Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 34: Isabella's Admirer

When Hannah heard the shop assistant, she was so furious that her face turned red.

"This is my first time seeing people do business like this.Don't you even wanna earn money?"

The staff was helpless.

This was also her first time dealing with such an unreasonable customer.

"Since Miss Murray called out a price, I'll go with one hundred thousand."

Drew smiled and raised the price nonchalantly.

Hannah hadn't seen they would bid at such a high price, and she was instantly upset, like having
swallowed a fly.

It was twice the price of hers, and although she wasn't short of money, the dress wasn't worth that

However, she wasn't going to give up, because it seemed she would lose to them if she couldn't bid at
a higher price.

"What's your relationship with her?! She's the one buying, not you! Who are you to bid for her!"

Hannah found a way to direct her words at Isabella.

"I'll pay fifty thousand.Are you going to buy it or not? If you can't afford it, then hurry up and take it
off.Don't wear it for so long without buying it!"

Isabella was already shocked by Drew's bid.

Now that she heard what Hannah said, she knew the young lady was targeting her.

She wasn't a spendthrift, and fifty thousand was already not a small number for her.

How could she bid a higher price? "I'm not buying it.Since you're willing to pay fifty thousand, then I'll
give you this dress,"

Isabella uttered indifferently.

"Hmph! I know you can't afford it just by your looks!"

Hannah snorted proudly.

"Bella, ignore her.We're buying this dress.My cousin will pay for it."

Turning to Hannah, Connie fumed, "Is one hundred grand a big deal for you? If you want it, then bid a
higher price!"

She stopped Isabella from going back into the fitting room and challenged Hannah.

Hannah disliked Connie.

It was this little vixen who had played tricks with her at the beginning.

Now her boast about her wealth made Hannah feel raw anger shooting through.

"Why do you pay for her?! Who is she to you!"

When Hannah saw Isabella couldn't afford it, she purposely tried to bully her.

By doing this, she thought it would save her pride, but she wasn't aware of how ridiculous she looked in
the eyes of others.

"Who she is to me has nothing to do with you.What's wrong if I want to pay? I'm rich and I'm willing!"

Connie gave up on being nice to Hannah.

Sensing that there was a possible fight coming between the two, the staff who left earlier came back

"Miss, our boss said this dress looks best on you, so she decided to give it to you, informed the staff
enthusiastically as she completely ignored Hannah.

Isabella was confused.

"Your boss?"

"Yes, our boss just came and coincidentally saw you in this dress.She said you look stunning in
it.Please don't refuse our boss' offer.She said she'd like to meet you again if there's a chance.’ The staff
nodded and answered in a serious tone.

Just as Isabella was about to refuse, Connie beat her to it, "Bella, this is a common gesture for the
store owner.If she sees someone who can pull off her design, she will give it to them as a gift, so don't
you decline and break the rules here!"

The assistant nodded in agreement.

"What the hell is going on?! You're giving it for free to a person who cant afford it instead of me, who
offered to pay?!"

Hannah glared at Isabella and scowled.

The staff immediately pulled a dark face.

Turning to Hannah, she repeated, "I'm very sorry, Miss Murray.We can't sell this dress to you no matter
how much you're willing to pay.We don't welcome people like you who stir up trouble and disrespect

others.Apologies that we can't serve you anymore."

"What did you say?! Say it again!"

Hannah pointed at the saleswoman and fumed.

"I'm just passing my boss' words.Your father respects our boss, but if you continue to pester our
customers, I'm afraid we won't even be able to treat you nicely in the future."

Because of her boss' instructions, the saleswoman was very confident in her words.

Hearing that, Hannah finally intended to back down since the store owner had wide connections.

It wouldn't do her any good if she offended her.

"Humph! I'm not coming back ever again! I can't believe I wasted so much money here!"

Hannah snorted coldly and raised her head to make herself look less pathetic.

The staff finally smiled without uttering another word.

She had it enough with this unreasonable woman.

"Miss, please come with me.We need to amend a few more details on this dress."

The staff walked towards Isabella and said politely.

Before she could speak, Isabella was dragged away by Connie.

Glancing at Maxwell, Hannah uttered, "Let's go, Mr.Sharp.We should leave this stupid place.Sorry for
making you wait."

"You can leave first."

Maxwell pulled his arm out of Hannah's embrace and uttered coldly.

