Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 31: Closest Strangers

"Hmph! From her looks, she must be afraid of losing to Erin! That does make sense, though, since
Erin's so capable! She'll definitely get to become Doctor Ross’ assistant."

An arrogant voice rang.

Before Isabella could speak, the nurse beside them, Connie, defended her.

"What does that have to do with you, Skyler? If you have the time to gossip, why not get your report
done before the head nurse comes and gives you an earful!"

Seeing Connie standing up for Isabella, Skyler Mitchell huffed angrily, "Have you been bribed by
Isabella? How capable do you think those who get into the hospital with connections are? She doesn't
even let others speak about it.Who knows what kind of improper means she used!"

Hearing those insulting words, Connis became so furious that her face turned red.

Just as she wanted to refute, Isabella stopped her.

"You speak as if you know the truth.Did you see me use my connections? If you could focus on your
work, you wouldn't have to write a report now.I'm capable.That's why I can compete for the assistant
position, while you're just a nurse trainee."

Isabella glanced at Skyler and rebutted plainly.

Though her voice was pleasant to the ear, it could easily anger a person.

Furious, Skyler pointed at Isabella and was about to lash out at her, but suddenly, the head nurse's
loud voice rang.

Answering the head nurse in an irritated tone, Skyler turned back to glare at Isabella.

"You better watch out! Don't let me dig out your dirt, or I'll be sure to ruin you!"

"Oh? I'll wait and see, then."

Isabella raised her eyebrows, eyes full of disdain.

After Skyler stomped away, Connie was already laughing so hard that she couldn't stand straight.

"Bella, you're amazing! I didn't know you were so good in confrontation!"

Connie looked at Isabella with admiration and praised her.

Shaking her head, Isabella explained, "If she hadn't gone too far, I wouldn't have argued with her."

Connie knew Isabella's personality and agreed, "Right, but I don't think you need to give in to her.She
always tries to mess with you! She's just jealous that Doctor Ross treats you well.She's the type of
person who doesn't have the capability yet likes to stir things up.She couldn't be more annoying!"

"Just pretend you didn't hear it when she says something bad about me again.Don't argue with her.The
more you argue with her, the worse she becomes, and I don't want you to become enemies with others
because of me;’ Isabella reminded the nurse in a soft tone.

Connie was a nice young lady.

If Skyler hated Connie because of her, she would blame herself.

Hearing that, Connie pretended to be angry, "I'll get upset if you say things like this again! Aren't we
good friends? How can I just watch my good friend get bullied and not say anything?"

Instantly, Isabella felt warmth in her heart.

She was used to being alone and independent, so others only saw her as a strong woman, and only a
few people would care about her so much.

It would be a lie if she said she wasn't moved by Connie's words.

"Thanks, Connie."

Isabella looked at Connie seriously and thanked her with a sincere heart.

Smiling, Connie replied, "If you want to thank me, go shopping with me tomorrow! You always say
you're busy when I ask you out.Don't tell me you're going to reject me again this time."

Watching Connie's cheeky expression, Isabella smiled helplessly.

"Okay, I'll sacrifice my precious time then.

"Okay! Let's meet at Mugshot Cafe in Harbinger Garden tomorrow at 1 p.m.then!"

Connie clapped happily.

Isabella nodded in agreement and said, "Okay, see you then.I have to get back to work now."

"Good luck! I know you can do it! The position of Doctor Ross' assistant will be yours! Don't lose to

Connie looked at Isabella and gave her some words of encouragement, her eyes full of trust and
support for Isabella.

"Okay, I won't!"

Isabella raised her eyebrows and smiled in response.

The gloomy feeling in her heart these days had dissipated because of Connie's kindness.

After work, Connie came over again to remind Isabella of the meeting time before leaving happily.

"You're finally in a better mood today; Drew commented as he watched Isabella packing up and
preparing to get off work.

When Isabella heard him, she responded helplessly, "Stop teasing me, doctor.I've always been in a
good mood."

Drew shook his head and gazed deeply at Isabella.

"Have a good rest tomorrow.You've been worrying about other things a lot lately and you're always
absent-minded.Don't deny that."

His words made Isabella speechless.

She always thought she could control her emotions and leave them out of work, but It seemed she
failed to do so.

Thinking of that, Isabella felt ashamed.

"Bella, feel free to tell me if you have problems.I'll help you if I can."

Noticing Isabella's dejection, Drew hesitated but still offered after thinking for a moment.

