Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 39: They Can Get Along Peacefully

About the Sharps’ family affairs, Isabella would never meddle in.

Not only would those things bring her no benefit, but she had always treated herself as a passer-by in
the Sharps instead of a family member.

Most importantly, she wouldn't be so silly to beard the lion in its den.

Just as she was deep in thought, she didn't notice that Maxwell had fixed his dark gaze on her.

Other than the glint in his eyes, there was a profound feeling too.

When Isabella came back to her senses, he had already turned his gaze away.

As she was only halfway in her meal when Maxwell finished his, she hurriedly said after seeing him
getting up, "U-Um, remember to drink some honey lemon tea."

In an instant, Tyler brought the tea to Maxwell.

"Madam made this for you, Mr.Sharp,’ he said in a flattering manner.

Looking at Tyler's delighted smile, Maxwell furrowed his brows slightly.

Wasn't his reminder a bit too obvious? He drank the honey lemon tea under Tyler and Isabella's
expectant gaze.

After passing the cup to Tyler, Maxwell left the dining room.

Finally, Isabella and other servants relaxed because it could be said everyone was wary around

Even Tyler, who had watched Maxwell grow up, cared about and feared him at the same time.

In the past, Tyler always defended Maxwell, saying that he had not been as cold as he was now.

From his words, Maxwell was a lively and cheerful child until he was seven.

When Isabella finished her meal, she remembered that she needed to check some information for her

As she didn't bring her books back, she could only use a computer.

However, she didn't know where it was.

"Can I use the computer, Tyler?"

Isabella looked at Tyler beside her and asked.

In response, Tyler nodded, "You can use anything in the mansion, Madam.Except for the last room on
the left of the third floor as I told you last time, you can use any room or thing you like."

Of course, Isabella remembered Tyler's words, but she took it as a courtesy last time.

"Can you bring me there, Tyler? I'm not sure where it is." Isabella nodded.

When Tyler led her to the second floor, she went back to her room to get her notebook.

"Are you looking for some information, Madam? There's a huge library in the back hall on the first floor.

If you need the books, you can go there,’ Tyler said softly when he saw the notebook in Isabella's hand.

His words surprised Isabella.

"Really? Then I'll go and take a look after work tomorrow.It'll be great if there are books that I need."

As she loved reading during her free time, she was looking forward to the library now.

"Sure! No one has visited there for years, but the book collection is rich.I'm certain that you can't finish
reading them in your life, Madam," Tyler told her with a smile.

Nevertheless, he didn't manage to completely hide the sadness in his voice.

Despite noticing this, Isabella wasn't going to probe further and pretended that she hadn't noticed it.

When Tyler brought her to the study, he pointed at the huge desk in front of him and said, "Please use
everything as you like, Madam.I'll make tea for you."

With a nod, Isabella replied softly, "Thank you, Tyler."

Shaking his head, Tyler then left the study.

As the assessment was approaching, she didn't dare to be complacent although she was confident of

Erin wasn't an opponent to be underestimated and Isabella believed it would be better to fully
understand all theories.

Then, she realized the computer was on.

The moment she woke it up, she was surprised to see a lot of finance and business revenue-related
information on the screen.

After reading for a while, she figured out that it was about Sharp Group and this was Maxwell's
computer! Was Tyler trying to set her up? Using Maxwell's things without his permission was definitely
worthy of a death sentence, and she was too young to have a death wish...

"What are you doing here?"

Just as Isabella was complaining in her heart, a cold, charming voice rang behind her.

This shocked her so much that she nearly cursed Tyler out loud.

"S-Sorry, Mr.Sharp.I-l need to use a computer to look for some information.I didn't read your

Immediately, Isabella sprang up and looked at Maxwell, who was leaning against the door.

As he was just out of a shower, his hair was still wet and he was in a bathrobe that showed his
attractive collarbone.

From Isabella's angle, she could even see his chest as the bathrobe was loosely tied.

At this moment, he was staring at her with his dark, cold gaze and his cheeks were flushed due to the
warmth in the bathroom.

The scene looked surprisingly tempting to her.

Nervous, she quickly lowered her head and didn't dare to look at him anymore.

