Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 38: Looks Like They're Making up Soon

"But, madam..."

In strait, Kyra called out at hearing Isabella's words.

To wait for Maxwell, Isabella hadn't had a taste that she had worked so hard to prepare.

It was really a pity to dump them all into the trash, but when Kyra saw Isabella's indifferent expression,
she fell silent.

Just as Kyra was about to order the maids to pack up the food, the sound of Maxwell's car engine rang
outside, and Tyler hurriedly walked into the house.

"Madam, Mr.Sharp is back."

Isabella was taken aback when she heard Tyler.

It wouldn't be nice of her to go upstairs after knowing that he came back, so after a moment of thought,
she decided to follow Tyler to the door.

Anyway, she had made up her mind.

She was already at a disadvantage in this deal, and she had never dreamed that Maxwell would
apologize and admit his mistakes first, so only she could take the initiative to break the tension
between them.

Outside of the mansion, Maxwell was listening to Morgan's report.

The multinational conference held today took longer than expected.

On the way back, he had several video conferences in the car.

When they were all over, the car had already arrived at the gate of his house.

"Sir, Tyler called just now, but I didn't pick up at that time."

Morgan turned to Maxwell, who was about to get out of the car, and informed.

Maxwell nodded in response and didn't think too much about it.

Tyler probably called to ask if he would come home late.

"Sir, please hold on."

Seeing Maxwell getting out of the car, Morgan seemed to have thought of something important, so he
quickly followed him out.

Maxwell glanced at Morgan curiously as the latter went into another car.

Not long after, he came over with a paper bag.

"Madam left this in the car today.’ Looking at the paper bag in Morgan's hand, Maxwell could instantly
tell it was the dress from the clothing store yesterday.

It reminded him of Drew's attitude towards her, so Maxwell suddenly felt a surge of displeasure in his
heart, but she indeed looked gorgeous in that dress.


After receiving the paper bag, Maxwell took his time walking towards the door.

Morgan looked at Maxwell's back and sighed in his heart.

He had been afraid that Maxwell would throw a tantrum again and ask him to send the bag to her
personally when his intention was to make the two reconcile.

It made sense that he, a bystander, shouldn't even worry when the two didn't even want to make up.

With that in mind, Morgan drove away quickly.

He had an appointment tonight.

Morgan only hoped the mighty Maxwell Sharp wouldn't ask him to settle matters in the last minute.

Otherwise, he could only turn off his phone! Taking Isabella's clothes with him, Maxwell returned to the
mansion, but he didn't see Isabella coming, greeting him among the people who welcomed him today
at the door.

It was absolutely a surprise.

Usually, she avoided him like he was the plague, so it was natural for Maxwell to doubt her intentions.

"You're finally back home, sir.Madam prepared dinner for you by herself tonight and waited for you until
this hour.I'll get the kitchen to heat up the food so you can have dinner after changing,’ Tyler welcomed
him enthusiastically, then proceeded to take the bag from Maxwell's hand.

At the same time, Maxwell's gaze was fixed on Isabella for a moment, who was uncomfortable under
hi's stare, so she lifted the corners of her mouth, although her smile seemed strained.

"You're back.I'll go prepare the bath for you."

Isabella looked at Maxwell and spoke slowly.

She doubted Maxwell stayed in the company until this late because she had already seen him with
several women before.

He must have been with another this time.

The corners of Maxwell's lips lifted in the slightest curve.

Although it was only for a short second, Tyler managed to catch it.

"It's fine.Let's eat first,"

Maxwell uttered while heading up the stairs and stretching out his hand to loosen his tie.

In the meeting today, he had been talking non-stop.

Even though he always spoke in a very concise manner, his throat was dry and his voice had turned

"Sir, are these the clothes you bought for Madam?"

Tyler inquired in a delighted manner, taking Isabella aback.

"No, she bought it herself."

Maxwell stopped in his track for a moment and quickly went upstairs.

Isabella glanced at the bag in Tyler's hands and realized it was her dress.

She had thought she had left it in Dolcie's house! Grinning from ear to ear, Tyler handed the dress to
Isabella before saying, "Madam, you must be hungry too.I'll ask them to heat up the food, and make
some honey lemon tea for Mr.Sharp."

Isabella asked in confusion, "What's wrong with him?"

"Mr.Byrne informed us he had meetings from four p.m.” until now, even during his ride back home, so
his throat must hurt, Tyler uttered while looking at Maxwell's back, his heart aching.

Tyler watched Maxwell grow up.

Only he and other servants that had accompanied the young master knew how hard he worked to
become such a capable person and support such a huge family by himself.

Hearing that, Isabella was dumbfounded.

