Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 26: Never Admit Defeat

"Do you know what time it is now?!" Maxwell's cold voice rang.

Isabella couldn't help but shiver.

As she looked toward the direction of the voice, she found Maxwell glaring at her on a couch in the hall,
his eyes fixed on her.

"I don't know!"

Perhaps due to the alcohol, she mustered up her courage and talked back to him.

When the servant, who was already worried for Isabella, saw the scene, she had a bad feeling and
wondered whether Isabella had lost her mind.

How could Isabella talk back to Maxwell? Was she trying to pick up a fight when he was obviously
angry? Meanwhile, Maxwell also didn't expect Isabella, who had always been obedient, to be so rude
to him.

In his mind, he believed she must have gotten her courage from the alcohol, or else how could she
sound so bold?

"Haven't your parents taught you that you should at least make a call when you plan to go home late?"

Maxwell looked at Isabella and his voice was piercingly cold.

As Isabella was already dizzy, she became boiling with anger upon hearing Maxwell mentioning her
weak spot.

"No, they've never taught me about this! So what? Are you teaching me a lesson now?"

Isabella said impatiently.

With this, she didn't give Maxwell a chance to react and directly walked toward the stairs.

This was Maxwell's first time to be treated in such a manner.

Since he had specially gone to pick her up in hospital today, he was exasperated after finding that she
wasn't in the hospital and didn't inform him or the mansion about it.

Most importantly, she only came back after midnight and Madam Sharp had even called him out of

If it weren't for his grandma, he wouldn't be bothered about her whereabouts.

"Stop right there."

When Isabella heard him speaking while suppressing his anger, she paused, and then continued
walking as if she hadn't heard anything.

"Are you deaf, Isabella Holland?"

Noticing Isabella's ignorance, Maxwell was furious.

At once, he stood up and walked briskly toward her, putting all the servants around in worry.

As long as Madam Sharp wasn't here, the mansion wouldn't have a peaceful day...

Of course, Isabella also heard Maxwell walking toward her angrily.

However, she couldn't hold back her fury this time and her stubbornness made her not want to do as
he said.

Since she had been living under his oppression for so long, she decided to take advantage of her
tipsiness and be rebellious today.

Just as she put her hand on the staircase handrail, Maxwell held her hand and stopped her from taking
another step.

Then, he pulled her forcefully, making her stagger and fall into his arms.

It seemed she had drunk a lot.

Although Isabella wished to push Maxwell away, her hands were held firmly on the handrail by him and
he even put one of his legs between hers.

Their posture was so intimate that the servants quickly turned their gazes away.

"Are you mute? Why didn't you answer my question?"

Maxwell lowered his head and the fierceness and coldness in his dark eyes were like an upcoming

In response, Isabella twitched her mouth and answered with a sarcastic smile, "I wish to be mute
alright, but I'm not.Anyway, I just don't want to talk to you."

"Is it fun for you to drink so much?"

Maxwell hadn't expected that Isabella would be such a headache after drinking alcohol.Meanwhile,
Isabella tilted her head and smiled foolishly.

"Hahaha...Of course it's fun.Just look at your face.You look like a grumpy old man now, hahaha."

While speaking, she wanted to touch Maxwell's face, but her hands were held, so she hit his head with
hers instead.

"Where's Tyler?"

Holding Isabella, Maxwell dragged her into the dining room.

Hurriedly, the servants went to prepare honey to relieve Isabella's hangover while Tyler followed
Maxwell into the dining room.

Soon, he walked out with a troubled expression.

"What's wrong?"

"Mr.Sharp asked me to take out all his liquor for Madam to drink..."

Tyler said in frustration as he had never expected this to be the result.

Although they were worried about Isabella's situation, no one dared to disobey Maxwell's order.

Soon, the servants brought all the expensive liquor that they could find in the mansion to the dining

At this moment, Maxwell had already forced Isabella to sit down at the table.

Then, he opened a bottle of vodka and poured it for her.

"Since you like drinking so much, continue drinking then."

Pushing the glass to her, he held her neck firmly so she wouldn't have a chance to escape.

Isabella felt uncomfortable upon smelling the pungent alcohol, let alone drinking it.

Although she was tipsy, she was still conscious and had no plan to drink the vodka.

Seeing Isabella's resistance, Maxwell picked up the glass, held her mouth, and forced her to drink it.

This choked Isabella and she coughed out most of the liquor.

However, Maxwell ignored it and continued pouring.

"Do you want me to help you? Or are you drinking it by yourself?"

Although his cold voice sounded hoarse and alluring, Isabella found it detestable.

"I'm not drinking."

Isabella pushed the glass away and her refusal was clear.

With a sneer, Maxwell looked at her and said, "The two of you, come over and hold her tight."

When the two servants who had brought the liquor in heard Maxwell's words, they were startled and
didn't know what was going on.

