Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 23: Cursed

Isabella shoved the man who was grabbing Dolcie, protecting the latter behind her.

"I'm calling the police if you don't let go of her! The child is hers, so it's up to her to decide whether she
wants to keep it!"

Isabella defended Dolce and glared at the guards.

The guards felt helpless by Isabella's sudden involvement.

They were just following orders, but if this chaos continued, it would attract a crowd, and it would be
difficult to explain to their head.

"What's going on? Why haven't they caught her yet?"

Morgan had waited inside the room for a long time, but no one came back, so he went out to take a

It definitely was a huge mistake for him to head out because coincidentally, he happened to meet
Isabella's eyes.

Was he a jinx? The one person he was worried about appeared right before his eyes...


Isabella looked at Morgan, who walked out of the gynecology department, and her heart sank.

Didn't Morgan follow Maxwell to Sturg? Why was he here? Did that mean Maxwell was back? Could
the child in Dolcie's belly...

"M-Madam, why are you here?"

He must have been cursed today.

Nothing went right ever since they returned.

He merely wanted to deal with the issue quickly and leave, but now he was facing the person he

"What are you going to do to my sister? Is Mr.Sharp here too?"

Isabella looked at Morgan and unconsciously clenched her fists.

"Let her in."

A cold voice sounded.

Before Morgan could speak, Isabella's thoughts were confirmed.

Morgan then ordered the guards to retreat to the side.

Carefully pulling the hem of Isabella's shirt, Dolcie asked, "Bella, you know him, don't you? Can you
persuade him not to abort the child? I can't live without this child!"

Isabella turned to look at Dolcie.She knew her sister never liked her.

It was probably because she felt Isabella had taken away all the attention from her father ever since
she joined the Chapman family.

She hasn't returned for Thanksgiving this year.

It had been a long time since they last saw each other.

When Isabella took a closer look, she noticed her sister's previous baby-fat face had been sharp and
thin now, pale and terrified.

"Don't worry, I won't let him hurt you and your child." Isabella gently patted Dolcie's hand to comfort her.

Hearing that, Dolcie was still a little worried, but she chose to believe in her sister because she was the
only person Dolcie could rely on now.

After leaving her sister with Morgan, Isabella took a deep breath and entered the room.

If...lf Dolcie's child was really his, then she had to make sure he took responsibility no matter what!
Entering the room, Isabella saw Maxwell sitting beside the window.

He was dressed in a meticulous silver-grey suit, and sat on the chair with legs crossed.

Isabella was quite anxious when she met his charming gaze.

However, when she thought of the look in Dolcie's eyes just now, she immediately mustered up all her
courage to face him.

"When...When did you come back?"

Maxwell didn't start the conversation, but Isabella couldn't stay quiet.

"Just now.’ Isabella looked at Maxwell and took a deep breath.

Only then did she have the courage to speak again, "Dolcie is Uncle Daniel's daughter, and also my

If something did happen between you two, I think you should be responsible for her.’ Maxwell returned
a calm expression at Isabella.

Hearing what she said, he sneered, "Aren't I taking responsibility now?"

"What I mean is that you should take care of her, not abort the child! Aborting a child is very harmful to
a woman's body! It's also a life we're talking about! Didn't you always want a child? Now you have one,
don't you?"

Hearing Maxwell's indifferent tone, Isabella was angry.

She didn't realize his eyes dimmed a little because of her words.

"It's convenient, huh? So you can leave once I decide to take care of her?"

Maxwell questioned coldly, anger hidden in his eyes.

This woman must have been desperate to get rid of him and escape from him.

Why was she the odd one out when other women were so eager to get close to him?! "That's not what I

Isabella didn't even think about that.

Maxwell was definitely on a completely different channel from her.

"Then tell me, if I take care of her, what about you? You're legally my wife."

Maxwell got up slowly.

When he was seated, Isabella didn't feel particularly oppressed, but now that he stood up, the pressure
came like waves.

Isabella didn't know how to respond to Maxwell.

If he agreed to take responsibility, she would definitely give up her position as his wife since she was
just a part of a deal.

"If I don't tell you to get lost, don't ever think of leaving me.’ Maxwell walked to Isabella's side and
reached out to pull her into his arms.

Isabella struggled to no avail, so she let him do as he pleased.

"You have impregnated my sister.What else do you want? As a man, don't you even have the least bit
of responsibility?"

Isabella was furious as she glared at Maxwell.

Looking down at her, he snorted.

