Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 36: I Want the Child to Grow Up Healthily

After hearing Dolcie's story, Isabella couldn't help but sigh.Life was surely full of surprises.

You never know what you'd encounter throughout your life.

She and Dolcie were both realistic examples.

"He promised me he'd protect you, so don't worry.Focus on taking care of the baby in your belly.You
have to eat more to gain energy for the delivery.Look how skinny you are!"

Seeing how thin Dolcie was, Isabella sighed again.Dolcie nodded and held Isabella's hand tightly.

"Come on, let me show you what I bought for you and the baby."

Noticing how depressed Dolcie was, Isabella couldn't help but worry for her.

With her current situation, Isabella was afraid that her sister wouldn't even be able to hang on until that
man came for her.

She could tell Dolcie had fallen into the trap that the man had set up.

Dolcie nodded and followed Isabella out to the living room.

When Morgan saw them coming out of the room, he got up to leave.

"Morgan, I'll stay here with my sister tonight.Can you please inform Mr.Sharp?"

Isabella spoke to Morgan, who was getting up from the couch.

She was worried about Dolcie, so she figured it'd be a better idea to keep her company.

Dolcie felt extremely grateful to Isabella, but she was also worried.

She wasn't familiar with Maxwell, but after the incident that day, she knew he was a scary man, just like
the one back in Braig...

She was afraid that Isabella and Maxwell would get into a conflict again because of her.

"Okay, Madam.I'll call him now,’ Morgan answered without hesitation.

After Morgan left for the balcony to make the phone call, Isabella took out all the clothes she bought for
Dolcie to see.

The latter finally revealed a smile when she saw the tiny clothes.

"They're adorable!"

Dolcie exclaimed happily as she picked up the clothes gently.

"I don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet, so I bought all of these."

Isabella glanced at the swell of Dolcie's belly and uttered softly.Morgan told her earlier that Dolcie had
been pregnant for three months.

Isabella didn't know how she overcame this period.

Whenever she thought of how her sister was imprisoned and forced to abort the baby in a foreign
country, she heart ached.

The girl who always hugged Daniel's legs when she was a child had grown up now.

"It doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl.They can wear all of these!"

Dolcie grinned at Isabella, gently stroking her belly.

"I can't wait to meet my baby! I'm going to give birth to this child no matter what happened, and I hope
everyone will love him."

"So for the sake of your child, you must eat more and rest up.Matilda's a nutritionist.Trust her and eat
the food she prepares for you.Don't refuse to eat.It's not good for you and the baby."

Isabella met Dolcie's motherly gaze and advised.

Nodding her head, Dolcie replied seriously, "Got it! I want the baby to be healthy!"

After Dolcie was done speaking, Morgan came in from the balcony.

Holding the phone, he looked at Isabella with an apologetic expression, "Madam, Mr.Sharp wants you
on the phone."

Hearing that, Isabella quivered slightly but quickly covered it up.

However, Dolcie, who was sitting next to her, felt it.

"If he doesn't let you stay the night, it's okay, you can go back.It's out of town here anyway, and it'll be
inconvenient for you to go to work tomorrow! Dolcie initiated.She didn't want to trouble Isabella.

After tightening her grip on Dolcie's hand in reassurance, Isabella took the phone from Morgan.

"Hello, Mr.Sharp."

"Are you going to stay there tonight?"

Maxwell's cold voice came from the other side of the line.

She could imagine his current expression, perhaps more of disdain.


"Let Morgan stay there with you and send you to the hospital tomorrow" Maxwell uttered.

Before Isabella could respond, a beep sound came from the other end.

Isabella held the phone in her hand and was taken aback by his response.

Did he just agree to her decision? That seemed impossible! Since when was he so easy to deal with?
"What's wrong?"

Dolcie noticed Isabella's stunned expression and was a little worried.

Hearing Dolcie's voice, Isabella came back to her senses and shook her head.

"It's fine.Mr.Sharp agreed."

Morgan nodded at that.

He knew Maxwell agreed, but that also meant he was going to stay the night! He had a date tonight,
but he couldn't leave now!


Dolcie asked happily when she heard what Isabella had said.

Isabella nodded in response.

After returning the phone to Morgan, the two of them began to plan their dinner menu.

Perhaps it was due to Isabella's presence, Dolcie ate more at dinner and was more chatty than usual.

At night, she even dragged Isabella over to talk about her life abroad.

As she talked about her story, she mentioned the man again.

Isabella could only helplessly watch her as her expression gradually darkened.

"Should my child take his surname—Walsh, or mine—Chapman?"

