Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 24: Do You Think I Trampled on You?

This was the first time Isabella found that her phone could ring so loudly.

Even though she felt the ringtone was echoing in the room, Maxwell pretended to not hear it.

Soon, the call was hung up as the caller might have noticed nobody was going to pick it up.

This made Isabella feel relieved, but it also left her no choice but to face Maxwell.

When Maxwell had his desire satisfied, he broke away from her.

At this moment, Isabella didn't have any strength left, and Maxwell furrowed his thick brows slightly
after looking at her torn clothes.

Again, he lost his composure due to her.

Taking off his coat and putting it on Isabella, he bent down to pick her up, but she pushed him away.

Her rejection made his expression harden.

"Let me send you back,’ Maxwell said in a low voice, but Isabella didn't turn her gaze to him at all.

"You've got what you want.You can leave.I haven't got off work yet."

Isabella spoke without looking at him.

Although she was still trembling, her stubbornness made her unwilling to show her weak side.

Upon hearing this, Maxwell asked sternly, "Say it again!"

Despite knowing that he was furious, Isabella couldn't hold back from saying something more

"Didn't you want to trample on me? You've done it, so please leave now!"

"Trampling on you? Do you think I'm trampling on you?"

Hearing Isabella's words, Maxwell asked with a laugh instead of erupting.

This time, Isabella didn't speak anything and wasn't in the mood to tangle with him.

In her mind, she didn't know what he wanted now since he had successfully abused her dignity and
made her give in.

"Well, you really impress me, Isabella!"

Maxwell drew back his hands that were on the sides of the sofa and cast his cold gaze down on

His eyes were filled with disdain as if he was looking at a bug.

After being in a stalemate for almost a minute, Maxwell turned and left wordlessly.

Since Isabella wished to stay there and embarrass herself, he wouldn't stop her.

Sitting on the sofa, Isabella was in a daze and could no longer concentrate on her work.

If she walked out in her current state, she would probably be criticized and laughed at.

The reason why she rejected him was that she didn't wish to be with him, and the resentment and
hatred in her heart made her itch to give him a few hard slaps.

Did people with power and status enjoy trampling on others’ dignity?


"Let's go.’ From a distance, Isabella could hear the suppressed anger in Maxwell's voice.

However, what was there for him to be angry about? Shouldn't she be the one angry instead? It wasn't
until the footsteps outside faded away and no sound could be heard in the corridor that Isabella tidied
up her clothes.

Fortunately, Maxwell didn't take his coat away, or she would be in an awkward situation.

Taking a look at the time, she decided to stay in the office for another while as she found that it was
almost time to get off.

After finding her phone that Maxwell had thrown aside, she unlocked it and couldn't hold back from
being tearful.

Calming herself down, she called back.

"Hello, Mom.Is there anything?"

"Have you gotten off work, Bella? Daniel is asking when will you bring Max back for dinner?"

Kairo sounded cheerful over the phone.

When Isabella heard this, her heart was filled with bitterness.

Did they not know her marriage with Maxwell was just a deal and Maxwell could abandon her anytime?
From the first time they met, she clearly understood Maxwell looked down on her and the Chapmans.

Hence, how could he condescend to have dinner with the Chapmans? "He won't come, Mom.There's
no need for you to look forward to it” Isabella said frankly as she didn't have the mood to phrase her

Hearing this, Kairo became silent for a while and then replied, "Daniel and I can go to Sharp
Mansion.There's no need to trouble Max.We need to thank him for helping our family this time."

Isabella tightened her grip of the phone in her hand because every word that Kairo had said was
hurting her.

"Thank him? Don't both of you know why he helped? He doesn't need your gratitude, so you don't have
to trouble yourself.That's it.I'm busy, bye."

Clenching her fists, Isabella suppressed the disappointment in her heart and said.

When she hung up the phone, she sighed heavily.

She was afraid if she continued to talk to Kairo, she would be driven by her emotions and hurt her
parents’ feelings.

Of course, she knew very well that they wished to please and have a good relationship with Maxwell.

However, they didn't know her current situation.

As Maxwell said, she was just a pet for him.

She had no right to speak in the first place.

Since marrying Maxwell had made up for the care that Daniel had given her for the past ten years, she
didn't wish to mind about anything else...

Initially, she called Kairo back in the hope of gaining some courage from her family.

Little had she known that she had overthought.

Standing up, she walked out of the gynecologist's office and left the hospital through the emergency
staircase instead of going back to her department.

Now that she was wearing Maxwell's coat, she looked funny as it was too big for her.

Feeling embarrassed to walk on the streets like this, she hailed a cab.

"Where are you heading to, miss?"