Her eyes instantly widened in shock at his response.

"What do you mean?"

"Literally what I mean.I finally got to see how Steven Murray's precious daughter is like in real life.Do
you think I wasted an afternoon with you just to see you make a fool of yourself?"

Opening his thin lips, he gave her a glance while speaking in an icy cold tone.

Being humiliated by Maxwell, Hannah didn't know what else to say.

She would refute anyone who said mean things to her, but Maxwell was an exception.

Her father had already warned her that she could provoke anyone in Buserama but Maxwell.

She wasn't a person who didn't know her limit.

"Sorry for making you lose your face.I'm really sorry!"

Hannah then held back her tears and left.

She was definitely going to get her revenge on the two b*tches! After Hannah left, Drew looked at
Maxwell and commented with a smirk, "Oh, so she wasn't your wife."

In response, Maxwell gave him a wicked smile and said, "You amaze me.Are you willing to pay so
much just to put a smile on a beauty's face?"

Drew didn't deny his statement, "I don't mind how much it costs as long as she's happy."

The smile was still plastered on Maxwell's face, but no matter how one looked at it, the smile was eerie,
but Drew didn't seem to have noticed.

"You must be an affectionate person."

Drew smiled in reply, "I'd also like to see how you and your wife were like if I get the chance’’ "You will
soon, but you might regret your decision when the time comes."

Maxwell smiled evilly.

Without waiting for Drew to digest what he had said, he spoke again, "I'll be taking my leave first."

His dark orbs unconsciously glanced in Isabella's direction before he turned to leave.

At the same time, Drew was wondering why Maxwell could say so with such confidence.

Not long after Maxwell left, Isabella and Connie came out with the dress that had been tailored.

Looking around, Isabella sighed a breath of relief when she didn't see Maxwell.

Fortunately, he didn't find her trouble today.

Just as she was about to leave, Isabella received a call from Morgan.

"Madam, I'm at Harbinger Plaza.Can I come and pick you up now?"

Looking at the time, Isabella realized there was still an hour to go before the appointed time with

She didn't know why he suddenly came.

"Okay, I'll be coming now.You might have to wait for me for about fifteen minutes."

Isabella didn't give it a second thought since it was about time to leave.

After hanging up the phone, Isabella turned to Connie and said, "I'm going to see my sister today.She's
been feeling unwell for the past two days, so I gotta go check up on her.I'll treat you guys to a meal
next time!"

Nodding her head in understanding, Connie replied, "Okay, go now.Your family's more important."

"Connie's right.You should head back.’ Although Drew had regret today, he was satisfied to see a
different side of Isabella.

Isabella nodded.

After saying goodbye to the two of them, she rushed to Harbinger Plaza, on which Morgan immediately
made a call to Maxwell after hanging up on Isabella's call, "Mr.Sharp, Madam didn't doubt.She's
coming to meet me soon."

Maxwell said something on the other side of the line.

After hanging up the phone, Morgan couldn't help but rant in his heart.

His boss was definitely one to exaggerate and overthink.

Never did he expect a call in the middle of his rest.

When Morgan had thought it was something important, it turned out Maxwell just asked him to pick
Isabella up.

When he explained they were supposed to meet later, he was scolded.

Now his boss told him he didn't have to report this kind of thing to him.

What exactly did he want? People said women were unpredictable, but it seemed his boss was the
unpredictable one! Isabella was still a little breathless because she rushed over when she met Morgan.

"Madam, over here."

Drew honked the car to grab Isabella's attention.

She then quickly walked towards him.

"Take me to the mall on Berksend Road first.I have to get something for Dolcie."

Isabella opened the car door and told Morgan.

Morgan nodded in response.

After Isabella got in the car, he closed the door for her.

When the car drove off, Isabella winded the window up, but she missed Drew who followed behind her.

Drew and Connie were supposed to leave after her, but Drew decided to see Isabella off and leave
Connie to shop alone.

However, Isabella's pace was too fast for him to catch up.

In the end, he saw her leave with a man before he could call out her name.

Although the man with glasses was a little far away, he seemed familiar.

There were rumors going around in the hospital about Isabella, but Drew never believed in them.

Isabella was capable of her job and he was certain of that.

However, now that he saw her getting into another man's car, Drew felt a little uncomfortable seeing
that her relationship with that man seemed rather close.

Moreover, that car would cost at least three million…