Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 17: The Scent of Another Women

"What do you mean?" the woman asked awkwardly.

Maxwell had already shoved her hands away from him.

"What do you not understand? You're an eyesore.Who told you I'd touch a prostitute?"

Maxwell glanced at the woman coldly and walked straight towards the door.

Hearing that, the woman trembled with anger.

Did he actually call her a prostitute?! Even if her family was incomparable to Maxwell's, her father was
Mayor of Buserama! How dare Maxwell insult her!

"I'm giving you five minutes to leave this mansion.’ Maxwell opened the door as he spoke with a poker

There was no emotion in his words, yet the woman quivered.

The maids who were cleaning up on the first floor were nervous when they saw Maxwell coming down
and had their heads hung low.

Entering the kitchen that he usually never stepped into, Maxwell found Isabella was not there anymore.

"Where's supper?"

Maxwell looked around and questioned coldly.

"Sir, Madam ate it"

Tyler answered cautiously.

He didn't understand why Maxwell would come down looking for supper when he had refused to eat

"She ate it?"

Maxwell asked Tyler.

In response, the butler nodded.

"After she brought the food back to the kitchen earlier, she said it would be a waste to throw it, so she
finished it by herself.

Everyone in the mansion could sense the eerie and cold aura surrounding Maxwell as if a storm was
about to come, so Tyler thought he might be furious.

Surprisingly, Maxwell curved his lips into a smirk.

Even though it only lasted for a short second, Tyler firmly believed that he wasn't mistaken.

"Go ahead and rest after cleaning up.’ With that said, Maxwell left the kitchen.

Everyone in the kitchen swapped glances with each other.

It was clear that Maxwell's actions today had greatly exceeded their expectations.

After going upstairs, Maxwell went straight to the room Isabella was in.

However, he didn't manage to open the door because it had already been locked from the inside.

Seeing the broody look in his eyes, Tyler was about to get the spare keys but was stopped by Maxwell.

It seemed his wife wanted nothing to do with him at all.

But of course, he wasn't going to grant her wish! After returning to the room, the woman was no longer
there, so Maxwell called some maids over to sanitize the room and change the bedsheets.

Only then did he fall asleep in bed.

He certainly wasn't going to let another woman's scent envelope the room anymore.

Maxwell reckoned that Isabella was probably jealous.

She could have misunderstood the situation and got upset, but she couldn't vent her anger.

He wanted to see how long she could endure before her temper sparked.

While immersed in his thoughts, Maxwell smiled, but sleep started to take over him.

It was a rare occasion that he didn't have insomnia.

The next morning, Isabella woke up at six oclock.

It would take at least two hours to reach the hospital from Sharp Mansion, so she had to get up much
earlier than usual.

Looking at her pajamas, Isabella felt a little helpless.

She still had to go back to the master room to get changed.

Maxwell and that woman were probably still asleep now, so she couldn't go over and disturb them.

When she thought about it, uneasiness crept up in her mind.

It was probably the anger she felt from last night, so she didn't give it a second thought.

Putting on her coat, Isabella went downstairs after calling her best friend.

The maids were surprised to see her up So early because they were only starting to prepare breakfast.

"Madam, breakfast is still in preparation.Please give us a moment.’

"I have something to do so I'll be heading out first.I'll have lunch at the hospital at noon.You don't have
to prepare anything for me,’ Isabella shook her head and replied.