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Contract Marriage Devil's Trap Chapter 35: Forgive My Impulsiveness

Morgan accompanied Isabella to the mall to get some items for pregnant women before heading to the
place where Dolcie lived.

Although Maxwell said he didn't want to hear any news about Isabella, Morgan dutifully reported all the
details, including the things that Isabella had bought for Dolcie, and also what the brands were.

He did that in case Maxwell accused him of not reporting in detail and deducted his bonus.

It wouldn't be worth it then.

"Why does she live so far away? We're already in the suburbs."

Isabella looked at the view outside the window and asked doubtfully.

Morgan drove the car and glanced at Isabella through the rearview mirror.

There were things that he shouldn't say, but he also knew Isabella had misunderstood Maxwell up till

"Madam, do you think your sister's child is Mr.Sharp's?"

Morgan spoke slowly.

In this somewhat dull atmosphere, his voice was crisp and clear.

Isabella nodded at his question.

"Isn't the child his? He's the one who took Dolcie to abortion that day, and what he said made me
unable to deny it."

Upon hearing that, Morgan was speechless.

He had known his boss sometimes had communication issues, and now he finally lived to see it.

Being misunderstood in this kind of situation, his boss amazed him.

"If I tell you the child isn't his, will you believe me?"

Morgan asked gently, feeling a little helpless.

She raised her brows.

"You work under him, so you're on his side."

To be frank, Isabella already knew the truth.

She just didn't want to admit it.

"That child really isn't his.

As for why Miss Chapman lives in a remote place, it's because Mr.Sharp promised you that he'd
takegood care of her.If he didn't agree to your request, Miss Chapman might have been dead by now."

Morgan said with unprecedented seriousness.

Isabella was surprised by his words.

Frowning, she inquired, "What happened?"

"You should ask Miss Chapman about this personally.The child in her belly is the child of an
extraordinary person, but that person doesn't want to keep the child.He also said the child shouldn't be
born even if he had to sacrifice Miss Chapman, so you can imagine how much Mr.Sharp has done
behind the scenes in order to fulfill the promise he has made."

Morgan glanced at the rearview mirror, speaking in a rather serious and heavy tone.

Isabella never expected things to turn out this way.

What Morgan had said sounded too distant to her.

She was just a normal person living a normal life, so she had never thought there would be murders
going on around her.

Now, these things were happening to her closest people.

Maxwell, whom she resented so much, was silently helping her, which sounded surreal.

Isabella didn't completely believe in Morgan, but it wasn't like she didn't believe him at all.

At least, she believed half of it.

Just as Morgan had said, if she wanted to know more, she should ask Dolcie herself.

Seeing that Isabella fell silent, Morgan continued, "Mr.Sharp doesn't let me tell you about this even
though he has known you misunderstood him.He probably just doesn't want you to get involved, so you
won't encounter unnecessary danger."

Isabella listened to Morgan silently.

She always felt these things were so far away from her, but now it seemed they were happening right in
front of her.

Between them, there was a layer of protective barrier that Maxwell had set up.

When the car stopped, Isabella couldn't even tell where this place was.

As a native Buseraman, she felt embarrassed for not knowing where this place was.

Morgan carried the things that Isabella had bought and led Isabella into an apartment.

Isabella silently memorized the route so she wouldn't have to trouble Morgan next time.

After entering the elevator, Isabella had some inexplicable feelings in her heart.

Ever since they were young, she and Dolcie weren't close because Dolcie never liked her.

She never tried to please her sister, and she stayed in a boarding school during her teenage years,
hardly going back home during the weekend.

Therefore, she and Dolcie never really met each other.

After that, Dolcie went abroad while she moved out, so they barely saw each other in a year.

She didn't expect that they would meet again in such circumstances.

"Does she know I'm coming?" Isabella enquired.

In fact, she wasn't ready to face Dolcie.

Morgan nodded and replied, "Yes, she does.I told her in advance.’

"How is she now?"

Recalling how unstable Dolcie was last time, Isabella was a little worried.

"She's much better now.Miss Chapman knows Mr.Sharp helped her because of you, so she's very
grateful to you."

Morgan had learned everything about Isabella and knew she and Dolcie were not close.

At that time, he didn't expect that she would help Dolcie.

After all, because of Dolcie's father, she and Maxwell were tied together.

Now, they were in a mess again because of Dolcie.

He couldn't fathom what Isabella was thinking.

Hearing Morgan's words, Isabella gave him a bitter smile.

If she could, she didn't want Dolcie's gratitude at all.

Because of Dolcie's, her dignity had become worthless.

Morgan had the keys to the apartment, so he opened the door directly.

