Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 27: Mr.Sharp's Revenge

Throwing his branded suit away, Maxwell soaked himself in the bathtub and felt annoyed upon thinking
about Isabella, who was wildly drunk downstairs now.

When he came out of the bath, he ignored Isabella and went straight to the bed to rest.

However, he couldn't fall asleep after tossing and turning for a long while.

Casting a glance at the clock, he found it was almost two o'clock in the morning.

As it was still early spring, the weather would be a little cold at night, but the heater in the mansion
shouldn't freeze Isabella.

Despite thinking of this, he still got up from the bed and walked downstairs for water.

There was no one downstairs at this moment.

Although the kitchen was near, Maxwell couldn't help but turn and walk toward the dimmed dining

The servants were obedient because Isabella was now sleeping in the dining room as he had ordered.

But they not only had left her there, but also had brought her a soft mattress and a warm blanket.

To be frank, it was no different from sleeping in the room.

Some loyal servants he had.

He sighed.

What charm did Isabella have? How did she manage to have such a good relationship with the
servants after only moving in for a few days? Most importantly, how could she sleep so soundly

whereas he couldn't fall asleep at all? Pulling a chair and sitting opposite her, Maxwell fixed his gaze on
her and became more annoyed.

Thinking of this, he walked to Isabella's side and kicked her, but she turned over and ignored him.

Suppressing his anger, he pushed her a few more times, but she didn't even flinch and slept like a log.

Hence, he took her blanket away and watched her curl herself up due to coldness.

Soon, she opened her eyes in a daze.

"Why are you in my room?"

Isabella looked up at Maxwell, who had a cold expression, and asked.

Hearing this, Maxwell was exasperated.

"Are you so drunk that you can't remember anything at all?"

Sleepy, Isabella shook her head and pulled the blanket from him, saying, "I'm going to sleep.Get out

From her rude attitude, It seemed she was still drunk.

Seeing her fall asleep again, Maxwell suddenly felt a little confused.

What was he doing? Why was he behaving like a child now? Throwing the blanket to Isabella, he
turned and left while thinking whether he had been drunk through smelling the alcohol.

When he was back upstairs, he calmed down and didn't feel as angry as he had been just now.

Keeping Isabella out of his mind, he fell asleep soon.

At dawn, he touched something warm and soft when he turned in his sleep.


A soft snort rang beside his ear.

Almost immediately, Maxwell opened his eyes and was about to kick the person next to him down.

However, he was stunned when he found out who it was.

Initially, he thought it was a brazen woman who wished to have a fling with him.

Little did he know he would see Isabella sleeping soundly beside him.

He had no idea when she came back to the room and slept next to him.

The most confusing part was that she seemed to have taken a shower before sleeping because she
was in a bathrobe now.

lf that was the case, was she sober or drunk during the shower? Her skin was so fair and smooth that a
light bump would get her bruises.

Maxwell knew this very well, because every time he had sex with her, he couldn't control his strength
and left marks and bruises on her body, which were so conspicuous and implicit that made her look
particularly alluring.

Looking at her glistening lips was pouting, Maxwell was aroused.

Ever since he had sex with her, he couldn't have enough.

The reason why he held back his desire was that he was still angry about her words before.

However, he always found chances to take advantage of her.

His erection right now was a headache.

Right now, he was in a dilemma of whether he should have sex with Isabella.

As he had broken his promise too many times, he was worried that she wouldn't trust him anymore if
he did it again.

Though Isabella had never trusted him in the first place.

Nevertheless, why should he hold back his desire? It was Isabella who came to his bed and he wasn't
a saint either.

Thinking of this, Maxwell stopped hesitating and pressed his body against hers.

Isabella felt her body was getting warm and opened her eyes in annoyance.

At once, she met Maxwell's eyes that were burning with desire.

Since the start, Maxwell had expected that Isabella would wake up.

"Your body is more honest than your heart."

His dark, black eyes were bewitching, and his words made Isabella blush instantly.

Drown in comfort in a daze, Isabella didn't refuse him this time.

Although Maxwell had thought about Isabella's possible reactions once she woke up, obedience wasn't
on the list.

What he didn't know was that Isabella was a person whose hangover could last for two days.

Moreover, the liquor that she had drunk yesterday was too strong, so she was still in a state of
confusion, which explained her obedience now.

The reason why she was able to take a shower and walk back to the bed was thanks to her memory.

"Is it comfortable?"

Maxwell looked at Isabella's watery eyes and asked in a gentle voice that he wasn't even aware of.

In response, Isabella nodded and put her hands around his neck.

Raising her head to fix her bright gaze on him, she moaned with her tongue curled slightly.

To Maxwell, this was particularly tempting and inviting.

Although he wished to spend more time inside her, he couldn't hold back for another second now.

When Isabella woke up, the sky was completely dark.

Not only did she feel her head aching as if it was going to explode, but her body was also sore as if she
had just run a marathon.

Holding her head, she moaned in pain.

As Kyra had received orders from Maxwell to wait outside for Isabella to wake up, she knocked on the
door and walked in upon hearing Isabella's voice.

Upon seeing Isabella rolling on the bed with her head in her hands, Kyra couldn't help but laugh out

It was out of her expectation that Isabella, who always looked calm and collected, would have such a
cute side.

"Please have a glass of honey water first, Madam.You were so drunk last night that you even lost
consciousness in the end."

Kyra brought a glass to Isabella.

When Isabella heard Kyra's words, she started recalling what had happened last night.

The more she recollected, the deeper she was at a loss.

Where did she even find the courage to talk back to Maxwell? However, Maxwell was indeed a devil.

How could he force her to drink so much? She almost thought she would have alcohol poisoning.

"You vomited all over Mr.Sharp last night, Madam.You should have seen his expression.He was boiling
with anger!" Kyra said nosily.

When Isabella heard this, she shivered and asked in surprise, "Did you just say I vomited over

This was impossible, wasn't it? If she vomited all over him, why was she still sitting on the bed
unharmed now? With a nod, Kyra replied, "Yep, and Mr.Sharp was shocked too.I heard he only rushed
to the bathroom after standing in a daze for a moment.He took a one-hour bath.This morning, I was
told that the whole bottle of shower gel that was just opened two days ago was used up..."

This put Isabella in a bad mood.

Maxwell had gone too far! Did he truly find her so disgusting?

"Shower gel?"

Isabella muttered to herself.A shocking memory then flashed in her mind...

Bathroom, she, Maxwell, shower gel...

In the memory, she hung herself around Maxwell's neck while he was holding her butt with one hand
and putting the shower gel on her with the other...

"No, no, no...This is impossible!"

Isabella tried to convince herself that it was just an erotic dream she had after getting drunk.

"But Mr.Sharp treats you well, Madam.At first, you were sleeping in the dining room, but Mr.Sharp
brought you upstairs in the middle of the night for fear that you would catch a cold."

Kyra's words pulled Isabella out of her self-hypnosis.

Hearing this, Isabella felt bitter.

Instead of bringing her back to the room, Maxwell only came downstairs to make trouble and then went
back by himself.

It was her who walked back to the room in a daze, and she could only remember the master bedroom
instead of the one for guests that she had been spending her night in.

She didn't want to recall what happened after that.

"Where is he now?"

Isabella asked softly.

Although she didn't wish to see Maxwell at all now, she didn't want Kyra to notice it.

"Mr.Sharp should be on his way back because he told us he would be back for dinner before leaving in
the morning.Please get up quickly, Madam, so you can have dinner together with Mr.Sharp later."

Kyra looked at the time and answered softly.