Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 12: Spoiled Princess

Being nice, Isabella handed the juice to Joanna, but the latter uttered, "I don't drink apple juice.I want
orange.’ Isabella returned to the kitchen and brought Joanna another glass.

However, before she could hand it to Joanna, Joanna pushed her hand and spilled the juice over
Isabella's clothes.

"Do you want to kill me with the sourness?! I can even smell the pungent scent before drinking it!"

Joanna glared at Isabella impatiently and accused, completely ignoring the artwork she painted across
Isabella's shirt.

"Joan, what are you doing? Get it yourself if you want something! Are you a child?! Look what you did
to Isabella's clothes! Bella, I'm so sorry.

How much are your clothes? I'll pay for it, the woman pretended to scold her daughter.

Then, she fished out a few hundred dollars from her bag and stuffed them into Isabella's hands.

Isabella initially had her head hung low, but once the woman stuffed the money into her hands, she
suddenly snickered.

"You must be raising a little princess.Why is a 20-year-old behaving like a child? Will you say she's
being immature even if she kills someone? I can ignore her slander, but her repeated provocations and
pranks make me doubt that she has manners!"

Isabella scanned the lady in front of her with a cold gaze.

"What did you say?! Say it again!"

Joanna didn't expect Isabella, who looked like a soft touch, would suddenly blow up, so she roared
angrily in response.

"I don't need this money.If you really want to compensate me, you better ask Mr.Sharp.He's the one
who prepared the clothes, but I think your money isn't even enough to pay for a sleeve."

Isabella looked at the mother and daughter, then uttered coldly.

Joanna and her mother never expected the clothes was given by Maxwell.

Their faces instantly dropped.

"Hmph! You're the one who spilled it over and now you're trying to frame me! You're the clumsy one.Go
and complain to Maxwell, then.Do you think he'll help you?"

Joanna rebutted, pretending to be calm.

Even though Joanna was naive to Maxwell's character, her mother knew better.

They were merely distant relatives to him, and Maxwell was a b*st*rd who didn't value kinship at all.

Except for Madam Sharp, he was always cold to others.

Joanna's mother knew it was the old lady's wish for Maxwell to marry this woman in front of her.

That was the reason she allowed her daughter to bully Isabella.

However, looking at Isabella's behavior, she started to worry Maxwell would side with his wife.

"What are you arguing about?"

A deep and slightly cold voice rang, causing the temperature in the room to drop to freezing point.

Before Isabella could think of something to say, Joanna shoved her away and hurriedly ran to
Maxwell's side.

"Max, you have to listen to me! Isabella spilled juice over her clothes but she's blaming me and my
mother! She even yelled at me!"

Maxwell glanced at Joanna with a playful smirk.

Seeing that, Joanna immediately felt confidence ride up in her heart.

Maxwell was definitely going to side her! Upon hearing Joanna's accusations, Isabella was impressed
by Joanna's ability to turn things upside down.

Was everyone in the Sharp family unreasonable? "Tell me, what happened?"

Maxwell walked to Isabella's side and looked at the juice on her white shirt.

He frowned and questioned in disgust.

"I'm not that bored to get myself dirty for fun."

Isabella was also upset with Maxwell.

Clenching her fists tightly, she raised her head stubbornly with pride.

Joanna rushed to Isabella's side and pushed her hard after hearing what she had said.

Since the juice was all over the floor, Isabella lost balance and slipped onto the ground with a loud

"Serves you right! You don't even see who you're talking to!"

Joanna raised her head arrogantly and huffed without remorse.

Isabella was stunned for a few seconds.

She felt her body throb in great pain, but it was only for a few seconds.

She got back on her feet almost immediately, and before anyone could react, a hard slap landed on
Joanna's face.