Novel Name : Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Contract Marriage Devil's Trap Chapter 21: A Bastard Who Doesn't Keep Promises

Taken aback by Maxwell's passionate and fiery kiss, Isabella unconsciously went limp.Maxwell had one
hand wrapped around her slender waist.

Her waist was very thin, and it molded into his hands as if they were meant to be a match.

At the same time, his other hand roamed around Isabella's back.

She had changed into loose clothing after returning home, which gave Maxwell more access to her
bare skin.

When she felt the sudden warmth on her skin, Isabella's eyes shot open, but Maxwell obviously didn't
intend to let her go.

In an attempt to loosen his grip, Isabella shut her eyes and bit down hard on Maxwell's tongue.

Instantly, his mouth was filled with the smell and taste of iron.

There was a ball of fire in Maxwell's eyes as he smirked and picked Isabella up by the waist.

"Maxwell Sharp, let me go! You promised you wouldn't touch me yesterday!" Isabella was also furious.

She felt wronged because Maxwell suddenly treated her like this for no reason.

"You're the one who wants to break the contract, so why should I keep my promise?"

Maxwell ignored her words and struggles.

"When did I want to break the contract? Tell me!"

Isabella was seething in white-hot anger.

Her eyes were red when she raised her head to glare at Maxwell.

Seeing her state, Maxwell instantly fell into a daze, giving Isabella the perfect chance to escape from
his embrace.

Gripping the hem of her clothes, Isabella glared at Maxwell and scolded, "When did I tell you I'm going
to break our contract?! Come on, tell me!"

She wasn't willing to be slandered for no reason! "What's that?"

Maxwell tilted his chin towards her back, signaling her to look behind her.

Seeing anger overpowering her, he couldn't vent his anger no matter how furious he was.

Isabella followed Maxwell's gaze and saw the suitcase that she packed up earlier.

Instantly, her tense body relaxed.

"I packed a few sets of clothes earlier because I have nothing to wear in Sharp Mansion.Can't I bring
over my clothes?"

Isabella looked at Maxwell angrily, but there was also a hint of helplessness in her gaze.

Maxwell was too dictatorial and dominant.

He wouldn't listen to anyone's explanation and only act on his own assumptions.

Hearing that, Maxwell instantly felt awkward and his expression gave him away.

He then spoke in a deep voice, "Get rid of those hideous clothes.Tell the butler if you need new
ones.He'll get them for you.’

Isabella immediately recalled the clothes she wore when they went to register their marriage, and she
got furious.

"I don't care if my beauty standards aren't up to par.I love my embarrassing and ugly clothes,’ Isabella
rebutted coldly.

She wasn't as afraid of Maxwell as she was in the beginning anymore.

It was his fault this time anyway! Hearing those words, he could tell she was furious, and indeed he
wasn't being reasonable, so he snorted, "Get lost and check your food."

After his reminder, Isabella suddenly realized her food was still in the microwave and couldn't bear
arguing with anymore, so she ran back into the kitchen.

When he watched her ponytail sway side to side as she ran, Maxwell's eyes darkened.Picking up his
phone, he dialed a number.

"Prepare some women's clothing for all seasons.Jot down her measurements and send the clothes to
the mansion now.’ Without waiting for a reply, Maxwell hung up the phone and walked to the kitchen.

Isabella had already taken the food out of the microwave.

Seeing Maxwell entering, she requested, "I haven't eaten yet.Let me finish my food before leaving with

Unconsciously, her voice became more tender than usual, and it almost sounded like a plea.She didn't
realize it herself, but it did soften Maxwell's heart.

"Is this how you act as a wife?"

Maxwell looked at Isabella with a cold expression.Isabella returned a confused look at Maxwell.

Although she had scolded him plenty of times in her heart, she dared not show any hint of
dissatisfaction on her face.

"Shouldn't you ask if I've eaten?" he looked at Isabella's puzzled face.

Her big and round eyes were full of doubt, eyes so clear he could see his reflection.

"Haven't you eaten yet?"

Isabella felt it was odd for him to not have dinner yet.

He didn't seem like someone who would starve himself for picking her up.

"Grandma's waiting for you to call her.’ Maxwell glanced at her and uttered indifferently.

With that, he turned around and left the kitchen.

Isabella understood now.

She was right! How could he skip dinner to pick her up? She felt embarrassed for the doubt she had a
second ago.

When she brought the dishes out to the dining table, she saw Maxwell sitting in the living room, so she
called, "Come and have dinner with me.

I can't finish it all by myself anyway, but my food isn't as good as the five-star restaurant, so don't
complain.’ Maxwell snorted, "You don't sound willing, though?"

Once she heard his reply, Isabella wanted to roll her eyes at him, but she faked a smile instead, "Why
would I? I'm honored to let you taste the food I made."

Maxwell was instantly put into a good mood when he saw Isabella like this.

He enjoyed watching her who had to succumb to him even though she was reluctant.

