Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 33: Just You Wait

One of the store staff, who was in the middle of her work in hand, came over quickly after hearing the
woman's call, "What's the matter, Miss Murray?"

"I want the dress in her hand."

The woman pointed at the dress in Isabella's hand and demanded.

With a helpless expression, the staff apologized, "Sorry, Miss Murray.You know the rules of our
store.We sell clothes on a first come first served basis."

Upon hearing that, the woman was even more furious.

"What is wrong with you people? I've bought so many clothes here, so I should be your VIP customer
by now! Can't I use my authority?!"

The staff was even more awkward now because there was no such thing as a ranking system in their

"Pfft...I didn't even know the store had VIP service! If you're considered a VIP I'm pretty sure I'd be the
supreme VIP of this shop!"

Connie didn't want to make a huge scene initially, but this woman was so unbearable that it made her
fly into a rage.

When the woman heard Connie's words, she couldn't help but laugh in a mocking tone, "Hahaha...How
dare you exaggerate when you can't even afford the clothes!"

Turning to the staff, the woman chided, "Listen up! There's no need to let people who can't afford your
clothes in here.They're affecting our shopping experience!"

The staff no longer wore a smile when she heard the woman's ridiculous comment.

"I'm sorry, Miss Murray, but Miss Connie is indeed a more regular customer."

Blinking her eyes at Isabella, Connie urged, "Now go and try the clothes.Don't worry about us."

Drew gave her a light smile and nodded, reassuring Isabella that Connie wouldn't get bullied when he
was here.

Just as Isabella walked towards the fitting room, a cold and deep voice sounded.

"What happened?"

Isabella's body instantly quivered at the sound.

Why did it sound so familiar? However, a person of high status like him wouldn't have come shopping
with a woman.

Believing that she misheard it, Isabella quickly entered the fitting room.

The woman who turned scarlet felt utterly embarrassed by the trick Connie played on her.

Connie could clearly afford the clothes, but she pretended she couldn't and argued with her.

The woman was furious, but she was still in the midst of thinking of a good rebuttal.

When she heard the cold voice, she suddenly became excited.


Watching the tall man walking over, the woman glared at Connie and challenged proudly, "Just you

Connie merely shot her a disdainful look.

While he sauntered over to them in a graceful way, his cold and arrogant appearance intimidated
anyone who was near.

Walking towards him happily, the woman linked her arm with his.

"Mr.Sharp, I saw a dress I like, but this woman won't let me have it when she isn't going to buy it.I'm
sorry for keeping you waiting."

Scanning the man who was walking towards her, Connie couldn't help but be amazed.

He had an extremely handsome and charming face, yet his cold aura couldn't be missed.

His intimidating stance forced people to stray away from him.

His partner would be a lucky one to be liked by him.

But if it wasn't the person he liked, then it would be a disaster to be with someone like him...

This kind of man could only be viewed from afar and not to be trifled with.

It was better for her to admire him from afar.

"Long time no see, Mr.Sharp."

The one who spoke first was Drew.

He was also a little surprised to see the man there.

Never did he expect the young CEO, who was rumored to be married, would actually be with such an
unruly woman.

Drew couldn't agree with his choice.

He recalled Maxwell used to be with an elegant and outstanding young lady in the past.

It was impossible for him to have such a terrible taste in women.

The person who came was indeed Maxwell Sharp.

He was attending a private dinner today, but he didn't expect the other party to bring his daughter

This woman pestered him all day, but he didn't reject her invitation to spend time with her since he was
frustrated with Isabella.

However, he didn't expect to be dragged to this kind of place.

What he couldn't stand the most was to make him tag along for such a small matter as shopping.

"Oh, hello, Doctor Ross.Long time no see."

Maxwell greeted Drew with his eyebrows raised, his crisp voice alluring.

"I didn't expect you to be shopping here,’ Drew exclaimed in amusement.

Maxwell smiled but didn't say anything else.

He glanced at Connie, who was beside Drew, and asked, "Is she your girlfriend?"

"This is my cousin,’ Drew answered with a smile.

Since they didn't look alike at all, people would always misunderstand their relationship.

"This is Mr.Steven Murray's daughter, Hannah Murray."

Rarely, Maxwell also made an introduction.

Drew knew who Steven Murray was.

He was a private detective and was renowned throughout this country.

But why did Maxwell have contact with such a person? Hearing Maxwell introducing her to them,
Hannah proudly raised her head.

