Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 18: The Gap Between Us

Before the maid could say anything more, Isabella was already at the door.Slipping into her shoes, she
left the mansion.

Seeing that Isabella was still in pajamas, the maid thought that she probably assumed Mr.Sharp had
allowed that woman to stay the night...

When Morgan Byrne, the man with glasses, arrived at the mansion, Maxwell had just washed up and
went downstairs for breakfast.

Noticing that Isabella was nowhere to be seen, he couldn't help but snort, "Go and wake her up.’ When
the maid heard Maxwell's orders, she informed hesitantly, "Sir, Madam has already gone out."

"Where did she go?"

Maxwell checked his watch while asking the maid.

Why was she out so early? "She didn't say where she's going, but she's going to have lunch at the

The maid dared not say too much and only repeated what Isabella had told her.

When Morgan heard the maid, he immediately explained, "Sir, Madam is currently working at Hallmark
General Hospital and is under the cardiovascular department.She works directly under the
internationally renowned doctor, Drew Ross."

Maxwell nodded without uttering another word.

Seeing that Maxwell didn't have any other instruction, Morgan left.

Initially, Maxwell had thought Isabella might have gotten upset over the situation last night, but it came
as a surprise to him that she was cool with it and didn't take it to heart at all.

At the same time, the maids standing around him naturally sensed the somber atmosphere he carried.

None of them dared to speak while carrying out their respective duties.

Maxwell's appetite was instantly gone.

After having some food, he left the house.

On the way to the company, Morgan didn't dare to say anything even though he had something to
report to Maxwell.

"Give me a copy of Isabella's personal relationships over the past few years.’ Morgan was reading
some documents.

Startled by Maxwell's words, he could almost feel his hair stand.

Was it true that some things wouldn't end easily once they started? "Yes, sir.''

After that, Maxwell didn't speak again.

He was somewhat annoyed, but he didn't understand where his frustration came from.

On the side of the city, Isabella had already arrived at her friend's house.

"What's up with you? Did the landlord chase you out because you didn't pay rent?"

Noel Knight looked at Isabella, who was still in pajamas, and couldn't help but tease her.

"Stop teasing me! Lend me a set of your clothes.I need to go to the hospital,"

Isabella went straight into Noel's bedroom after entering the house, as if it was her own home.

Fetching a set of fitting clothes, Noel handed them to Isabella, "Wear these.Tell me what happened
when you finish.’’ Isabella nodded and quickly changed into fresh clothes.

When she walked out of the bedroom, Noel brought breakfast over and uttered, "You haven't eaten,
have you? Come over and have some breakfast."

Isabella hadn't organized her thoughts yet.

Although her best friend was already watching her, she couldn't bring herself to talk about what

"I went out to get milk this morning, but I left my keys at home.When I went back, the door was locked,
and I didn't manage to find a locksmith, so here I am borrowing your clothes."

After a while, Isabella looked up at Noel and tried to explain in a calm tone.

Even if she told Noel that she and Maxwell Sharp were married, she wouldn't have believed it.After all,
Maxwell was the existence admired by the public in Buserama.

There was a huge gap between him and ordinary people It was totally impossible for people like them
to cross paths with him...

However, she was the lucky one who held the tiniest possibility.

Seeing Isabella's calm expression, Noel bought her excuse and didn't think too much about it.

"You're always clumsy! You should find someone who can take good care of you,’ Noel teased, but she
didn't know how her words affected Isabella.

Bitterness surged in the heart of the newly-wed instantly.

Isabella had never imagined what it would be like in the future.

She didn't have a plan for life after two years.She was worried she wouldn't even endure the next two