"I can take responsibility, but you'll have to beg me.’ It was a simple sentence, but it made her heart
sink because he said it so nonchalantly.

Watching her helpless expression, Maxwell could see the pain in her eyes.Despite that, he didn't feel
the enjoyment of bullying her.

"Okay, I beg you.Please, don't let my sister abort the child.Please, take good care of her.’ Hearing her
plea, Maxwell felt raw anger shooting through him.

"What makes you think you're worth a promise? Do you think I will promise you for just one sentence?"

Maxwell let go of Isabella and snickered.

After leaving his fiery embrace, Isabella could sense his fury, and instantly, she was enveloped by a
gloomy aura.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Beg me with your body.’ Maxwell smiled in an unruly and sinister way, his gaze full of ridicule and

Maxwell's words made her embarrassed, and there were other emotions running through her head at
the moment, but it wasn't a good time to look into what they were.

"Can you wait until we go back?" Isabella asked in a low voice.

"I want it now.’ His powerful and cold voice seemed to break through all of her defenses.

Seeing that Isabella didn't reply for a long time, he smirked.

"Morgan, get the guards..."

Before he could finish, Isabella covered his mouth.

"Promise me you won't hurt her again."

With her fists clenched, Isabella had obviously lost her dignity and was disgusted with the current
situation, but she had to look straight into Maxwell's eyes.

In response, he nodded.

"Morgan, bring Dolcie Chapman to rest.This is the end of this matter.’ Morgan and Dolcie, who were
outside, were taken aback by Maxwell's order, but soon, Dolcie cried with joy.

It felt like she had just survived a terrible disaster.

Although Morgan didn't know how Isabella made Maxwell give up the idea, he knew the young CEO
was in a terrible mood right now.

Not daring to delay his task, Morgan quickly arranged for a few guards to stand at the door while he left
with Dolcie.

"What about my sister..."

Noticing that Isabella had yet to appear, Dolcie couldn't help but worry.

"Don't worry, Miss Chapman.Nothing will happen to Madam.It's better for you to follow me and
leave.We'll get back to square one if Mr.Sharp goes back on his word,’ urged Morgan while shaking his
head, stopping Dolcie from going back for Isabella.

After listening to what he had said, Dolcie set off with Morgan, but she was curious.

"Why did you call my sister 'madam'?"

"Because your sister and Mr.Sharp are married."

Morgan didn't intend to hide it.Sooner or later, Dolcie would find out.

"What will happen to them with my issue?"

Dolcie immediately became anxious.

Morgan shook his head and sighed deeply, "Mr.Sharp will solve it."

Dolcie was worried, but after knowing the relationship between Isabella and Maxwell, she finally
breathed a sigh of relief.

Now, all she had to do was to protect her child and not let it get hurt again! On the other side, after
Isabella made sure that Dolcie had left with Morgan, she glanced at Maxwell, who was already seated
on the couch.

"What are you standing there for? You only have one chance.’ It seemed as if they had returned to the

Isabella's hands trembled while she undid her buttons, but she couldn't manage to unbutton them after
a long time.

Seeing that, Maxwell got impatient and reached out to pull her into his arms.

He could see the panic and helplessness in her eyes.

She was obviously just a young woman but was screwed by him again and again.

He just couldn't help wanting to wreck her into a mess even when he knew she had a strong will.

Unable to stand his fiery gaze anymore, she turned her head away from Maxwell, but that gave him an

When his warm touches roamed her skin, she trembled.

Before she could react, he already planted kisses on her skin, causing her body to quiver in fear.

"You're more sensitive than usual.Are you easily aroused in the place you work?"

Maxwell noticed Isabella's reaction and chuckled lightly.

Isabella bit her lips without uttering a word.

She didn't want any lewd sound to escape her lips.

Removing all his clothes, he started launching his attacks on her, which she couldn't take in.

Tears pooled at the corners of her eyes, but they were kissed away by him.

With her eyes closed, she couldn't see what expression he had at that moment.

Watching her pale neck arching into a beautiful curve and her body grinding close to his, he felt like she
was made solely for him.

He couldn't figure out whether he wanted to punish her for making him responsible without knowing the
truth, or whether he wanted to use this opportunity to break the promise of not touching her.

"Open your eyes and look at me."

His voice was a little wobbly, but the commanding tone in it was still present.

Isabella was reluctant, but he forced her to open them.

Meeting his lustful dark orbs, she could see her abashed look in the reflection of his eyes.

She then turned her head away in shame and disgust, unwilling to look at him.

At this moment of frustration, the phone rang…