Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 37: Break the Ice

Isabella knew she had seen something she shouldn't, so when the middle-aged man made a move on
Erin, she had already hidden behind a tree.

It would be extremely awkward if she walked over at this time.

It was only when the man left that Isabella stepped out of the tree.

When she arrived at the entrance, Isabella realized Erin hadn't gone far.

She could tell the panic in Erin's eyes when the noticed her.

"Bella? Wh-why are you here?"

Erin glanced at Isabella and asked warily.

"Oh, I went the back street to buy breakfast today, so I took this route"

Isabella managed to come up with an excuse in a hurry.

Puzzled, Erin asked, "Did you see anything just now?"

"See what? I didn't see a single person when I walked over."

Isabella looked back at Erin in confusion.

Hearing that, Erin was finally at ease.

From the looks of it, Isabella didn't seem to have seen who she was with just now.

Isabella also prayed silently that Erin wouldn't press it further.

She wasn't good at lying.

If Erin continued asking, she would probably be exposed.

She didn't even know where could she bought the breakfast in the back street! A few nurses had
mentioned it before and she just happened to have heard it.

"'s nothing.I heard a loud sound just now, so I thought something happened."

Erin shook her head and answered innocently.

Seeing the look on Erin's face, Isabella couldn't help but sigh in her heart.

It really wasn't wise to judge people by their appearance.

If she hadn't seen that scene today, she would never have thought Erin would have such a different

However, she didn't intend to tell anyone about this.

She wasn't someone who liked to stir up trouble.

She had enough issues and problems in her life, so any more trouble wasn't welcomed at all.

"Okay, let's go."

Isabella nodded in response.

The two entered the building together but parted ways right after.

With her sharp eyes, Skyler saw Isabella from afar, but when she saw the person beside Isabella,
Skyler widened her eyes in shock.Why was Erin with Isabella?!

"Erin! Erin!"

Skyler quickly caught up to Erin.

When Erin heard someone calling her, she turned around and saw Skyler running over.

"Good morning, Sky.’

"Erin, I just saw you with Isabella.Why are you with her? She's your competitor!"

Skyler looked at her and questioned in a serious tone.

Smiling, Erin replied, "It's nothing.We met at the entrance and came in together.You're overthinking."

Skyler heaved a sigh of relief at that.

She and Erin should share a common enemy.

"Let's go and get changed first." Skyler pulled Erin and quickly left.

When they arrived at the elevator, they met a few colleagues.

"I just found out the breakfast cafe in the back street closed down!"

"What?! Didn't you know? They've moved to the other side of the bridge ten days ago."

The two nurses in the elevator were discussing the famous breakfast cafe in the back street.

It immediately reminded Erin of her conversation with Isabella just now, and her heart sank.

"Are you talking about the popular cafe down the street?" she asked.

"Yes, that's the one."

When the elevator arrived at their floor, the two nurses left.

Skyler noticed Erin's face was extremely pale.

"What's wrong? Do you like the breakfast cafe too?"

Skyler inquired curiously.

Coming back to her senses, Erin shook her head with a pale face.

"It's nothing.I just suddenly thought of something"

According to what the two nurses said, the breakfast cafe had closed down long ago, so why did
Isabella lie to her? When Skyler saw Erin was absent-minded, she didn't think much about it.

As long as Erin was on her side, she had a trump card that could be used against Isabella.

Not knowing the white lie she created was already exposed, Isabella reported to duty after changing
into her white coat.

Drew Ross had arrived before her, and when he saw Isabella, he purposely took a few more glances at

When he realized she was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday, his eyes unconsciously

He knew Isabella had a slight mysophobia, and she would definitely not wear the same clothes from
the day before, but today, she made an exception.

"What's wrong, Doctor Ross? Is there something on my face?"

Isabella noticed Drew was looking at her with a dark expression, so she was somewhat confused.

Gazing at her, he hesitated for a moment before speaking, "Bella, I'm gonna say the same thing.You
can always count on me if you have any hardships, okay? I can help you."

Isabella's heart sank after she heard his words.

Did he find out about her relationship with Maxwell already? However, she quickly disregarded the
possibility because if he had known, he wouldn't have behaved that way yesterday.

She also believed Maxwell didn't intend to introduce her to the public.

"Thanks for your concern, Doctor, but I'm really fine" Isabella replied with a nod.

Since Drew had already told her in such a direct way, he didn't push any further when Isabella didn't
intend to tell him.

"Alright, go ahead and do your work.’ Drew nodded, feeling a little helpless.

Perhaps he was being too anxious.

He began to make wild guesses and assumptions before there was any solid proof, which was
disrespectful towards Isabella.Not long after Isabella had left, Skyler came in with breakfast she had
specially bought for Drew.

