Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 32: A Woman Who Stirs up Trouble

"Let me give Connie a call’ Isabella suggested.

It was awkward to wait at the same spot with Drew.

"She called me just now and said there's a traffic jam on the way.Let's wait at Mugshot Cafe” Drew
spoke before Isabella could make the call.

Hearing that, Isabella got curious, even though she wasn't one to be interested in others’ matters.

Connie and Drew rarely interacted with each other in the hospital, so since when were they so close in
private? Although she was doubtful, Isabella didn't ask him out loud.

She merely nodded and followed him to the cafe.

When Drew went to take their orders, Isabella suddenly remembered she didn't tell him what she
wanted, but when he returned, he was holding her favorite Matcha Latte.

This time, Isabella was even more puzzled.

"I forgot to ask you what you wanted, so I just got you Matcha Latte since I saw you ordering it once,’
Drew explained before she could ask.

Smiling, Isabella thanked him, "Thanks, doctor.Matcha Latte is indeed my favorite from Mugshot Cafe."

He then nodded at her appreciation, but deep down, he knew Matcha Latte was her go-to order in
Mugshot Cafe.

However, he couldn't say that out loud, so he made up an excuse.

Fortunately, she didn't press him further.

After taking the drink from his hand and thanking him, Isabella fell silent.

Sensing the awkward atmosphere, Drew initiated the conversation, "Connie should be here soon.She's
already at Berksend Road when she called me earlier."

Nodding her head in response, Isabella began to suspect the relationship between the two.

Why did Connie call Drew instead of her? She felt the relationship between Connie and Drew was
definitely out of the norm.

"Are you curious about my relationship with Connie?"

When he noticed Isabella’s thoughtful expression, Drew couldn't help but curve his lips upwards.

She frowned slightly at that, but it was unnoticeable to Drew.

He called Connie by her name, so Isabella was certain they were close, but she could tell that they
weren't seeing each other.

"You must be cousins, aren't you?"

Isabella looked at Drew and made a guess.

When he heard her, he smiled without uttering a word, so Isabella assumed she was right.

"Hey...Drew, Bella, I'm here!"

Just as Isabella was about to speak, Connie's cheerful voice rang.

"I'm so sorry.I don't know why there's a traffic jam down the road.Seems like there was a serious

Connie took the opportunity to sit next to Isabella and beg for forgiveness.

Watching Connie clasping her hands together and begging for mercy, Isabella wasn't even upset as
she chuckled, "I thought you weren't coming."

"How's that possible! It wasn't easy for me to ask you out.How can I leave you here alone?! That'd be
so wrong of me!"

Connie waved her hands and rebutted in a serious expression.

Listening to Connie's words, Drew inquired, "I haven't told Bella about our relationship yet.Care to

Connie turned to Isabella, explaining, "Sorry, Bella.My family's trying to set me up for a blind date, so I
have no choice but to tell them I'm meeting Drew.We don't talk much in the hospital because I don't
want people to think I entered the hospital through connections.That's why we didn't let everyone know
about our relationship."

Taken aback by Connie's explanation, Isabella couldn't help but wonder why Connie's family was so
anxious to arrange a blind date for her when she seemed pretty young, but since it was her family
matter, Isabella wouldn't gossip about it.

"I think you're just overthinking.Everyone knows how good you are at your job.I even heard the head
nurse praising you two days ago! So don't worry about these things,’ Isabella reassured her friend.

As for the relationship between Connie and Drew, she assumed that they were relatives, but it seemed
they were quite close.

"Hehe...I'm just trying to be humble.Now, let's go shopping!"

Connie smiled immodestly.

While Isabella nodded in agreement, Connie uttered, "But you don't mind if we have a man following us
this time, right? I'm going to Drew's house later in the afternoon, so he's gotta come with us today."

It would be awkward if Isabella were to reject her anyway, so she nodded and replied, "Sure, I don't

"Great! We have someone to carry our bags today!"

Connie looked at Drew and blinked her eyes slyly.

Only the two cousins could understand the small gestures they exchanged with each other.

When women went shopping, they went for all kinds of clothing and accessories, but never did Isabella
expect Connie to be such a big spender! It could be said Connie spent her money at almost every shop
they went to, and Drew was there to pay for her rather than to carry their bags.

Isabella knew Connie came from a wealthy family.

Some of her bags were luxury brands, and she used a different one almost every day.

