Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 19: Never Come Back

"Why are you in a daze again?"

Noel noticed Isabella was biting on her toast with eyes devoid of life.Raising her hand, she waved it in
front of her friend.

"I'm fine.It's just that Doctor Ross’ assessment is coming up soon.I'm a little nervous."

Isabella shook her head and quickly finished her toast.

Hearing that, Noel couldn't help but laugh.

"Aren't you usually confident? Where did your confidence go? Don't worry, you've always been
great.You'll definitely get the position as Doctor Ross’ assistant!"

Isabella forced a smile at her reassurance.

Afraid that Noel would notice her nervousness if she stayed any longer, she stood up and said, "I gotta
go now.I'll return your clothes after washing them."

"No need.I was going to give these clothes to you anyway, and it's good timing that you came.Get
married into a wealthy family and buy me the dress I couldn't afford that day, alright?"

Noel patted Isabella on the shoulder and smiled lewdly.

Huffing out a breath, Isabella rebutted, "Dream on.’

Why did her best friend keep mentioning her taboos today? If Noel knew she had already married
herself into a crazy rich family, how would she react? Isabella wondered.

After arriving at the hospital, she explained the reason for her absence yesterday to her immediate

She was given an earful, but since their department was pretty busy, it was let slide pretty quickly.

Isabella worked throughout the day and didn't even have time to rest.

Naturally, she forgot about the matter between Maxwell and herself.

She didn't return to Sharp Mansion after work but instead went back to her rented house.

Isabella didn't have spare clothes to change into at Sharp Mansion, so she figured she should bring a
few sets over.

As soon as Isabella was done packing, her phone rang.

Seeing an unfamiliar number on the screen, she picked up the phone without much thought.

"Madam, where are you now?"

A gentle voice came from the other side of the line.

Isabella recalled that it belonged to the man in glasses.

"I'm at my own place now, what's wrong?"

Once Isabella finished speaking, a loud noise could be heard from the other side of the line.

Glancing at the table that was flipped over by Maxwell, Morgan replied calmly, "Please wait at your
place while I send someone to pick you up now.’’

Without giving Isabella a chance to refuse him, Morgan immediately hung up the phone.

"Why should we pick her up? Let her stay there if she likes her place so much!"

Maxwell's deep and hoarse voice sounded.

Soon silence enveloped the whole mansion again.

Maxwell went home early today, but Isabella was still nowhere to be seen.

He didn't even see her at the dinner table, so Morgan had to call her.

However, he accidentally put the call on the loudspeaker, so Maxwell heard the whole conversation.

Morgan did not expect Maxwell to have such a huge reaction.

"Sir, Old Madam will call later in the evening.If Madam is not here, I'm afraid that she'll start worrying.’
Tyler quickly stepped forward to ease the situation.

Hearing the butler's words, Maxwell furrowed his brows slightly and then stood up from his seat before
Morgan could react.

"Let's go.’ Morgan knew Maxwell's temper had sparked.

He was going to pick Isabella up personally...

When everyone else saw Maxwell getting up, they could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

They were worried that if he didn't allow Isabella to come back to the mansion, they would have to deal
with all kinds of emergency situations.

When Maxwell and Morgan arrived at Isabella's apartment building, their car attracted the attention of
people on the streets.

"People actually live in this place?" Maxwell questioned with disdain.

"Sir, Old Madam stayed here for two days not long ago.I heard she enjoyed her stay,’ Morgan replied
slowly, somehow disproving his boss's words.

Maxwell glanced at Morgan coldly in response and it immediately shut him up.