Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 30: She Wants To Kill You

Nobody knew what had happened upstairs, so the servants were terrified and nervous upon seeing
Maxwell coming down with a gloomy expression.

Among them, only Tyler was observant enough to notice Maxwell's bleeding neck.

Shocked, he shouted, "Mr.Sharp, your neck is bleeding!"

Hearing this, Maxwell finally reached out and touched his neck.

Startled, he then replied indifferently, "It's okay."

As the collar of his white shirt was already dyed red by the blood, it didn't look okay to Tyler.

"I'll call Doctor Bradley now, Mr.Sharp,’ Tyler said seriously and went to make a call before waiting for
Maxwell's response.

Although the servants had no right to comment about Maxwell's decisions, they wouldn't compromise
when it came to his health.

After all, Maxwell was the only heir in the Sharp family now.

It could be said the other relatives didn't matter as much as him.

In addition, Maxwell had AB negative blood, which was extremely rare.

Hence, how would he be fine after losing so much blood? If something happened to him, it would be a

As Maxwell knew his body well too, he didn't stop Tyler.

When the servants saw what happened to Maxwell, they knew he and Isabella must have not
reconciled, instead, they'd gotten into a big fight.

Seemingly, the situation was quite serious because Isabella had always been a kind and gentle person.

Otherwise, what would make her so violent? Thinking of this, the servants were worried about both
Maxwell and Isabella.

Soon, Tyler went back hurriedly.

"Madam Sharp wishes to have a video call with you, Mr.Sharp..."

"Tell her that Isabella and I have gone out.’ Maxwell frowned and said coldly.

Although he was somewhat appalled by the idea of lying to his grandmother, he had no other choice

He knew her wishes and why she liked Isabella so much, but a relationship wasn't something that
could be built individually.

Not bearing to make Madam Sharp sad, he could only lie to her.

Tyler nodded and quickly went to reply to Madam Sharp.

Meanwhile, the servants didn't dare to stay put and hurriedly cleaned Maxwell's wound.

After disinfecting it, they waited for Val to come.

It only took Val ten minutes to arrive at Sharp Mansion, because Tyler sounded nervous in the call
while telling him that Maxwell was seriously bleeding.

Val had thought Maxwell had been shot, but little did he know he would see Maxwell sitting indifferently
in the hall.

At once, he knew Tyler had made a fuss.

"Hurry up and take a look at Mr.Sharp, Doctor Bradley.Mr.Sharp has lost a lot of blood and we've
disinfected the wound as you instructed."

Tyler looked at Maxwell's wound anxiously.

Quickly, Val walked to Maxwell's side and checked his wound after putting his briefcase down.

At this moment, all servants had been sent out, leaving Val, Maxwell, and Tyler in the hall.

"What happened to you? I thought you were shot when I heard Tyler's panicked voice."

Looking at Maxwell's wound, Val was trying his best to hold back his chuckle.

It was out of his expectation that he had to treat Maxwell's wound someday because he was bitten by

"Well...From the teeth marks, it should be a woman.Don't you have no interest in women? What

To Val, Maxwell's coldness meant nothing and he continued ridiculing him.

"Don't you find yourself a bit too nosy?"

Maxwell cast a cold glance at Val, with a storm brewing in his dark eyes.

Seeing this, Val pursed his lips and asked Tyler, "Tell me what happened, Tyler.Was Mr.Sharp bitten by
someone? He had lost a lot of blood."

Hearing this, Tyler was embarrassed too.

As he had been working for the Sharps for decades and watched Maxwell grow up, he didn't dare to
neglect anything related to him.

"Just go and do your things, Tyler’ Maxwell said slowly, helping Tyler out.With a nod, Tyler left
quickly.Now that there were only Val and Maxwell in the hall, Val put up a serious expression and
asked, "What happened?"

"Nothing.Just bitten by a wild cat,’ Maxwell answered calmly as if he didn't care.

Val arched his brow.

"What a fierce cat it is? If she bit you harder, your blood vessels would be broken and you would be
dead now! From your wound, I believe she aimed to your death!"

Surprise flashed across Maxwell's eyes.

Even though he had known it, he had a feeling that he himself could not explain after hearing it again
from other people.

"If I die, she can't live any longer too."

When Val heard this, he couldn't help but frown.

"Aren't you stating a fact? You should be careful, but who is it? Do you need me to deal with her?"

Shaking his head, Maxwell replied, "It's okay.She only did this in the hope of dying together with me.It
won't happen again.’