Lying on the bed, Dolcie asked Isabella for her opinion.

Isabella took a mental note of his family name.

Since he was a significant person in Braig, she should be able to find some news about him online.

"Take your name, of course.You're the one who's giving birth to him"

replied Isabella in a tender yet resolute tone.

Agreeing to her opinion, Dolcie nodded her head.

"Now that you're back, what about your study? You're majoring in film production, right?"

Recalling that Dolcie had one more year to finish her study, Isabella was worried.

"After he found out I was pregnant, he contacted the school and deferred my course,’ answered Dolcie.

She never thought of giving up on her dream.

Even if she couldn't return to the same school, she would continue her study.

"It's okay.You can continue your study after taking some time off to deliver the baby and rest.You're
smart enough to get a scholarship every year, so don't worry.You'll definitely become a famous director
one day"

Isabella comforted Dolcie ina gentle tone.

When Dolcie heard Isabella's words, she chuckled, "But you're a doctor! If you're a star, I'll definitely
cast you as the female lead in my first movie!"

"Who knows? Maybe I have a hidden talent in acting?"

Isabella joked.

As the two of them chatted, it was as if they wanted to make up for the lost time.

No one felt sleepy throughout the night.

They didn't even realize what time they fell asleep.

The next morning, Isabella woke up before dawn.

She got up from the bed since it was almost time for her to leave for work, while Dolcie was still
sleeping soundly.

After making the breakfast, she left with Morgan, not before informing Matilda to let Dolcie know she
would come back and visit again in two days.

On the way back, Isabella couldn't control her curiosity and asked Morgan the question that had been
bugging her.

"Morgan, my sister said the man who got her pregnant is called Walsh.Does he live here?"

Morgan didn't intend to hide the truth from Isabella.

"Yes, Madam.His name is Billie Walsh.He and Mr.Sharp have been friends since childhood, but there
are very few people who know his real name.If he told Miss Chapman his real name, that means Miss
Chapman is pretty important to him."

Hearing that, Isabella quickly fished out her phone and began to search for the name Billie Walsh.

Watching her from the rearview mirror, Morgan knew what she was trying to do.

"Madam, there are many people with the name Billie Walsh on Google.You can't find his information
anywhere.He uses an alias."

While Morgan was talking, all kinds of Billie Walsh appeared on Isabella's screen.

Scrolling through a few more pages, she gave up and believed Morgan.

"So are you guys going to keep me from knowing who this Billie is?"

Isabella put down her phone and looked at Morgan, who was driving.

Instantly, Morgan felt nervous and tried his best to ignore the gaze behind him.

"Mr.Sharp doesn't want you to get involved.If you know who he is, you might not be able to see Miss
Chapman anymore" said Morgan in an extremely calm tone.

Isabella instantly fell quiet at that, but she knew Morgan wasn't joking.

"Does that mean if Billie can't find my sister, he'll go for Uncle Daniel and my mother?"

Isabella thought of Dolcie's weaknesses and suddenly got worried.

If she could think of this possibility, then that man would have done the same.

"You don't have to worry about that.Mr.Sharp said Billie wouldn't go to that extent"

Morgan reassured with confidence.

However, Isabella didn't believe it.

She thought it might be better to call her parents and remind them to be extra careful during this period
of time.

What else could the man not do after trying to abort his own child? Even though Morgan wasn't sure if
Isabella believed him, at least he told her as instructed.

To be frank, he wasn't sure himself.

This was Mr.Sharp's intention, so was all he could tell Isabella.

When they reached the intersection in front of the hospital, Isabella asked Morgan to stop the car.

After saying goodbye to him, Isabella quickly got out of the car and left.

When he saw Isabella was far away, he turned around and saw a paper bag on the passenger's seat
from the corner of his eyes.

Only then did he remember it was Isabella's stuff.

It wasn't practical for him to chase after her and hand it to her, so he decided to hand it to Maxwell.

It might also create some opportunities for the two of them to make up.

Isabella asked Morgan to drop her off on the road to the back door of the hospital because if she were
to enter through the front door, she would risk being seen by colleagues and get tangled up in gossip
and rumors.

However, before Isabella got close to the hospital, she saw a fancy BMW parked at the back door of
the hospital.

Soon after, she saw her competitor—Erin Richards, get out of the car, followed by a chubby, middle-
aged man.

Before Isabella could make assumptions, she saw the middle-aged man reaching out and pinching
Erin's breasts a few times.

While Erin chuckled sheepishly, the man reached out and patted her plump bum a few times before
letting her go…