Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 22: My Sister Is Pregnant With Your Child?

When his warm and wet kiss fell on her lips aggressively, Isabella's struggle weakened.

All the strength in her body seemed to have been sucked away.

" promised me,’ Isabella stammered.

She flushed at her own sweet yet sultry voice.

Maxwell's eyes dimmed a little when he heard her, but his movements didn't stop.

"Don't worry.’ As soon as he finished speaking, his hand had cupped her breast, his voice hoarse and

"Sir, we have to leave now."

The knock on the door was accompanied by Morgan's voice, shining a light of hope for Isabella.

To be frank, Morgan was unwilling to ruin the moment.

He had known Maxwell wouldn't come out so soon, but the call from Madame Sharp wouldn't wait.

Maxwell could feel Isabella's tense body instantly relaxed at the knock on the door, so he pinched her
harshly as a punishment.

"Are you that happy?"

Isabella didn't respond, silently agreeing to his question.

After being released from the strong grab, Isabella instantly tried to stay away from the man, but the
next second, she was pushed onto the bed.

Maxwell leaned over and pressed against Isabella, and her nightgown was the only barrier between

Isabella widened her eyes and stared at Maxwell.

With a dark face, he pinched her chin and started kissing her.

He kissed her until she was dazed in the kiss and let her go.

"Just you wait for another twenty-nine days.'' The restraint in his unusually hoarse voice had reached
the end of its limit.

Getting off the bed, he stared at Isabella for a moment before leaving the room.

He couldn't stay a minute longer with this woman.

She was too alluring and beautiful like a vixen.

Never did he realize he could have such a strong desire.

There were plenty of women who had tried to seduce him in the past, but he had never felt anything
towards them.

However, when this woman raised her head and looked at him stubbornly with red eyes, he had the
urge to take her to the bed.

She didn't have to seduce him at all.

Her presence was already a fatal temptation.

As Drew Ross Said, he shouldn't get involved in this.

Once he started it, he would become addicted.

Isabella had not recovered from shock even after Maxwell left the mansion.

His aggressive words echoed beside her ear, and her heart was thumping at an unbelievably fast rate.

When Kyra knocked on the door and came in, Isabella's face was still flushed.

Kyra couldn't help but chuckle, "Madam, I think Mr.Sharp loves you a lot.Come with me if you don't
believe it.’

Without waiting for Isabella's response, Kyra quickly dragged her out of the room.

The room next to the master bedroom was originally empty, but now, it had become a walk-in

The room was filled with a huge collection of clothes and accessories for every season, and even
though all the tags on the clothes had been taken off, Isabella recalled she had seen these clothes in
fashion magazines.

All of them were insanely expensive.

Her salary wasn't even enough to buy one piece of clothing from this big collection.

"Madam, Mr.Sharp sent all these overnight! All of them are for you.Have a try and see if they fit!"

Seeing Isabella in a trance, Kyra thought she was overwhelmed with happiness, so she dragged
Isabella into the wardrobe.

Surprisingly, these clothes were more conservative than the ones he prepared for her in the beginning.

"Madam, it's a call from Mr.Sharp.'' Isabella was still looking around when the butler came over with a

"What do you think about the clothes?"

As soon as Isabella picked up the phone, Maxwell's cold voice came through.

"They're beautiful."

Isabella looked at the dazzling clothes in awe and had a lot in her mind, but she only managed to blurt
a curt response.

Obviously, Maxwell was dissatisfied with Isabella's answer.

After a short silence, he spoke again, "Don't wear your old clothes anymore.I'll have someone prepared
new ones for you in the future.’

"Mr.Sharp...I don't think these clothes fit me.You don't need to go through so much trouble..."

Isabella declined politely.

She just didn't want to have too much involvement with Maxwell because she was going to leave in two
years anyway.

Hearing that, Maxwell couldn't help but chuckle.

"Hah...I know your size fairly well, though."

Isabella blushed furiously.

Why didn't she realize before that this man could talk in such a playful way? "If I come back and see
your ugly clothes, believe me, you won't like the consequence.''

Before Isabella could reply, Maxwell's commanding voice rang again.

After that, he hung up the phone, leaving Isabella with a headache hearing the beeping sound of the
call ending.

She then handed the phone back to the butler.She understood it too well that the consequence he
mentioned must not be something she wanted.

No matter what would happen, she couldn't afford to offend him.

"Madam, which set are you going to wear tomorrow?" Kyra looked at Isabella expectantly.

Isabella took a look around and decided to leave it up to Kyra.

The next few days were pretty busy for her in the hospital.After work, she would call Madam Sharp.

As for Maxwell, she heard no news from him at all.

