Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 29: I Will Kill You and Then Kill Myself

"Are you sure you aren't seducing me now?"

Maxwell's voice echoed in Isabella's ears, his voice hoarse and attractive.Isabella felt a chill on her

Looking down, she became so embarrassed that she wished to dig a hole for herself.

She had completely forgotten that she wasn't wearing her pajamas now.

With Maxwell's reminder, everything that had happened last night flashed through her mind and the
memory was so vivid that she couldn't help but blush.

Moreover, she was only wearing a white shirt, which belonged to Maxwell.

Fortunately, he was much taller than her, so his shirt managed to cover her upper thighs.

Yet, her exposed legs indeed looked alluring.

Therefore, in Maxwell's eyes, this scene was undoubtedly a seduction.

Since he was already aroused when he saw her just now, he was fighting hard not to conform to his
desire now.

Although he was a man with high self-control, he couldn't help but clench his fists.

In the past, any seduction was nothing to him and he wouldn't be affected at all.

However, he found Isabella's actions the most enchanting because she didn't do it on purpose.

Even though he told himself he needed to behave, his body reacted oppositely.

Slowly, he couldn't stop himself from walking toward her.

Meanwhile, Isabella was anxiously searching for clothes and didn't notice Maxwell approaching.

When she finally found the dress she left in the room and wanted to change into it, she was hugged
from behind.

With his body pressed against her back, she could feel his unusually high temperature as if he couldn't
wait to be intimate with her.

At once, she trembled violently.

In her heart, she almost cursed and wondered whether there would be a day when Maxwell was no
longer insatiable.

While Isabella was in a daze, Maxwell was slowly moving his hands up from her belly.

Feeling this, she struggled and fiercely shook off his hands.

"I'm not seducing you, and I'm not interested to have sex with you."

Isabella turned to look at Maxwell with obvious disgust in her eyes.

Under this kind of gaze, Maxwell snapped out of his infatuation and knew being with him was
something she had never wanted.

However, he couldn't hold back from hurting her upon meeting her disgusted gaze.

Saying harsh and hostile words to her might be better.

"I thought you enjoyed it very much.It was you who climbed into my bed last night."

Maxwell looked at Isabella coldly.

From the moment she broke free, the desire in his eyes had completely disappeared.

Hearing this, Isabella was exasperated.

Although it was true that she was the one who got into the bed, she did it when she was drunk and this
was where she had once slept ever since she moved in.

"Don't you know why I slept here?"

Isabella said coldly and believed Maxwell was the one who was responsible.

"Of course I know.It's understandable for you, a thirsty woman, to climb into my bed."

Maxwell sneered and made the situation stand in its head.

His words provoked Isabella so much that she was trembling with fury.

She was the thirsty one? Wasn't he the one who took advantage of her?

"You were so active last night and couldn't stop moaning.Are you trying to deny it now?"

His words, or more like insults, were stabbing Isabella as needles.

Despite already being heartbroken, she felt it still hurt so much that the only way to relieve it was to dig
out her heart.

Before her mind could think of a retort, her body had already been dominated by anger.

By the time Isabella came back to her senses, she had already slapped Maxwell hard on his face.

Under the dim lights, she couldn't see whether she had left a mark on his face.

At this moment, she was panting heavily.

Terrified, though, she stood straight confidently.

With this slap, she felt the resentment in her heart was lifted and didn't regret it at all.

After all, it was Maxwell who had talked nonsense and called black white.

However, the consequence of her impulse was not something she could control.

Right after she slapped Maxwell, the large bedroom was shrouded in the gloom as if the air was
running thin.

It was out of Maxwell's expectation that Isabella would slap him.

Due to the slap, his head was still turning to the side. He realized this was the first time in his life that
he was beaten by someone, and it was by a woman.

Seeing Maxwell turning his gaze to her and raising his hand, Isabella thought he was going to hit her
and was ready to fight back.

However, it turned out he was only going to wipe off the blood at the corner of his mouth.

"It seems you wish to forget what happened last night.Well, I guess I have to refresh your memory.’ His
ruthless voice sounded like the prelude to a volcanic eruption.

Instinctively, Isabella felt danger and wanted to escape.