Drew's words brought Isabella back to her senses.

She then nodded, "Thanks, Doctor Ross.Don't worry, I'll Keep my mentality in check so I won't zone out
next time."

With a nod, Drew said nothing more.

Isabella always had a distant look under any circumstance, even when she was rejecting someone.

When she went back to Sharp Mansion, Maxwell wasn't there, as expected.

Although she couldn't tell why she would feel a sense of relief, she knew peaceful days like these
wouldn't last too long.

After all, this was Maxwell's home.

They would always see each other.

How could she pretend she didn't know about him? After thinking for a while, Isabella called Morgan to
check on Dolcie's situation, and then she asked Morgan to pick her up the next day to pay her sister a

No matter what had happened between them, she had to meet Dolcie first so she would have a boost
of confidence when confronting Maxwell.

Isabella went upstairs after dinner.

Just when she arrived on the second floor, car lights could be seen in the garden outside the mansion.

It meant Maxwell was back.

This was something she was sure of.

She couldn't help but feel glad that she had gone up the stairs before he came back.

Otherwise, they would have met when she wasn't ready to talk to him at all.

At the same time, Maxwell pinched his forehead wearily and spoke, "You don't have to come over

When Morgan heard Maxwell's words, he was stunned.

Was Maxwell giving him an off day? "What about you?"

Morgan didn't finish his sentence, but Maxwell knew what he meant.

"I have an appointment with Steven Murray tomorrow.Do you want to come?"

Maxwell questioned.

In response, Morgan shook his head fervently.

"No, no, I'm good.I won't tag along.

Madam will see Miss Chapman tomorrow.

I originally planned to get someone to accompany her, but if you don't need me tomorrow, I will go with

Maxwell frowned and looked at Morgan.

"Madam called me when you weren't there” Morgan quickly explained, afraid that Maxwell would

Maxwell nodded lightly.

Just then, the butler rushed over and opened the door for him.

"Sir, welcome home."

Tyler informed him that Isabella had returned, as well as what she had for dinner and how much she
had eaten.

"You don't have to report to me about her anymore, Tyler.’ Upset, Maxwell interrupted Tyler before he
could finish speaking.

Taken aback by Maxwell's order, Tyler nodded his head and took a mental note of it.

When Maxwell went upstairs and saw the light in Isabella's room was still on, he merely passed by it
without stopping.

Isabella's room was soundproof, so she couldn't hear any sound from the outside as she looked
nervously in the direction of the door.

Although she had already locked it, she was still anxious and worried.

The next morning, when she got up, Maxwell had already gone out.

"Good morning, Madam,’ Kyra greeted her energetically.

Isabella nodded but couldn't see Maxwell anywhere.

"Madam, are you looking for Mr.Sharp? He went out already,’ Kyra looked at Isabella cheekily and

Isabella nodded awkwardly.

She just didn't want to be awkward around him, but it seemed Kyra misunderstood the situation.

After breakfast, Isabella went upstairs to read a book before getting ready to go out.

When Tyler heard she was going out shopping, he immediately sent a driver to send her to Harbinger
Plaza, and Isabella accepted his offer.

When she arrived at the agreed location, Connie had not arrived yet.

While waiting in boredom, Isabella noticed the square was pretty crowded.

Just as she thought she had been stood up, Isabella heard someone calling her name from afar.


Isabella followed the voice and saw Drew standing on the opposite side of the road, waving at her.

Never did she expect to meet Drew here.

Although Isabella was puzzled, she waved a hand back at him and ran across the road when the traffic
lights turned green.

"Doctor Ross, are you here to shop?"

Isabella asked doubtfully.

He seemed to be alone.

Drew shook his head and replied, "Someone asked me out."

Hearing Drew's words, Isabella nodded and exclaimed, "What a coincidence! I was also invited by
someone.You should know about her, Connie from the nurses’ department."

"Oh, then it is a coincidence! Connie was the one who invited me too” Drew uttered in amusement.

Unlike the focused and serious woman at work, Isabella looked completely different right now.

She wore light makeup and a white dress, which accentuated her beautiful figure.

Her hair wasn't tied up like usual, which let her look like a sweet young lady.

Drew was surprised to find the feminine side of hers.

At that moment, Isabella didn't notice how Drew was looking at her intently.

Instead, she was shocked by what he said.

Connie definitely didn't tell her she would invite Drew yesterday.

Now that her friend didn't show up, Isabella instantly felt awkward standing next to Drew.