She didn't even know what he was doing in Sturg, but she silently prayed that he would return later
than scheduled.

At least, she wasn't ready to live with this man yet.

Putting aside her thoughts, Isabella started walking towards the gynecology department, passing by the
nurse's reception.

"Bella, come here!"

One of the nurses who usually talked to Isabella pulled her into the gossip group.

Turning to the nurse, Isabella asked, "Did something happen? Why is the gynecology department
under lockdown?"

"Oh my goodness! You must be really busy! You don't even know?!"

One of the nurses exclaimed exaggeratedly.

Isabella smiled faintly and replied, "I was assisting Doctor Ross with a special patient just now, so I was
a little busy."

"Bella, you're so lucky to be assigned under Doctor Ross when you joined us! He's renowned all over
the world as the director of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular department at such a young age!"

The nurse couldn't help but sigh when she heard Isabella.

"Exactly! He's also very handsome! He's a Prince Charming to me!" the other also echoed.

Hearing their conversation, Isabella couldn't help but laugh.

"Don't gather around like this anymore.I just saw the head nurse coming over.You might get an earful
again later!"

When the nurses heard that, they quickly dispersed.Isabella, at the same time, didn't stay long and
headed straight to the gynecology department.

"Bella, the gynecology department..." A nurse called out to Isabella.

"Doctor Ross asked me to pass some documents to Dr.Burton.’ Isabella waved the document in her
hand and left.

The nurse wanted to warn her there was a big shot visiting the gynecology department, but the former
was grabbed by the head nurse.

"Why are you all slacking off again?!"

Even when Isabella was quite a distance away, she could still hear the head nurse's loud voice.

She chuckled at that.

When she arrived at the gynecology department, two men in black suits were standing guard at the

Apparently, they weren't going to allow anyone irrelevant to enter the department.

In a doctor's coat, Isabella believed she should be given the green light and walked over to them but
was stopped.

"Sorry, no one can enter without permission!"

One of the men glanced at Isabella and announced coldly.

With a frown, Isabella questioned, "Do you have any proof that no one is allowed in?"

The guard gestured to Isabella to wait for a moment as he made a call.

Not long after, Isabella's phone rang.

Seeing that it was from Drew, Isabella immediately picked up the phone.

After the call, Isabella took a glance at the gynecology department before turning to leave.

Drew told her to go back to their department, so she assumed the visitor must be someone important.

At the same time, Morgan was drenched in cold sweat in the gynecology department.

"Sir, Madam is working in this hospital."

Upon hearing that, Maxwell, who was sitting quietly at the side, raised his eyebrows and questioned,
"She works for Drew Ross?"

"Yes, and she's not off..."

Morgan looked at the time, but before he could finish speaking, a figure rushed out of the room.

"Miss Chapman!"

Morgan was instantly hit with a headache and immediately ordered people to catch her.

He didn't expect that such a terrible thing would happen when they just returned to the country.

How could she get pregnant without any rhyme or reason? Morgan was convinced the child definitely
had to be aborted, and Maxwell had the same thought.

Moreover, if Isabella saw her, it would be really difficult to explain the situation...

"Let me go! I won't abort this child! I will keep him!"

Just as Isabella turned around, a sharp cry came from the gynecology department.

Isabella halted her footsteps and turned around to see the woman, who was struggling while being held
by two guards.

The voice and figure sounded and looked familiar to Isabella, so she unconsciously took a few steps
towards her.

"Dolcie Chapman?"

Her clear and suspicious voice startled the struggling woman.

Isabella noticed her subtle reaction and realized it was indeed Dolcie Chapman, her foster parent's
daughter, who was also her step-sister! Isabella quickly stepped forward.

The two men in black, who were standing guard in front of the door quickly stopped Isabella.

In a cold tone, Isabella shouted, "Get out of my way! She's my sister!"

Dolcie's scream already attracted a few passersby.

If the stalemate continued, it might attract a crowd.

Isabella didn't have time to waste on the two men in black.

Swiftly dodging the two men, Isabella quickly slipped through them.

The two men quickly caught up to Isabella, but Isabella was already beside Dolcie.

It was obvious Dolcie had lost a lot of weight.

At this moment, she should be studying abroad in Braig instead of appearing in Buserama.

Moreover, she was pregnant! No matter how much Isabella thought, she couldn't decipher the situation.

Dolcie was also surprised to see Isabella.

Although she had always disliked her, and even resented her, Dolcie knew the only one who could help
her now was the sister in front of her.

"Bella, help me! They want me to abort the child, but I can't live without it!"

Dolcie looked at Isabella hopefully.

For the first time in ten years, she called Isabella by her name.