Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 20: Are You That Eager to Leave?

"Which floor?"

Maxwell Sharp glanced at the twelve-story building and questioned.

"Unit 602"" reported Morgan without hesitation.

Pushing the car door open, Maxwell strode into the apartment.

His dark-colored trousers made his legs look even more slender, and his ash gray windbreaker created
a mysterious aura surrounding him under the dim yellow lights.

A gust of early spring wind gently blew at the hems of his coat.

Standing at six feet tall, he stood out among the crowd and immediately attracted the attention of
passersby as they started gossiping among each other.

Ignoring his surroundings, Maxwell went upstairs.

The apartment was pretty old, so there was no elevator.

Maxwell clucked his tongue in disgust.

When he thought of Isabella, who had been living in this neighborhood that didn't seem to be safe, he
felt something tug at his heartstrings, but he couldn't exactly pinpoint what it was.

When Morgan hung up the call earlier, Isabella intended to call him back, but she was afraid it might
cause him trouble, so she waited at home.

The place she lived in was a single apartment consisting of one room and a living room.

It was cozy for a single person.

Looking at her packed luggage, she fell into a daze.

Hunger knocked her out of her stupor after a while.

There was some food left in the fridge, so she took them out to heat them.

As soon as she placed the food in the microwave, the doorbell rang.

Isabella looked at the time and assumed it was someone sent by Morgan.

Walking towards the door, she peeked at the peephole but was shocked by what she saw.

Why was Maxwell here?! Hesitant, Isabella knew if she didn't open the door, there would be
consequences, so she opened the door finally.

"What took you so long?"

Maxwell looked at Isabella, who was wearing an apron, and the light his eyes flickered unconsciously,
but his tone was somewhat impatient.

"I...I was heating up some food..."

Isabella noticed there was no one behind him, and she didn't know how to communicate with
him.Where was the woman from last night?

"Bring me a pair of slippers."

Maxwell saw Isabella standing at the entrance without an intention to let him in, so he demanded

He was at home waiting for her to have dinner together, but what was this woman doing? She was
heating leftovers in this broken place? Initially, Isabella was stunned, but she quickly fetched a pair of

women's slippers from the shoe cabinet.

"I don't have any men's slippers at home.Just make do with it."

Hearing that, Maxwell felt a little better.

At least she was conscious to deny entry to any other man.

"Take a Seat.I'll be ready soon.’ After entering the apartment, Maxwell looked around.

It was really a small and pitiful place, even way smaller than his walk-in closet.

Yet, it was neat and well-organized, and there were a few potted plants and some calligraphy paintings
that seemed to be her own works.

She even lit a scented candle in the house, adding a feminine touch to the place.

He could tell she liked this place a lot through the way she took care of it.

However, his gentle expression changed drastically when he saw something at his heels.

Maxwell suppressed his anger and stomped into the kitchen.

Isabella was in the midst of heating her food, but she suddenly quivered.

Turning around, she saw Maxwell standing behind her.

Isabella had always felt the small kitchen fit her just right when she was alone, but when Maxwell came
in, it suddenly seemed to be too narrow and crowded.


Before she finished speaking, Maxwell pinched her chin roughly.Isabella frowned.

Why did he love to pinch her chin so much? At this rate, he was going to break it one day.

"Are you that eager to leave?!"

Maxwell questioned in a deep voice.There was a trace of rage in his voice.

He couldn't even figure out why he was so upset.

Isabella was confused by his words, but just as she was about to speak, Maxwell's lips had already
pressed down on hers.

He was rough this time, a stark contrast from the tenderness from that night.

There was no mercy now, only punishment.

She tried to fight back, but clearly, the strength of a man was way stronger than a woman's.

Maxwell gripped her jaws hard.

The pain that came with the pinch caused her to part her lips unconsciously.

At that exact moment, Maxwell launched his attack into her mouth, making it impossible for her to