Nevertheless, Maxwell had already reached out and grabbed her.

Knowing clearly what he wanted to do, Isabella struggled with all her strength and tried to shake off his

Unfortunately, he was exerting so much force that he seemed to want to crush her hand.

No matter how she pinched or hit him, he wouldn't let go.

All of a sudden, she was pushed forcefully by him.

Losing her balance, Isabella fell backward and was pressed against the coffee table where Kyra had
put the glass on.

Although his actions were fierce and fast, his gaze was fixed on Isabella all along.

At this moment, Isabella was more clear-headed than ever and knew she couldn't overpower
him.Calmly, she looked at him and even gave up struggling.

"Do you remember now?"

The corners of Maxwell's lips slightly curled, and his evil smile made Isabella shiver.

"What do I need to remember? About you raping me?"

In response, Isabella also smiled but her voice was unusually cold.

The smile on Maxwell's face disappeared the moment he heard her words.

His pressed lips were showing his suppressed anger now.

"Ha.Since you've said so, I should live up to your words!"

Even at this moment, Isabella's expression did not change at all.

Looking at his actions as a joke, she couldn't hide her amusement, disgust, and disdain on her face.

To be honest, there was no calmness in her heart.

She was flustered, but she could do nothing but act brave.

She kept comforting herself by thinking that she was bitten by a dog.

But the more she lied to herself, the more upset she was.

With a huge rock in her heart, she was suffocated.

Meanwhile, Maxwell was a little annoyed by her calmness at this moment.

Lowering his head, he kissed her lips.

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't break through her tightly closed lips.

Just as he deepened the kiss and planned to take his next action, Isabella slightly raised her body and
bit his neck.

She bit him so hard, refusing to let go.

Her abrupt attack startled Maxwell and he stopped his action.Hence, this made their current posture

"Let go of me."

His warning carried the hoarseness, his voice eroded by desire.

However, Isabella ignored him and bit harder.

Since the beginning, she had been thinking to die together with him since she couldn't escape from his

Once he was dead, she would kill herself and be free from his humiliation or manipulation.

As a doctor, she knew which body part was fragile.

Maxwell could feel her anger and resentment.

Just as he was about to speak, there was a knock on the door.

"What happened, Mr.Sharp? Do you need us to come in?"

Tyler sounded worried from outside.

When Isabella heard Tyler, she bit harder and wished that she could break Maxwell's blood vessels
and kill him right now! Casting a glance at her, Maxwell's words turned into a lump that stuck in his

Even though she was the one who wanted to kill him, she was crying more sadly than anyone else.

He have never seen someone cry like this before, eyes widened and her tears flowing silently down her

"We're fine” Maxwell said hoarsely.

He had never wanted Tyler to come in and or see Isabella's current state too.

She was his possession.

Nobody could touch her.

"Be good and let go of me, hmm? I won't hurt you.’ Maxwell patiently coaxed Isabella.

All his anger dissipated the moment he saw her shedding tears with widened eyes.The hurt in her eyes
made him admit defeat.

If this were any other time or person, Maxwell would never do this.

However, he gave in right now.

Hearing Maxwell's words, Isabella loosened a little but didn't let go.

Her mouth was filled with the smell of blood, which made her want to vomit.

"This is the last time.I'll never do this to you again."

Maxwell could feel her hesitation and said slowly.

Meanwhile, tears had already blurred Isabella's vision and she was surprised by its amount.

Other than hatred and resentment, there were other emotions brewing in her heart, but she didn't have
the mood or urge to think what they were.

When Isabella let go of Maxwell, he felt his neck had become stiff.

Reaching out to pick her up, he noticed she was resisting his touch.

"Get out."

If it were in the past, Maxwell would had never listened to her because nobody could order him.

However, if he didn't cooperate now, she might lose her mind and do something crazy.


After getting the blanket from the bed and covering her with it, he left the room.

Before completely closing the door, he could hear the faint sound of crying inside.

Although it was just sobbing, it sounded more heart-breaking than wailing.

In the room, Isabella sat on the ground with the blanket in her arms.No matter how she tried, she
couldn't stop her tears.

Why did she have to suffer this? She had saved Madame Sharp out of good intentions, but it brought
her to hell.