After spending such a long time in meetings, he probably hadn't even eaten.

Recalling the gastric pills in his room, she finally understood why he needed them.

It was definitely due to his irregular meals...

"Let me prepare the tea.You guys make some pumpkin soup for him.It's probably not a good idea to
have oily food for supper." Isabella frowned.

When Tyler heard that, it finally dawned on him that he forgot the important part.

He only had thought about the meal Isabella had cooked so rarely.

"Alright, then I'll have to trouble you, madam.’ Tyler nodded and quickly went on.

After grabbing some lemons, Isabella went to the kitchen.

She didn't eat much in the evening and had also eaten some food while cooking earlier.

Plus she wasn't that hungry anyway..

Otherwise, she wouldn't have the patience to wait this long.

When she came out with the honey lemon tea, a few maids were standing in two rows in the spacious
dining room, while Maxwell was seated on the furthest end of the table.

She was surprised to see the big marble table full of the dishes she had cooked tonight.

"Huh? Why..."

"Madam, Mr.Sharp wants to have the dishes instead of just pumpkin soup..."

Tyler gave Isabella a helpless look.

Isabella turned to look at Maxwell after hearing Tyler's explanation.

He had the same icy cold expression on his face ever since that day.

There were exceptions when his dark orbs revealed some other emotions, but most of the time, he had
the same poker face on.

"It's late now.Eating these oily foods is not good for your stomach"

Isabella advised gently while putting honey lemon tea on the table.

Taking a glance at Isabella, Maxwell replied, "No, it's a waste."

The four words he blurted shocked everyone who was present in the room, including Isabella.

Did those words actually come out of Maxwell's mouth? Did he say it was a waste?! Everyone
reckoned that the word "waste" was never in his dictionary.

Tyler, especially, was in utter shock.

He had watched him grow up, but he had never heard of Maxwell practicing the virtue of saving.

Even if hell had eyes on something that cost a fortune, he wouldn't hesitate to destroy or abandon it
once he got sick of it.

But now he actually said it was a waste to not eat those food? Was it a disguise? Could it be that he
just wanted to eat the food Isabella cooked? Thinking about that, Tyler got excited again.

If not for the fact that he couldn't leave now, he would have definitely reported this touching scene to
Madam Sharp!

"But I bought the ingredients with my salary.I'm just wasting my money.’ Isabella couldn't let him carry
on his stubbornness.

It was a waste to throw the food away, but his health was more important! Maxwell glanced at Isabella
with a softened gaze, but it made Isabella reconsider her advice.

"How about this? Don't not eat these today.We'll keep the food in the fridge and heat it up for you to
bring to work tomorrow.Just have some soup tonight.Tyler has asked the chefs to make you some,
hasn't he?" Isabella gave in.

Tyler wanted to tell her that Maxwell never ate overnight food, but he immediately held it back when he
thought of what Maxwell had said earlier.

He was convinced that Maxwell could have reacted in any way that he couldn't have ever imagined

"Yes, that's right! We've prepared some soup for you already, and it's pumpkin soup as instructed by

Tyler gave the maid beside him a look, and then she hurried to the kitchen to get the soup.

Maxwell didn't respond, but he put down his spoon.

The maid was quick to serve two warm bowls of pumpkin soup on the table.

"Madam, you should hurry up and eat.You haven't eaten anything yet tonight."

Tyler looked at Isabella, who was still standing at the side, and said.

After Tyler was done speaking, Isabella could sense Maxwell's cold and indifferent gaze on her.

She was afraid that he would pick up a new fight if she had refused, so Isabella took a seat, picked up
her spoon, and began to eat the soup.

Silence enveloped the huge dining hall, except for the occasional sounds of her spoon clinking the
porcelain bowl.

Isabella unconsciously stole a glance at Maxwell, but she found it difficult to tear her eyes away from
him once they were fixed on him.

When he wasn't talking, his quiet look resembled a cold prince—distant and arrogant, and it made him
look like he was far out of reach.

Even as he ate the soup, his every movement was elegant and poised.

It was as if it was carved into his bones.

He wasn't doing it on purpose, but it was the way he was born to be.

Isabella found him pleasant to look at while he ate quietly.

While Isabella was amazed by his looks, she also sighed in her heart.

Comparing herself to him, she couldn't even stay silent while eating.

Her spoon always clinked on the bowl and made crisp noises, while he ate in such an elegant manner.

It was definitely a pleasant sight to watch.

Putting aside the various problems and prejudice between her and Maxwell, he was an excellent man,
minus the personality.

She also knew about Maxwell's family situation.

In this mansion, there only lived him and Madam Sharp.

She heard that his grandfather was in Aztec, while his parents died in an accident years ago.