Some people in the hospital mocked her, saying she brought fake products, but Isabella knew they
were all real.

Not having to worry about financial burdens, Connie wouldn't feel pressured when she shopped around
like this."Hey! I love this shop! Their clothes are pretty and one-of-a-kind! Bella, let's go in and have a

When they arrived at a rather unique clothing store, Connie was suddenly excited.

When Isabella saw the signboard, she was instantly speechless.

It was a designer store, and they only sold one piece for each design.

Even if she liked one of the outfits, she wouldn't be able to bought it if the size doesn't fit.

She also heard their clothes were ridiculously expensive.

Before Isabella could speak, Connie was already dragging her into the store.

Only when they stepped in did Isabella find it spacious inside.

"Oh, we're lucky today! They're launching new arrivals!"

Connie exclaimed happily when they entered the store and noticed the staff were sorting a pile of

After she had finished speaking, she went straight to her favorite section, leaving Isabella and Drew

Seeing her filled with excitement, Isabella couldn't help but smile.

Just as she wanted to follow her friend, she noticed Drew carrying a lot of bags through the corner of
her eyes.

Feeling bad for him, Isabella offered, "Why don't we leave the stuff in the locker first? I think Connie will
probably have to shop for a long time since this place is so big."

Drew wanted to do the same, so he took her to the locker room like a regular customer.

Seeing how familiar this place was to Drew, Isabella assumed that Connie came often.

Deep down, Drew was a little glum.

If it wasn't for this d*mn girl saying she wanted to go shopping with Isabella, he would have never gone
out with her.

She always made him carry her bags, but he wasn't a freeloader! This time, he came out with her
because of Isabella, but Connie was so oblivious.

She stuck to Isabella like glue all day, but now, she finally detached herself from the latter.

While he was thinking of a plan to spend some alone time with Isabella, she suddenly spoke, "Alright,
let's go and look for Connie."

Drew swallowed back his words and nodded with a gentle smile.

"Okay.The two of them spent a lot of effort to find Connie, who was comparing two dresses when they
found her, with a woman standing next to her.At first glance, she didn't look like a staff member, and her
expression was gloomy.

"Excuse me, are you going to buy it or not? You've been checking them for the whole day! Give it to me
if you don't want to buy it!"

Before Isabella and Drew approached, the woman blurted.

Connie wasn't one to back down.

She was always eloquent in arguments, so when the woman said so, she raised her eyebrows and
refuted, "The store doesn't have a rule that states customers aren't allowed to compare clothing, isn't

What a joke! She had only just picked up the dresses when this woman confronted her in an imposing

This was the first time she had seen such an arrogant woman.

"Hah...I guess you can't even afford it.Otherwise, you wouldn't be comparing!"

The woman scanned Connie up and down and sneered impolitely.

This was the first time Connie had heard someone say she couldn't afford clothes.

It was simply ridiculous! "Yes, that's right.I can't afford it.But am I not allowed to check them out even if
I can't afford them?"

Initially, she was going to let the dress go if that woman talked nicely to her, but now that she was being
rude, Connie was furious too.

She was not going to give the dress away to this woman! "Hurry up and give me the dress if you can't
afford it.You don't have money to pay if you taint it!"

The woman stared at Connie with contempt.

"Oh, I'm sorry.I don't want to give it to you.I want to try this dress! Come and snatch it if you can!"

Connie held the dress and waved it in front of the woman and then turned on her heels, ready to leave.

As soon as she turned around, she saw Isabella and Drew standing behind her.

Ignoring the woman who was seething in anger, Connie walked towards Isabella and handed the two
dresses to her.

"Go and try them on! I picked them for you.I think these dresses will look good on you!"

Looking at the dresses in her hand, Isabella knew Connie had quarreled with someone for one of them,
so she couldn't bear to ruin her kindness.

Just as she was about to walk to the fitting room, the woman who had argued with Connie spoke again.

"Didn't you hear me? What's the point of trying if you can't afford this dress?"

The woman walked towards Isabella and insulted her coldly.

Hearing those words, Isabella frowned slightly.

"Is there any rule or law that doesn't allow me to try on without buying? What does it have to do with
you whether I try this dress or not?"

The woman didn't expect Isabella wasn't one to be messed with neither.

Her face twisted as she turned her gaze to somewhere further away as if afraid of offending someone.

Glaring at Isabella, the woman called out, "Assistant, come here."