Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 15: He Brought a Woman Home

Even after the car had driven off a distance away, Isabella was still digesting Madam Sharp's words.

She still didn't quite agree with the elderly's words.

After having dinner alone, Isabella went upstairs.

At least, Maxwell agreed to her request earlier.

He wasn't going to touch her other than during her ovulation period.

Although he had a terrible personality, she reckoned that he wasn't the kind of person to break his

Thinking of that, Isabella felt reassured.

Just as she thought she could sleep peacefully throughout the night, Isabella was woken up by a knock
on the door in the middle of the night.

"Madam, are you asleep?"

Kyra's voice came from outside the door.

At first, Isabella thought she was hallucinating.

After making sure that it was indeed Kyra, she got up and opened the door.

Why was Maxwell looking for her this late at night? Was he going to go back on his words? Somewhat
nervous, Isabella opened the door and saw Kyra's helpless expression.

"Mr.Sharp is back, and he wants to have supper...’ Kyra looked at Isabella and spoke indirectly.

"He wants me to make supper?"

Isabella immediately understood what Kyra meant.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have woken her up in the middle of the night.

When she checked the clock earlier, it was already one in the morning.

Kyra nodded without uttering another word.

"Did he say what he wanted to eat?"

Isabella looked at Kyra and inquired.

"He just wants you in the kitchen.He didn't say what he wanted,’ Kyra replied while shaking her head.

Hearing that, Isabella followed the maid downstairs.

While she was going down the stairs, a sweet and delicate voice rang.

No one in Sharp Mansion sounded like that.

"Mr.Sharp, I'm starving! I can't serve you if I'm not on a full stomach!"

"You just need to feed my desire."

Maxwell's deep voice sounded particularly cold and sexy this early in the morning.

Hearing the footsteps, Maxwell turned to take a glance at Isabella, but he was quick to look away.

However, his glance was enough to make Isabella's heart skip a beat.

"Mr.Sharp, is this the cook you told me about?"

The woman sitting next to Maxwell, who was wearing an elegant and exquisite dress, looked at Isabella
and inquired.

Maxwell gave a cold snort as an answer.

The woman watched Isabella with hostility in her eyes.

Her instincts immediately told her that this cook was a threat to her! "You sure have good taste in
women, Mr.Sharp.How can your cook look so beautiful as well?"

The woman turned to look at Maxwell with a charming smile.

Hearing those words, he snorted and rebutted, "She's just a servant.How can she compare with you?"

The woman was delighted after hearing what he said.

She couldn't help but beam happily at him.

While ignoring how others would view her, Isabella continued walking down the stairs and entered the
kitchen with a calm expression.

Maxwell really didn't have to remind her constantly that she was just a toy he bought for fun! As he
watched Isabella enter the kitchen, his face immediately turned cold without him realizing it.

The chefs in the kitchen were all there, and they looked at Isabella with guilt, "Madam, sorry for waking
you up.We prepared supper for Mr, Sharp, but..."

Isabella knew Maxwell was doing it on purpose, but what else could she do? In this big house, or
wherever Maxwell was, she couldn't complain nor resist.

It was her own choice.

She couldn't blame others.

"It's fine.Is there anything he doesn't eat or allergic to?"

Isabella shook her head and rolled up her sleeves to prepare the ingredients.

After the chefs informed Isabella about everything Maxwell didn't eat, Isabella looked at the time.

She could only make pasta given such a short time, and so, she started to work on the dish.

However, when Isabella was done cooking and was about to serve the pasta, Maxwell and that woman
were no longer in the living room...