Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 9: Is it Fun To Lie To Me?

"Oh yeah, our Bella is a doctor.How about you take leave today and go to work tomorrow? You guys
are newlyweds, so you should spend more time together.Just go to the company with Max today,
Bella.It's good to let the people there know you too."

When Madam Sharp heard Isabella's words, she suggested with a clap.

Although Isabella was reluctant to follow Madam Sharp's words, she comforted herself that she could
at least go to work tomorrow.

"Isabella will stay at home with you, Grandma.She doesn't need to work."

Maxwell Sharp cast a cold glance at Isabella.

However, Madam Sharp just shook her head.

"I haven't reached the age when I need someone to take care of me 24/7.Isabella has things to do too,
so don't keep her by my side all the time! Well, leave now, my dear.I'm going to look for my friends too."

Hearing this, Maxwell didn't say anything and only cast a sidelong glance at Isabella when he turned

"Follow me."

As Isabella knew she could no longer refuse, she gritted her teeth and followed him.

Just as she got into the car, she was pulled into Maxwell's arms by force.

Squeezing with her hand, Maxwell asked coldly, "It seems you like to challenge my patience, huh?"

Isabella looked straight into his eyes.

"I know I have no right to say this, but I wish to work.Please."

Without a word, Maxwell cast his gaze on her with a faint smile, making her unable to gauge his mood.

"Is it fun to lie to me, Isabella?"

His words stunned and confused Isabella.

Then, he bent down slightly and stayed close to her ear.

Upon feeling his warm breath on her neck, Isabella had goosebumps.

"Your incubation period."

Hearing this, Isabella trembled violently and broke away from Maxwell's embrace at once.

In disbelief, she stared at him wordlessly.

"Do you seriously think I'll marry you without investigating you beforehand? If I don't have all of your
background information, do you think you'll have the right to sit beside me or...sleep on my bed?"

His cold and harsh words were like a sharp blade to Isabella.

"What do you want?"

Isabella looked at Maxwell coldly.

Finally, she understood she was like a piece of white cloth to him, and he had the right to decide what
color or pattern he wanted her to be.

"We have 20 minutes before reaching the company.Please me."

Fixing his gaze on Isabella, Maxwell spoke lightly as though he was talking about his lunch later.

Meanwhile, Isabella was at a loss.

When the partition between the driver and the backseat fell, Isabella looked at Maxwell and said in a
low voice, "I don't know how to do it."

"It seems you still don't understand what a pet is,"

Maxwell smirked.

Hearing this, Isabella unconsciously moved away from him.

"I'll count to three, Isabella.If you don't come over, your foster father's company, your biological father's
life, and everything will be over."

Holding his forehead with one hand, Maxwell looked at Isabella with a wicked and wild grin.

However, his attractive face and smile were no different from a demon's in Isabella's eyes.




Looking at the motionless Isabella, Maxwell took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Listen, Daniel Chapman's funds..."

Before he finished speaking, his phone was taken away.

Without waiting for him to speak, Isabella had covered her lips on his.

Imperceptibly, Maxwell curled his lips, but he remained unmoved.

No matter how Isabella teased him, he had no reaction.

Slowly, the car came to a stop, and the driver reported softly on the other side of the partition, "We've
arrived at the company, Mr.Sharp."

Pushing Isabella away, Maxwell held her head with one hand and forced her to look down.

With a cold voice, he said, "See? You've failed."