The house was spacious, but there wasn't much furniture inside, including the non-slip
carpet."Mr.Byrne, is that you?"

A middle-aged woman's voice sounded, so Isabella turned in the direction of the sound.

"Madam, this is Matilda.She's here to take care of Miss Chapman; Morgan introduced her to Isabella.

"Matilda, this is Mr.Sharp's wife."

Looking at Isabella, Matilda smiled stiffly and greeted, "Hello, Madame."

Isabella nodded in response.

"Hello, is my sister..."

"Oh...Miss Chapman has just fallen asleep.Do you need me to wake her up?"

Matilda pointed at the door that was ajar.

Just as she finished speaking, Dolcie's voice came from the room, "Who's here, Matilda?"

Isabella could hear the vigilance in her voice, and when she thought of what Morgan had told her
earlier, Isabella felt sorry for Dolcie.

Glancing at Matilda, Isabella shook her head and quickly walked towards the room where Dolcie was.

"It's me."

Dolcie, who was curled up in the corner of the bed and holding a fruit knife tightly in her hand, visibly
relaxed when she heard Isabella's voice.

Isabella noticed the knife in Dolcie's hand, and she was worried and shocked.

What kind of man could make her bold sister, who had always been brave and bold, become this


Dolcie dropped the knife in her hand and rushed to Isabella.

When Dolcie called her name, Isabella could hear the trace of innocence and dependence in her voice.

It was then that she finally felt like a real big sister.

However, seeing how anxious Dolcie was, Isabella felt something tug at her heart.

"Calm down.Be careful of your belly."

Isabella quickly walked to the bedside and put Dolcie down on the bed.

Dolcie didn't care about it.

Hugging her sister tightly, she suddenly burst into tears before Isabella could say anything.

"I'm sorry.I'm so sorry...Please forgive me for being impulsive and wayward...I'm sorry...It's all our
fault...I'm sorry for all I've done...’ Watching her spill a thread of apologies, Isabella understood the
meaning behind those words.

She was apologizing for being wayward when she was young and when she grew up, and she also
apologized on behalf of the Chapmans.

She knew all that.

Isabella's arms were hanging by her side.

She felt weak, but hearing Dolcie's apology made her heart ache.

What could she do? She had already come this far.

She couldn't go back in time with an apology.

Moreover, this was the path she had chosen herself.

How could she regret it? Slowly raising her hand, she brushed Dolcie's hair tenderly and patted her
back to comfort her.

"Alright, that's enough.Don't forget you're pregnant.It's not good for your body if you cry like this."

Isabella's voice was a little hoarse, but it was unusually gentle.

Dolcie raised her head and looked at Isabella pitifully.

"Even if our family is bankrupt, we shouldn't sacrifice you.Let me go back home with you and tell Dad
we don't need the money anymore, okay?"

Isabella could feel tears pooling in the corner of her eyes.

She always thought Dolcie's hatred towards her couldn't be erased, but what her sister said now didn't
contain any hypocrisy.

She was completely honest this time.

With these words, Isabella felt all the grievances she had suffered were worth it.

"Don't be silly.Uncle Daniel's company is finally on the right track now.Now you're also a special
case.Some things can't be easily mended when they start."

Isabella smiled gently and patted Dolcie's head.


"No buts.This is my own choice,"

Isabella interrupted without waiting for Dolcie to finish.

She knew Dolcie was trying to do this for her sake, but with Dolcie's current situation, it would become
troublesome if they lost Maxwell's protection.

From the moment she met him, she understood there were times when they couldn't protect
themselves under the influence of social power.

It would only be two years, and she believed she would be able to endure it.

"You don't have to worry about my relationship with him.What happened to you? What kind of person is
that man who got you pregnant? You have to tell me, and are you not planning to tell Uncle Daniel?"

Isabella didn't want to talk about her issues with Maxwell, so she quickly changed the topic.

Sure enough, when Dolcie heard Isabella's thread of questions, she pulled a helpless and painful

"He's someone I met in Braig, but I didn't know about his real identity at first.You know how I've been
taking part-time jobs while studying, right? I met him in a restaurant where I worked.At first, he was just
a friend, but he tried to pursue me, and I didn't accept his feeling at first.It was only after a year that I
agreed to go out with him.When we got together, he treated me very well, but he never told me who he
was.I only knew he came from a wealthy family.When I got pregnant, I thought he'd be happy, but he
never wanted this child.He wanted me to abort the child and even locked me up while we waited for the
doctors to come.I took the opportunity to escape and return home but I was caught by Maxwell's
people.He and Maxwell are acquaintances.What happened afterward was what you saw..."

Dolcie summarized it very simply, obviously not wanting to mention the past that made her suffer.

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