"Oh, so you're Mr.Murray's daughter.Nice to meet you, but I'm sorry to say I can't give you the dress."

Drew looked at Hannah and spoke slowly.Although he didn't want to offend Maxwell, he also agreed
that the dress would suit Isabella the best.

No one would look better in it other than her.

Therefore, he didn't want anyone except Isabella to wear it.

When Hannah heard Drew's words, her pleased face suddenly became rigid.


She clung onto Maxwell's arm and swung it up and down, showing him an annoying pout.

Connie immediately cringed hard at the woman's annoying voice, but before she could say anything,
the door to the fitting room opened.

When she saw Isabella coming out of the room, Connie's eyes were filled with amazement, and so did

Maxwell had his back to the fitting room, so he only saw the stunned expressions on their faces.

Although he was curious, he didn't intend to turn around.

"Bella! I told you this dress would suit you!"

He heard Connie exclaiming in excitement.

Unless someone had the same name, Maxwell was certain that she was the woman he knew of.

"Really? Thanks, Connie."

The soft and gentle voice wasn't as cold and dull as when she was with him.

It was more lively and tender, which he couldn't have imagined.

It was like a gauze diffusing through the tip of his heart.

Connie ran past him like a gush of wind.

It was at the same time that he turned around to see the woman that came out of the fitting room.

It was indeed Isabella, who had troubled him over the past few days.

She probably hadn't noticed him yet, because the corners of her eyes were curved into crescent
moons, and she looked absolutely gentle under the bright lights.

It was a look that had never appeared when she was with him.

She was gorgeous at that moment.

The white meshed dress looked so noble and sacred on her.

However, her innocence in his eyes turned into an alluring view, carrying the air of a white lily and the
charm of a nymph.

Sensing an intense gaze upon her, Isabella raised her head and met the flaming gaze that seemed to
set her on fire.

Was that really Maxwell?! How could he be here?! Her thoughts were answered when she saw the
arrogant woman holding his arm.

Instantly, Isabella became extremely nervous.

She didn't know whether or not Maxwell would initiate a conversation with her, or should she do the
talking first.

She went completely rigid at his sudden appearance.

"Drew, what do you think about the dress on her? How's my taste?"

Connie didn't notice Isabella's abnormal behavior and happily pulled her friend to Drew.

With a gentle smile, Drew praised, "Absolutely beautiful.Stunning, even."

Hearing Drew's praise, Isabella could feel the terrifying coldness emanating from a meter away, as if it
was going to freeze her to death.

"Thank you."

Isabella ignored that feeling as much as possible and replied to Drew with a smile.

Since Maxwell didn't speak to her, she would just pretend she didn't know him.

"But there's something lacking."

Drew placed one hand under his chin as he gazed at Isabella.

Without waiting for Isabella to respond, Drew called the staff over and said a few words.

The staff understood and quickly left.

Not long after, she came back with a ribbon in hand and was about to tie Isabella's hair but Drew took
the comb and ribbon from her.

Isabella was about to refuse when Connie tugged at Bella, saying, "Drew never does my hair even
when we're kids!"

Her anxiety immediately rose upon hearing that.

She could feel the fiery gaze had completely turn into an icy cold one, as if it was ready to pierce into
her heart and give her a fatal blow.

However, Drew didn't seem to notice and gathered Isabella's hair and tie it up with the ribbon.

"When I saw this hairband just now, I thought it'd suit you, and it does."

Drew marveled at his masterpiece.

Even the staff next to him started echoing him.

They were delighted that this dress finally met the right owner, which was what they had always been
looking forward to seeing.

"Humph! I like this dress too! I'll pay fifty thousand for it!"

Hannah, who had been silent all this time, was also amazed by Isabella's beauty, but jealousy took the
upper hand.

Isabella had expected this woman to be so crazy over a piece of clothing.

When she was in the fitting room just now, she saw the dress was priced at four thousand, but this
woman was willing to pay more than ten times for it! No matter how much she liked the dress, Isabella
wouldn't bid at such a high price.

At the same time, the staff also had known Hannah would be so difficult to deal with, but she couldn't
break the rules of their store.

Looking at Hannah regretfully, she apologized, "Miss Murray, our boss said we won't make our
customers pay for the clothes if the clothes found their rightful owner.I am very grateful that you like our
designs, but this dress looks the best on this lady here."