Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 16: Don't Worry and Leave It to Me

"Madam, Mr.Sharp has gone upstairs,’ Tyler informed Isabella.

Nodding her head, she carried two plates of pasta up the stairs.She thought they were in the study, but
Kyra pointed to her room.Widening her eyes in shock, Isabella couldn't believe it.

Did he just take the woman into their room so openly? Suppressing her anger, Isabella strode to the
door with the food in hand.

Kyra helped her hold one plate while she took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Mr.Sharp, supper's ready."

After a few minutes, the door opened.It was the woman, but now she was wrapped in only a bath towel.

Her exquisite little dress was no longer on her body, and from the open door, Isabella could see the dim
yellow lights in the room.

"Are you trying to make me fat with such greasy food? Take it away, I'm not eating!"

The woman looked at the pasta in Isabella's hand and cringed in disgust.

Looking back at the woman, Isabella uttered softly, "Mr.Sharp..."

"He's not eating either.It was me who wanted to have supper anyway.’ The woman waved her hand
with a look of disdain.

Hearing that, Isabella nodded and left with the food.Once she left, the door slammed shut.

"Kyra, Can you prepare a guest room for me?"

Isabella requested as she walked down the stairs.

"Tyler already asked someone to prepare a room.Let me take you there,’ Kyra replied softly.

Isabella nodded in response and looked at Kyra.

"Give me a minute.’ Kyra didn't know what Isabella was going to do.

As soon as the latter entered the kitchen, she dished the pasta into one big plate, picked up a fork, and
started digging in.

In the spacious kitchen, several chefs were stunned by Isabella's actions.

Her intentions were actually pretty simple.

She just didn't want to waste the food and throw it in the bin.

Therefore, she decided to finish it by herself.

When she was done and was about to wash the dishes, one of the maids came forward to take the
plates from Isabella's hands.

"Madam, you should go and rest.Leave the dishes to us."

Isabella nodded and didn't refuse.She then followed Kyra and left.

After eating too much, she couldn't fall asleep.

Isabella was a little depressed, but she had work tomorrow, so she decided to stop overthinking.

Everything would be over in two years, so she just needed to endure it.

At the same time, Maxwell came out of the bathroom and looked at the woman, who was sitting on the
side of the bed.

His eyes turned cold.

"You seem to know your job."

"Didn't you ask me to feed your desire? I can't let you down.’ The woman stood up and walked towards
Maxwell as she slowly removed the bath towel from her body.

"Where's supper?"

Maxwell glanced at the naked woman in front of him, but there was no desire in his eyes.

He asked with a calm voice, which brought the woman sauntering towards him up short.

The woman had a gorgeous figure, without excess fat on it.

Her perfect curves should easily capture the attention of any man.

However, Maxwell's indifference didn't seem pretentious at all.

"Mr.Sharp, who cares about supper right now? I'm not even hungry anymore."

Reaching out her hands, the woman touched Maxwell's shoulder sensibly and started to pull his
bathrobe down.

Even when the woman started tempting him, Maxwell remained indifferent.


"I asked the cook to bring it away.It's just a plate of pasta.You won't want to eat it,"

the woman uttered in a helpless way, yet she still forced a smile and tried to seduce Maxwell with her
sultry gaze.

When Maxwell heard what she said, his face turned rigid as he stared at her with a somber gaze.

"Get out." The woman was stunned by his curt response.