their relationship warmed up a little, and they could at least talk calmly to each other now.

Isabella only let out a sigh of relief when she was back to her room.

To be honest, she had been afraid that Maxwell would require her company in his room.

Although they had already made an agreement, she knew she couldn't refuse him if he were to break

For Maxwell, an agreement was probably similar to his mood.

When he was in a good mood, he would remember to abide by it whereas he wouldn't care when he
was in a bad one.

In fact, this was all because of their unequal status.

Putting down the book in her hands, Isabella stopped thinking and quickly went to wash up and sleep.

Even though their relationship had warmed up, she didn't dare to let down her guard because she still
couldn't gauge Maxwell's mood.

If she accidentally provoked him again, she would be the one suffering.

The next morning, Maxwell was already reading the newspaper downstairs when Isabella woke up.

Upon seeing Isabella coming downstairs, Tyler ordered the servants to prepare breakfast.

Meanwhile, Isabella was frustrated because she couldn't hold back from reading the book after getting
into bed last night.

As she was a slow reader, it was almost I am when she finished one-third of the book.

Another part of the reason was that she had been taking notes along the way too.

Therefore, she woke up late the next morning and knew she wouldn't be able to leave the house before
Maxwell showed up.

"Breakfast is ready, Madam.We're waiting for you."

Tyler looked at Isabella and said smilingly.

Knowing that there was progress in their relationship last night, Tyler was delighted.

Looking at Tyler staring at her excitedly, Isabella felt uneasy and even had the illusion that she was a
toy being eyed by a child.

"I'm sorry, I slept in today..."

Isabella met Tyler's gaze and apologized softly.

In fact, she was saying this to Maxwell.Shaking his head, Tyler replied, "It's okay, Madam.I know you
slept late last night."

Maxwell didn't say anything and went straight to the dining room.

During the breakfast, he was reading the latest financial news, and this made Isabella believed being
the head of a large family might be harder than she imagined.

"What are you peeking at? If you wish to read, just take it,"

Maxwell said coldly after seeing her sneaking glances at his newspaper while having breakfast.

Isabella was almost choked by Maxwell's words.Why was he so rude?

"It's okay.I'm stupid and I can't understand the thing that you're reading,"

Isabella retorted as she still remembered the blow he gave her last night.

When Maxwell heard this, his eyes darkened and his lips curled into a mocking smile.

Seeing this, Tyler shivered and was afraid the two of them would fight again.

As for Isabella, she pretended not to see it and continued having her breakfast.

Deliberately, she ate slowly so Maxwell would leave before her.

As expected, the moment he put down the newspaper in his hand, he also got up and left the dining

Casting a glance at Maxwell, Isabella then saw Tyler following him with an exquisite lunch box.

"Here's the food made by Madam yesterday, Mr.Sharp.We've packed it."

Hearing this, Isabella was so shocked that she nearly dropped the spoon in her hand.

However, she calmed herself down and listened attentively.

"When have I ever eaten leftovers? Throw it away."

Unsurprisingly, Maxwell's cold and emotionless voice rang.

Isabella knew he was boiling with anger now.

However, she knew they were people from different worlds ever since he reminded her about it.

Of course, she also knew her identity and position very well, so she would definitely not overstep it.

Thinking of this, she didn't have the heart to care about them despite the fact that she could hear them

Focusing on her breakfast, she heard Maxwell's car leaving Sharp Mansion after a while.

Only then did she get up and leave.

After getting her things, she looked at the time and found that she needed to rush, or else she would
miss the subway and be late.

"Mr.Sharp has arranged a car for you, Madam,"

Tyler reminded her when seeing her in a hurry.

His words surprised Isabella and she nearly declined it without hesitation.

However, the big clock on the wall reminded her if she acted arrogantly now, she would certainly be

Moreover, she had already encountered a lot of negative things in the hospital this month.If she were
late again, she couldn't find an appropriate reason for Drew.


Isabella followed Tyler and left quickly.

"By the way, the food you made last night has been taken away by Mr.Sharp."

When Isabella just sat in the car, Tyler said profoundly before she could say anything.

Then, he closed the door and saw Isabella being driven away in a daze.

Luckily, she reached the hospital two minutes away from being late.

With lingering fear, she put on her white robe and then went to the office.

Little did she know Erin and another competitor were already in the office.

Confused, she still quietly walked in and found Drew ignoring her while talking to the others.

When Isabella put down her things and walked over, Drew and the others ended their conversation too.

"That's all and I wish both of you good luck.Although I'm the final examiner, I won't give any of you
leeway.Just do your best at the final assessment five days later.Good luck."

"Sure, Doctor Ross!"

Taking their notes, Erin and Charmaine left quickly.

This confused Isabella and when she wanted to ask Drew about it, he didn't even look at her and went
on to his business.

Puzzled, Isabella wondered what was going on.

Until noon, Isabella was still in confusion.

All of a sudden, Connie, who hadn't come to look for Isabella during lunch, showed up and said
solemnly after making sure that Drew wasn't around, "Don't listen to what they said, Bella.I think
somebody spread these rumors to frame you up."

When Isabella heard this, she asked doubtfully, "What are you talking about? I don't quite understand."

Seeing her confused expression, Connie guessed that she probably hadn't heard about the gossip, so
she whispered, "I only found out today when I came to the hospital.There's a post about you in the
hospital's forum."

Hearing this, Isabella knew situation was quite serious.

Hurriedly, she logged into the forum.

"Shock! The True Colors of the Belle of the Cardiology Division Is Revealed.Under Her Pure Looks..."

The post was currently placed on the top with the highest number of replies.

If it were in normal times, Isabella wouldn't be bothered with such posts because the title was too

However, the word cardiology division made her feel nervous.

Turning her gaze to Connie, she found the latter nodding and telling her that this was the post she was
referring to.

Finally, Isabella clicked into it...