"What do you want to do?!"

Isabella became agitated as she was also frightened by his words.

"Since you don't want to drink it yourself, let me help you then,’ Maxwell spoke slowly, but his meaning
was very clear.

It wasn't up to Isabella to decide whether she wanted to drink the alcohol or not.

"You're crazy!"

Isabella blurted out furiously.Hearing this, Maxwell sneered coldly.

"Tsk…I'm just taking action to tell you whether you have the right to drink or not.”

With this, Maxwell glanced at the two servants.

Immediately, they put down the liquor in their hands and walked over.Seeing this, Isabella knew
Maxwell meant his words and she asked sternly, "What are you doing now?!"

"Drink up.If you don't want me to use the unconventional means."

Maxwell cast a glance at the liquor on the table and spoke slowly.

Isabella looked at him with hatred and disgust in her eyes.

Despite meeting her gaze, Maxwell didn't have any reaction as her hatred wouldn't bring any harm to

Gazing at each other silently, Isabella picked up the liquor and started drinking before Maxwell said

To be honest, she wasn't good at drinking and only drank a little during the gathering.

If she hadn't thought of plucking up her courage to face Maxwell, she wouldn't have drunk another 2
bottles of beer in the convenience store before coming back.

It turned out she was having a taste of her own medicine in the end...

As the liquor in Sharp Mansion was relatively strong, Isabella felt nauseous after taking a few sips.

Although she felt her throat on fire, she didn't want to admit defeat.

Why was she the one who admitted defeat every time? After bracing herself to finish the bottle of
vodka, she was already seeing stars when she picked up another bottle and continued drinking.

At this moment, she couldn't see Maxwell's expression and didn't know whether he was looking at her
mockingly or disdainfully.

However, it didn't matter to her because she would never admit defeat today even if she were to drink
to death here.

Watching Isabella drinking stubbornly, Maxwell was in a daze, because he had thought her
ruthlessness had disappeared along with time and her lost memory.

It was out of his expectation that he would witness it again after their fight tonight.

He knew she was a person who could treat herself ruthlessly, let alone to others.

Meanwhile, the servants couldn't bear to watch it anymore as they were worried that Isabella would be
sick if she continued.

After all, the liquor they had brought was so strong that even a man who was good at drinking couldn't
stand drinking like this.

When Tyler was thinking whether he should call Madam Sharp for help, Maxwell took the bottle away
from Isabella.

"That's enough."

His voice was low, making it impossible to gauge his emotions.

Isabella turned her gaze to Maxwell, but she couldn't see things clearly and merely followed the voice.

"Enough? I haven't finished drinking it yet..."

Isabella said softly and sounded hoarse.

The alcohol she had consumed today probably had hurt her throat, making the others feel heartache
and pitiful upon hearing her voice.

Maxwell didn't say anything and only signaled the servants to come over and clean up the mess.

As Tyler had already asked the servants to prepare some honey, he let them quickly bring it to Isabella.

Nonetheless, Isabella covered her mouth once smelling it.

Seeing this, Maxwell frowned and said, "What exactly do you want?"

" Madam going to throw up?"

One of the servants saw Isabella's reaction and spoke her guess.


Before Maxwell could say anything else, Isabella vomited.

Sitting opposite her, Maxwell didn't have time to dodge and Isabella brought up everything on him.

In an instant, the temperature in the dining room dropped to the freezing point.

As Isabella had thought, Maxwell's expression resembled a grumpy old man now.

"What are you guys still standing for? Go to the bathroom and fill the tub.The two of you come and take
care of Madam!"

Before Maxwell lost his temper, Tyler came back to his senses and gave out instructions.

Hearing this, a few servants rushed out in a hurry and another two were about to come forward to take
care of Isabella.

However, they were stopped by Maxwell.

"Don't bother.Get out."

Pulling the collar of his shirt, Maxwell fixed his cold gaze on Isabella as if he wanted to freeze her with
his gaze.

Then he left the dining room and ignored Isabella, who had slumped onto the floor.

Seeing this, the servants looked at each other helplessly until Tyler sighed and asked them to bring a
thick blanket to Isabella.

Meanwhile, Maxwell went straight upstairs and the stench on his body made him feel as if he was
reaping what he had sown.

Had he lost his mind? Even if she died of alcohol or didn't come back, it had nothing to do with him.

Why did he bring himself to such a sorry state now?"

No matter what, Maxwell didn't want to admit that he was teaching Isabella a lesson so she wouldn't
drink outside anymore.

Although he wasn't sure whether she would keep this lesson in mind, he was certain that he had
brought troubles to himself.

While walking upstairs, he could still hear Isabella bawling in the dining room.

This made him more furious.

How dared she drink outside when she was someone who easily threw a drunken fit?