Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 28: What Is Your Purpose?

Upon hearing Kyra's words, Isabella pulled up the cover and said, "Alas, my headache is getting
worse.Can you tell others not to disturb me, Kyra? I want to rest for a while."

This made Kyra extremely nervous.

"I'll call Doctor Bradley now, Madam!"

"It's okay, Kyra.I'll be fine tomorrow.Have you forgotten that I'm a doctor too?"

Isabella quickly stopped Kyra, who was about to make the call.

Only then did Kyra recall that Isabella was a doctor and calm down.

"Um, are you sure you don't need Doctor Bradley to come over? How about I bring you some food?"

Isabella's weak look made her worried.

Although she didn't witness the scene last night, she had heard a lot of it from other servants.

In short, it was tragic, because nobody had expected that Isabella, who had been calm and distant,
would have such a domineering side.

It could be said she was the first person who dared to challenge Maxwell.

Most importantly, Maxwell didn't lose his temper.

Even though the servants told Kyra that Maxwell and Isabella were in a fight, Kyra felt they had

No matter how tragic it sounded, Kyra regretted going out on errands yesterday and missed everything.

How possibly could she see Isabella going drunk and the emotionless Maxwell showing his feelings
again? Therefore, the servants who had been fortunate enough to be present last night were pretty
smug now, but Kyra wouldn't tell Isabella about her embarrassing drunk moments.

It was said Isabella was still making a fuss after Maxwell went upstairs.

"Hope you have a good rest and feel better soon, Madam."

Kyra looked at Isabella, somewhat hesitant to speak.

Seeing this, Isabella knew there must be something that she didn't know of.

"Do you wish to tell me something, Kyra?"

Isabella was a little nervous because she wasn't sure how loud she was when having sex with Maxwell
last night.

"This morning, I heard that you had vomited after drinking too much last night.Uh...And after Mr.Sharp
went upstairs, you kept shouting for him to come down, saying that you wished to vomit on him
again.W-When the servants were talking this morning, Mr.Sharp walked downstairs and heard

Kyra looked at Isabella sympathetically.

When Isabella heard this, she was so shocked that she could hardly control her expression.

"Did I really say that? That's impossible.How could I say that?"

Not willing to believe Kyra's words, Isabella shook her head and said calmly.

At most, she would only think of such things in her head.

How possibly could she speak it out loud? Although she had been aware of her poor alcohol tolerance
and long hangover, she drank beer before coming back in case that she would be ina fight with
Maxwell last night.

Little had she known that the situation would develop in such a bizarre way...

"Anyway, Mr.Sharp has ordered those who witnessed the scene to weed the garden.They aren't back

Kyra tried her best to hold back her laughter, or she would look like she was gloating.

Meanwhile, Isabella could no longer calm down.

The thought of the servants being sent to weed the mansion's garden made her feel sympathetic and

As she hadn't managed to visit every place in the mansion until now, she couldn't imagine how huge
the garden would be.

However, she couldn't be bothered with it very soon because she knew she would face a more
miserable end than them once Maxwell was back.

"Okay, okay...Please let me rest alone for a while.My head is hurting badly."

She ended the conversation.

Maxwell could come back at any second and he would never believe she was feeling unwell.

Although Kyra was an innocent girl, she could see Isabella was trying to avoid Maxwell.

Thinking about it, she found Maxwell in a good mood this morning, far from what she heard from the
servants last night.

Yet, he showed no mercy after listening to the servants gossiping.Hence, how could Isabella not be

"I'll leave now, Madam.Just call me if there's anything, and I'll come up soon."

After refilling the glass, Kyra left.

The moment the room door was closed, Isabella sighed heavily.

It was her carelessness that caused everything to happen.

How could she have thought of drinking alcohol to strengthen her courage? In the end, not only was
she frightened, but she also made a lot of trouble.

Thinking that she had gained nothing but trouble out of this, she looked at the dark sky outside and
realized she was absent from work again.

In her mind, she could imagine Drew's furious expression.

Even if she was outstanding, she couldn't use this as an excuse for not treating her job seriously.

Although she couldn't fall asleep anymore, she didn't wish to get up and face Maxwell either.

What kind of relationship was she with him now? Dolcie wasn't her blood-related sister, but she was the
daughter of Daniel Chapman, the man who had taken care of her and Kairo for more than ten years.

Now that Dolcie was pregnant with Maxwell's child, she was in an extremely awkward position.

It seemed she needed to find time to talk to Maxwell.

If it were possible, she would like to end their relationship.

Currently, her mind was in a mess as she wasn't sure whether Daniel had learned about the news of
Dolcie returning to Buserama, and she must meet Dolcie tomorrow no matter what.

Meanwhile, Maxwell's car had reached Sharp Mansion.