"Okay, I'll just have a bite."

Maxwell got up from the couch and gave Isabella a mocking look of gratitude.

Isabella nodded and followed Maxwell to the dining table.

Looking at the food on the table, he noticed they were common homemade food, but he never had the
chance to eat these because the chefs at Sharp Mansion all had a five-star rating.

They switched up his daily menu and served him extravagant food.

Home-cooked dishes never showed up on his dining table.It was a pretty fresh sight for him.

For some reason, Isabella felt nervous watching Maxwell pick up his cutlery and dig in.

After he had tasted all the dishes, Isabella inquired expectantly, "They aren't too bad, right?"

"So-so,’ Maxwell unconsciously uttered something he didn't mean to as he looked into Isabella's bright
eyes that were as clear as a stream under the moonlight.

Isabella was pretty satisfied with his answer.

For someone who was used to having all the delicacies in the world to taste some light home-cooked
meal, his response should be considered a compliment.

Leaving her thoughts at that, Isabella started digging in as well.

By the end of the meal, she realized that Maxwell, who said her dishes tasted average had gobbled up
most of the food on the table.

While washing the dishes in a trance, she couldn't help but have mixed feelings.

When she came out of the kitchen, Maxwell was on the phone, talking in a language that Isabella
couldn't understand.

When he saw her, he gestured to her to wait.

Soon, the doorbell rang again, so Maxwell got up.

Knowing that the person who came to fetch them had arrived, Isabella picked up her luggage and
followed Maxwell behind.

Surprisingly, Maxwell took the bag from her hand and strode towards the door.

Isabella stared at Maxwell's back, stunned.

The presence of a six footer in the house made her house seem too small.

Holding his phone in one hand while the other carried her luggage, Maxwell couldn't open the door.

After standing for a while, he realized Isabella didn't follow him.

When he turned around, she was in a daze.

He then questioned with a frown, "What are you waiting for? Come and open the door."

After he finished speaking, he continued his conversation on the phone.

Isabella was instantly brought back to reality by his cold voice and quickly walked over to open the

Morgan had been waiting outside the door for a long time.

Never did he expect the couple to have dinner while the rest of them were waiting and starving! He
took the luggage from Maxwell as Isabella followed down the stairs.

Maxwell's voice was pleasant to hear, like the chilly wind right now, carrying a sense of coolness of the
night, but his voice was deep, calm, and a little sexy even.

When they reached the lobby, Isabella stared at the three cars parked downstairs and was instantly

What a sight...

"Madam, this is to ensure the safety of Mr.Sharp.I hope you understand,’ Morgan explained to Isabella
in a timely manner.

Even after hearing his explanation, Isabella didn't quite understand.

It made sense that Maxwell needed protection because he was the CEO of a big company, but this
seemed to be a little overbearing...

Without further explanation, Morgan opened the car door for Isabella to enter.

Maxwell's call didn't end until being on the road for some time.

For a moment, it was quiet in the car, but before Isabella could come up with something to say,
Maxwell's phone rang again.

During their ride to Sharp Mansion, his calls never stopped.

Isabella finally realized how busy Maxwell was.

After washing up and coming out of the bathroom, she was shocked to see him in her room.

She was instantly flustered.

Was he going to...

"Something urgent came up in Sturg, so I'll have to leave for a few days,’ Maxwell informed as he
watched Isabella, who came out of the bathroom in a pale yellow nightgown.

Her hair was let loose and her cheeks were a little flush from the shower.

He found her strangely charming like this.Isabella didn't notice anything off on Maxwell.

Instead, she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Oh, you should go then.It's pretty rushing, isn't it?"

Isabella didn't even realize her tone was lighter than before.

Maxwell smirked at that.

Standing up, he strode towards Isabella.

Seeing that, she unconsciously took a few steps back, but Maxwell was quicker in reflexes.

Grabbing hold of her arm, he pulled her into his embrace.

"Are you so happy that I have to leave for a few days?"

His low and hoarse voice sounded in the quiet room and was extremely bewitching.Isabella's heart
beat rapidly at that.

" way! Why would I be happy?"

"Then are you sad to see me go?" Maxwell snorted.

She cursed in her heart after hearing that.

"Aren't you in a hurry?"

"There's no hurry.I still have some time,’ Maxwell murmured while leaning over against Isabella's ear.

She could feel the warmth of his breath right beside her ear, yet she didn't realize how red her ears had

Before she could speak, a warm and humid feeling hit her earlobe.Isabella's body trembled instantly as
she melted into his embrace.

"So sensitive?"

Maxwell's voice became even more hoarse and sexy.

He wrapped one hand around Isabella's slender waist and used the tip of his fingers to pick at her
shoulder strap.

She had nothing underneath the nightgown, so Isabella panicked at his sudden actions.

She tried to grab Maxwell's hand, but his grip tightened around her.

Her struggle was to no avail.

At the same time, Maxwell had already pulled down one side of her strap…

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