Based on his understanding of Isabella, he knew he had put her into despair this time, making her have
this idea.

However, he believed she would come back to her senses after calming down.

If something bad truly happened to him, her death wouldn't be enough to offset the anger of his

Besides, he actually could break away from Isabella if he wanted at that time.

He just wished to see whether she could truly be ruthless.

Hence, the result wasn't too bad.

This stunned Val.

What exactly had Maxwell done to that woman?

"Is she the woman Madam Sharp likes?"

He knew about Maxwell's marriage with an unknown woman.

At first, he thought it was just a joke.

However, he could feel there was indeed a woman staying in the mansion now and she seemed to be
in a good relationship with the servants.

Just now, a maid even came and asked him what medicine was good for relieving headaches.

As Maxwell didn't say anything, it could be considered a tacit agreement.

This somewhat horrified Val because it was bizarre to see Maxwell, a domineering man, willingly
submit to Madam Sharp.

"Hey, have you forgotten your girl in America?"

Val looked at the quiet Maxwell in surprise.Maxwell's eyes turned colder upon hearing this.

"Alyssa has nothing to do with me."

"I don't think she has the same opinion."

Val shrugged and felt helpless.

It was obvious that he didn't have a good impression of Alyssa Brown.

"You've cleaned my wound, so leave now.’ Maxwell didn't want to continue the topic and said coldly.

"Hey! How can you be so heartless? I ignored the speed limit and rushed all the way here, but you
haven't even treated me to a cup of tea!"

Val pretended to be pitiful and complained.

Without a word, Maxwell fixed his dark gaze on Val.

This made Val admit defeat at once.

"Keep your wound away from water, or it'll be troublesome once it's inflamed.Your precious body gives
me a headache.Oh right, remember to spare some time for your annual body checkup."

Val tidied up his things and told Maxwell.

Nodding, Maxwell said thoughtfully, "Make the arrangement then.I'll bring her with me.It would be great
if you can examine her fertility rate."

Maxwell's words surprised Val so much that his eyes almost popped out.

Then, he thought of something and felt relieved.

"For this, you have to be present too.I'll make the arrangements first.I'll inform Morgan once it's done."

Val picked up his things and was ready to leave.

Nodding at him, Maxwell fell into deep thought again.

Seeing this, Val started getting curious about Isabella, the woman who had made Maxwell so tolerant.

After telling Tyler, who had been waiting outside, how to take care of Maxwell's wound, Val couldn't
help but gossip, "How does your madam look like, Tyler? What does she do?"

"Madam is a doctor too, Doctor Bradley” Tyler replied with a profound expression.

Hearing this, Val had a look of knowing.

No wonder Maxwell's wound was in such a critical part.

Just as he wanted to ask more, Maxwell called Tyler and the latter did not dare delay.

He arranged for someone to send Val out and rushed into the hall.

When Isabella went downstairs to the hall, Maxwell was no longer in the mansion.

He had left after talking with Tyler.

Upon seeing Isabella, the servants had complicated expressions.

"Do you wish to have dinner now, Madam? We've warmed it up."

Tyler was the first to speak.Isabella looked scary now.

Dark circles, a pale face and no expression.

When she heard Tyler's question, she looked around and heard Tyler's voice again before she could
ask anything, "Mr.Sharp has gone, Madam."

In response, Isabella nodded and then shook her head.

"I'm not hungry.Don't bother.I'm just here for some water.’ This made Tyler worry about Isabella.

Only until now that he noticed how thin Isabella was, or rather, skinny.

However, Isabella didn't give Tyler a chance to speak and walked slowly to the kitchen.

After getting a glass of water, she went back upstairs.

Seeing her state, Tyler sighed helplessly.

Would Maxwell and Isabella ever be in a good relationship? For now, they were only torturing each

This made Tyler doubt Madam Sharp's decision.

Of course, nobody was able to give Tyler an answer.

In the next few days, Isabella left the mansion before Maxwell got up and already fell asleep when
Maxwell was back from work.

Hence, they hadn't met each other for days.

Isabella even felt she had returned to her old life.

"Bella? Bella!"

The loud voice next to her ear scared Isabella back to her senses.

"Hmm? Were you talking to me, Connie?"

Isabella looked at the nurse beside her and asked in confusion.

"What's wrong with you these days, Bella? You seem to be very distracted.This is a dangerous state."

The nurse, Connie Moss, looked at Isabella worriedly and asked.