The driver asked Isabella when she got into the cab, and only then did Isabella find she had nowhere to

If she went to Noel's place, Noel would be worried, but she didn't wish to go back to the Sharp Mansion


Seeing Isabella's blank expression, the driver asked again.

"Please drive me to Central Park, thank you."

Isabella thought for a while and found it was the only place she could go.

For some unknown reason, she always felt emotional whenever she thought about Central Park.

Perhaps the park held a very important status in her lost memory.

She would always go to the swing there whenever she was in a bad mood.After the driver was
informed about the destination, he quickly drove away.

As soon as the cab left, several black Range Rovers arrived at the entrance of the hospital.

Getting out of the car, Morgan went straight to the gynecology department.

After seeing that there were no other people in the department except for those on duty, he took out his
phone and called Maxwell.

"Madam isn't here, Mr.Sharp."

Morgan was a little helpless because it was Maxwell who had quarreled with Isabella, but he ended up
being the one who came to pick her up under Maxwell's orders.

Why didn't Maxwell come instead since he was the one who wanted to do this? On the other side of the
phone, Maxwell's gaze became colder after hearing Morgan's words.

"You can go back."

"Are we still going to look for Madam?"

"She's an adult and she can go back by herself."

As there was no emotion in Maxwell's cold voice, Morgan had no choice but to agree because he
couldn't figure out what was on his boss's mind.

Although Isabella's departure was in his expectation, Maxwell felt uncomfortable whenever he thought
of her blank gaze.

However, he felt angry upon recalling her indiscriminate slander too.

With this, he called Morgan again.

"Check the hospital's surveillance and see where she has gone."

Morgan had seen it coming when he was already on his way to the surveillance room.

After he found out where Isabella had gone and reported to Maxwell, Maxwell only ordered him to go
and pick her up.

Mixed feelings rose in Maxwell's heart when he heard Isabella was at Central Park now.

It was a place that he had almost forgotten.

When Morgan brought his people to Central Park, they found Isabella sitting on a swing with her head
lowered and a gloomy expression.

Seemingly, she was in deep thoughts when they were walking toward her.

Upon hearing the footsteps, she looked up and saw Morgan.

"Mr.Sharp has asked me to pick you up, Madam."

Morgan stopped a few meters away from her.

With a nod, Isabella stood up and followed Morgan without a word.

Although she had just reached here, Maxwell's people already caught up with her.

He indeed had endless means to find her.

Therefore, her wish of fleeting was impossible to come true.

Perhaps she would be caught before she had even left Buserama, facing a more miserable end by

In her mind, she comforted herself that two years would pass in the blink of an eye and she would then
be free.

"Where is Dolcie now, Morgan?"

Sitting in the car, Isabella looked at Morgan who was in the passenger seat, and asked.

Her question made Morgan speechless.

Maxwell always left this sort of mess to him.

However, he remained calm.

"I've arranged someone to take care of her, Madam.Don't worry.”

"When can I see her? I have something to ask her.’’ When Isabella heard Morgan's words, she felt a lot
more at ease.

At least Maxwell had fulfilled his promise about not harming Dolcie.

"I can't decide on this, Madam.Perhaps it would be better for you to ask Mr.Sharp personally."

Morgan pushed the frame of his spectacles.

When Isabella heard this, she thought of the angry look on Maxwell's face when he left.

It would be better for them not to talk for a while.

"It's okay.You can help me ask Mr.Sharp whenever you're free."

Seeing that Isabella had no intention of continuing the conversation, Morgan agreed and went on
reading the document in his hand.

When Isabella returned to Sharp Mansion, the servants had already prepared dinner.

When Isabella looked around, Kyra answered her doubts before she voiced them out, "Mr.Sharp isn't
back yet, Madam."

Hearing Kyra's words, Isabella breathed a sigh of relief.

"Please bring my dinner to the room, thanks,’ Isabella said softly as she didn't wish to meet Maxwell
when he came back.

"Yes, Madam."

Isabella did not stay any longer and went straight back to her room to take a shower.

Until now, she still felt Maxwell's scent on her body, and this disgusted her.

After taking a long shower, she found her dinner placed nicely in the room when she walked out of the

Distracted, she ate only a little and then went to bed.

As long as she was with Maxwell, every day was like a battle and this made her mentally and physically

When Maxwell was back, a servant told him Isabella had already fallen asleep.

Then, Morgan also came and reported that Isabella wished to see Dolcie.

At first, Maxwell didn't wish to let them meet as it would be better for Isabella to not get involved in this.

However, he knew if he didn't allow her to see Dolcie, she would probably become doubtful of him

Thinking of this, he asked Morgan to arrange a time for it.

The next morning, Isabella left the mansion before Maxwell got up again.

When Maxwell went downstairs for breakfast, he was furious after learning Isabella had gone to work.

Of course, Isabella was unaware of this.