Noticing Isabella's reaction, Maxwell curled his lips into a smile."Even if you do, you can't understand

Isabella had been apprehensive about what he would say, and his harsh words rendered her

How arrogant he was! She had been a top student.How could he underestimate her? It was too hateful.

"A-Am I disturbing you? I'll leave now."

She took her notebook and was going to leave.

Casting a glance at her, Maxwell slowly walked to take a book from the bookshelf and said, "Just use it
as you please."

This left Isabella somewhat at a loss for what to do.

Since Maxwell had said as such and she indeed needed to have the information ready by tomorrow,
she would just stay in the room with him then.

"Well, thank you."

Putting down the notebook, she sat down and found the chair extremely comfortable.

She was amazed by the luxurious things that the wealthy people were using.

Meanwhile, Maxwell didn't speak and walked to the armchair by the French window and sat down.

Turning on the floor lamp, he then started to read.

Curious, Isabella stole a glance at the book he was reading.

It was 'The Moon and Sixpence’.

When she was still in college, she read it but didn't manage to finish it due to her busy internship.

Although she was curious about and confused why Maxwell chose this book, she didn't ask, lowered
her head, and focused on her work.

Of course, Maxwell noticed Isabella's gaze, but he didn't raise his head.

It was only when she lowered her head and began to do her things that he looked up at her.

At this moment, she looked very focused and serious.

This reminded him of their first meeting when she begged him in the car and said she needed her job
very much.

It seemed she truly enjoyed her job.

Nevertheless, not everyone could do what they liked freely.

Such a peaceful scene was what Tyler saw when he came in with the tea.

If he were carrying a camera instead of tea now, he would certainly capture this moment.

Since the day when Maxwell and Isabella had met, they had never had such a peaceful moment.

Hearing the footsteps, Maxwell looked up at Tyler and signaled him to bring the tea over so Isabella
wouldn't be disturbed.

Hence, Tyler left the study after placing the tea gently beside Maxwell, thinking perhaps everyone had
only seen the surface but not the essence.

Could it be a relationship that could succeed one day? When Isabella collected a part of the information
she wanted, she noticed the cup of tea placed beside her.

"Tyler brought it over just now."

A cold and charming voice rang behind her.

This startled Isabella because she hadn't noticed when Tyler came in and when Maxwell came behind

"Oh! Th-Thanks.I'm almost done with my search too."

Isabella took the tea and said.

As Maxwell didn't speak anything, Isabella couldn't help but raise her head to look at him.

Didn't social media say that people would look ugly if seen from below? Why did Maxwell still look so
attractive? As she thought about it, she felt God was indeed unfair sometimes.

He gave Maxwell not only the best looks, but also a high status and wealthy family.

"What do you need these for?"

Maxwell was looking at the information on the computer instead of Isabella.

Hearing this, Isabella turned her gaze to the screen without hesitation and answered, "I have an
assessment two days later, in which I'll be in a relatively complicated operation with Doctor Ross and
two other candidates.The operation will be a decisive factor in the results of our assessment and
Doctor Ross will pick one of us as his assistant.So, I'm doing necessary preparations for the operation

Hearing Isabella's words, Maxwell couldn't help but frown.

Why was it Drew again?

"Are you confident in this?"

There was a glint in Maxwell's eyes when he noticed Isabella's face had become fairer under the light
of the computer screen.

"Of course I am! But why should I save my effort when I can achieve more?" Isabella replied

Maxwell listened to her words and was in a rare trance.

Indeed, she sounded the same as her personality.

Not only was she a cool and determined person, but she wouldn't admit defeat easily too.

"Continue your work then."

Maxwell looked at her notebook and slowly spoke.

And childish, he added in his mind, when he spotted her notebook, which was full of cartoon animal

Meanwhile, Isabella seemed to notice Maxwell's gaze and looked down at her notebook.

At once, she turned scarlet.

No matter how old she was, she still found pandas the cutest animal in the world and loved collecting
items related to them.

The last time when she was in a zoo, she spent half of the day watching pandas too.

When she finished compiling all the information, she stretched and looked up at Maxwell's position,
finding that he had already left.

After picking up her things, she didn't dare to turn off his computer and was going to leave.

However, her curiosity was piqued when she saw Maxwell's book on the coffee table.

Slowly, she walked over and read the title page: "The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind
exceedingly small."