When he saw her, a headache instantly hit him.

This woman seemed to be unashamed even after he had rejected her several times.

"Miss Mitchell, it's working hour right now.If you're not here to work, I advise you to find a new job."

Drew looked at Skyler and uttered coldly.

Skyler smiled stiffly,.

"I'll leave you the breakfast.

Don't skip your meal!"After placing the breakfast on his desk, she shot him a flirtatious wink and left the
room before Drew could say anything else.

Looking at the breakfast on the table, Drew felt disgusted, so he threw it into the trash can without
opening it.

He had seen too many women with tricks like this.

He knew what he wanted, and Skyler wasn't on the list.

After coming out of Drew's office, Skyler happened to see Isabella following Erin towards the windows,
so she followed them without a second thought.

"Why did you lie?!"

Erin questioned Isabella, fists clenched.

Isabella didn't expect Erin to find out her lie so quickly.

Helpless, she realized she wasn't a good liar after all.

"If I hadn't lied to you, should I have said I saw you getting out of a middle-aged man's car?"

Isabella looked at Erin and refuted.

Her words completely left Erin stunned.

She didn't expect Isabella to be so direct and didn't beat around the bush.

But Isabella wasn't wrong.

If she had told the truth at that time, it would be very embarrassing.

"If you want to use this to blackmail me, I'm never going to compromise.’ Erin glared at Isabella, trying
to scare her.

By the way Erin looked right now, she was a sheep in wolf's clothing.

When it came to malevolence and intimidating, she was nothing compare to Maxwell, who could really
scare Isabella.

"I have no time for petty things like that.I'm confident in my skills, and I don't need to use such a way to
get what I want.You can rest assured.I'll forget what I've seen even if you didn't come to me."

Isabella looked at Erin and replied coldly.

Erin beheld Isabella, recalling she indeed had never heard Isabella speaking ill of anyone in the
hospital for as long as she had been working here.

"You better! If you dare to spread it, I'll make sure to ruin your reputation!"

She warned Isabella fiercely, and left after that.

Isabella found it funny to hear Erin's warning in which there was a lack of confidence.

Did she see Isabella as a person who enjoyed gossip? Wasn't the sidekick of hers the one who liked to
talk behind people's backs? With that thought in mind, Isabella left soon after.

Hiding behind a locker, Skyler eavesdropped on the conversation between Isabella and Erin, and let
out a gasp.

Never did she expect Erin to be a mistress who depended on a rich man.

Her usual arrogant attitude made Skyler assume that she was a daughter from a rich family.

Every time they ate out, Erin was so picky over food and only wanted to eat the best.

It turned out she was squandering the money that she earned through selling herself.

Skylar began blaming herself for currying favor with Erin all this while? It turned out that she was just a
cheap woman! Suddenly, Skyler thought of a good idea to deal with Isabella and ruin Erin's reputation
at the same time.

She was already unhappy with Drew's assistant being a woman, and now that she knew of Erin's true
colors, it was hard to guarantee Erin wouldn't want to take advantage of the position to hound Drew!
She would definitely take action, especially after knowing Drew's identity.

Skyler wasn't going to let that happen! Today, Isabella got off work early and went to the supermarket
alone to buy some groceries.

After that, she took a cab and went back to Sharp Mansion.

She planned to reconcile with Maxwell after finding out his good intentions from her sister.

Anyway, she had to rely on Maxwell to ensure Dolcie's safety.

If she kept avoiding him and got stuck in a cold war, he might not help Dolcie anymore when she
accidentally triggered him one day.

That wasn't the outcome she wanted.

She admitted she was using Maxwell's power.

At least for these two years, she had to maintain a good relationship with him if she wanted to live

When Isabella arrived home, Maxwell wasn't home yet, so she quickly changed and went into the
kitchen, which shocked the butler who followed her in.

When Isabella told him she wanted to cook dinner, he thought she wasn't satisfied with the chefs'

However, when he heard she was going to prepare a meal for Maxwell, Tyler felt he was on cloud nine.

His heart was like riding a roller coaster these days, his mood fluctuating up and down.

He had to report this good news to the Old Madam immediately! With that, he ordered a few five-star
chefs to help Isabella while he quickly went to contact Madam Sharp.

After Isabella had prepared a table of food, it was almost time for Maxwell to return, but his car hadn't
appeared when the clock struck 10.

There was also no answer when Tyler tried to call him.

Sitting at the dining table, Isabella stared at the dishes that had turned cold.

After blinking a few times, she suddenly got up.

The maids standing at the side dared not move an inch the whole time.

When they saw Isabella getting up, they followed her with their gazes.

"Throw all of these away.Mr.Sharp must have gone for in an appointment"

Isabella opened her mouth to speak.

With that, she turned on her heels and went upstairs.