After Morgan and Maxwell had concluded their work for the day, Morgan left the mansion after seeing
Maxwell walking in.

In the mansion, Maxwell only saw the servants standing at the entrance respectfully and couldn't find
Isabella when he looked around.

"Where is she?"

Even though he didn't say her name, Tyler knew who he was asking.

"Madam is resting in the room as she's feeling unwell, Mr.Sharp,’ Tyler replied nervously.

Ever since Isabella had moved into the mansion, Tyler felt Maxwell had become more and more

Not only him, but the servants were also on tenterhooks all day.

At this time, they hoped Madam Sharp would come back quickly.

When Maxwell heard this, he wasn't doubtful because Isabella was indeed sick after drinking too much

In addition, he couldn't hold back his desire for her at dawn and might have been too rough on her.

"Does Val know about this?"

After the servants helped Maxwell take off his black coat, he asked as he walked further into the house.

"Madam told us not to inform Doctor Bradley.She said she would be fine after some rest” Tyler said
respectfully while following Maxwell to the hall.

In response, Maxwell nodded.

"Prepare dinner then."

Hearing this, everyone heaved a sigh of relief and quickly went to work.

As for Maxwell, he didn't waste any time, passing through the hall and going upstairs.

However, he hesitated when he reached the second floor.

Why was he in such a hurry to see Isabella as soon as he came back, who not only wouldn't say
anything good to him, but had strong hostility towards him? Thinking of this, he stopped walking
towards the room, turned around, and went straight to the study.

Initially, Tyler had thought Maxwell was going to check on Isabella.

Hence, he sighed helplessly after hearing the servants saying that Maxwell had gone to the study.

Despite knowing that both Maxwell and Isabella were stubborn, he and other servants didn't have the
right to comment further.

"Dinner is ready, Mr.Sharp.I'll inform Madam now.Tyler knocked on the door and entered the study.In it,
Maxwell was just reading instead of busy with work, With a nod, Maxwell put down his book and stood

"You can leave.I'll go and wake her up."

Hearing this, Tyler couldn't be more pleased because he and the servants would only have a peaceful
life when Maxwell and Isabella got along well.

The servants who were still weeding in the garden were the best evidence.

When Maxwell walked to the bedroom, Isabella was drinking water.

Upon hearing the footsteps, she knew Maxwell was back and became so scared that she was choked.

Her cough made Maxwell think that she had truly fallen sick, and he opened the door without thinking.

In the room, only the night lamp was on and Isabella was sitting beside it.

Seemingly, the warm, yellow light was circling her, and this made her look gentle.

At this moment, her hair fell across her shoulders, and she was still wearing the white shirt that he had
helped her put on after cleaning her last night.

Due to her bad sleeping posture, which he had learnt, a few buttons had loosened up.

With this, he could see the red marks he had left on her fair neck and chest last night.

Of course, he was clear there were more under the shirt.

At once, the memory of how she reacted under him, how she moaned, and how her soft body fit with
his last night flashed across his mind.

Thinking of this, he felt his body getting warm and was surprised by his own reaction.

All he had done was look at her.

Isabella felt uneasy after sensing Maxwell's burning gaze on her, making her body on fire.

Unconsciously, she looked away as it was too stressful to meet his gaze.

When he walked slowly to her, his elegance and arrogant aura made her more stressed.

"Where do you feel unwell?"

Maxwell looked down at Isabella but couldn't see her expression when she had lowered her head to
hide from his gaze.

She waved her hand dismissively and said, "It's okay.My head hurts, but I'll be fine after resting for a

Looking at her state, Maxwell believed she wasn't feeling well.

Hence, he couldn't help but say softly, "What kind of medicine did you take? Don't take it randomly.’

His words rendered Isabella speechless.

How would she randomly take medicine when she was a doctor? "I've read the instructions on the box
before taking it."

In the awkward situation, Isabella kept praying that Maxwell would leave soon.

"Go and eat something before coming back to rest.The servant said you haven't eaten anything for a
whole day."

Maxwell changed the topic.

Isabella frowned slightly and said, "I'm not hungry..."

"Do you want me to carry you down?"

However, Maxwell didn't listen to her.

How could he be so domineering? Didn't he hear her rejecting him? Although this was what she had in
her mind, she knew she wouldn't win if she were to go against him.

Hence, it would be better to just do what he said from the beginning.

To be honest, she didn't have much energy to argue with him anymore.

When Maxwell saw her lifting the cover and getting off the bed, he couldn't stop staring at her, eyes

Sensing his gaze, Isabella looked at him in confusion.

"What's wrong?"

"Are you sure you aren't seducing me now?"

Maxwell asked in an unusually hoarse and deep voice.Desire flickered in his dark eyes as he
swallowed hard…