Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 14: A Bolt From the Blue

"So, after today, can we not..." Isabella took a deep breath and looked at Maxwell.

He returned the look with a complicated gaze and suddenly, he was striding towards her.

Before Isabella could react, he had already pinned her down with his body.

Propping himself on the bed with one hand, he pinched Isabella's chin with the other.

His grip was So strong it could crush her chin.

"Why? Don't you like it?"

His cold voice was a perfect representation of his overall aura cold and arrogant.

In response, Isabella didn't speak nor look away.She silently looked at Maxwell.

"I thought you enjoyed it.After all, you're very compliant, aren't you?"

He suddenly smiled in a mocking tone and gazed at her flirtatiously.

When she heard those words, her eyes gradually dimmed.

"Okay.You better tell me your ovulation every month.It'll save me a lot of trouble."

Shaking her off, Maxwell uttered.

Looking down at Isabella, who was sitting on the bed weakly, Maxwell wasn't aware of the anger in his

Isabella had her head hung down low, so the both of them couldn't see each other's expressions.

With that, Maxwell didn't stay any longer and proceeded to stride out of the bedroom.

It wasn't until the bedroom door was slammed shut that Isabella's tense body gradually relaxed, as if
her strength was entirely drained out of her body in an instant, and her limbs were weak.

He had the ability to easily turn her into a wreck.

Unable to resist hunger, and at the same time not wanting to worry Madam Sharp, Isabella put on her
clothes and went downstairs, but Maxwell was nowhere to be seen.

When Madam Sharp and one of the maids came out of the room, they were dragging suitcases.

"Bella, you're awake! Max said you were asleep just now, so he didn't wake you up for dinner.Hurry up
and eat.The food's still warm.’ Madam Sharp smiled at Isabella tenderly.

"Grandma, what are these for?"

Isabella glanced at the luggage and inquired curiously.

"Oh, I'm going on a trip with Madam Watson, and I have to leave now.You and Max must take care of
each other when I'm not home, alright? Oh, and don't forget I'm still waiting to see my cute, little great-

exclaimed Madam Sharp as she beamed at Isabella.

Hearing that, Isabella felt she was struck by a bolt from the blue.

Didn't that mean she would have to spend the upcoming days alone with Maxwell?!

"Grandma...’ Isabella wanted to say something, but Madam Sharp was already in a hurry to leave the

"Bella, Grandma has to leave for the airport now.You and Max will be fine.I'll be back in a month! Max
just left to settle some matters, and I know he's a little stubborn, but he's actually a nice kid."

Madam Sharp held Isabella's hand and said patiently.

Hearing those words, Isabella felt the Maxwell she knew of probably wasn't the same person in Madam
Sharp's mind.

The next thing Isabella knew was that sending the old lady off at the porch.

Handing the luggage over to the chauffeur, Isabella silently watched Madam Sharp, who was wearing a
smiley face.

She couldn't help but have mixed feelings.

Isabella didn't understand why Maxwell would let his grandma leave the country on her own.

Back then, Madam Sharp was lucky to have met Isabella while she was wandering the streets alone
and forgot the route back home.

Otherwise, the elderly probably wouldn't have been found yet.

"Grandma, you have to call me when you arrive, okay? Keep in touch with me at any time."

Isabella crouched a little to meet the old lady's gaze and reminded Madam Sharp.

Hearing Isabella's words, Madam Sharp nodded and patted the younger on the head.

"Bella, thank you for all your effort.Remember, you'll always be the best and only granddaughter-in-law
to me.’’