Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 11: Provocation

By the time Isabella came out of the lounge, fully dressed, Maxwell was no longer in the office.The
spacious room was now abnormally quiet.

Without Maxwell's instructions, Isabella didn't dare to walk around.

When it was almost noon, the door of the office was pushed open.

Isabella thought Maxwell had returned, but instead, it was the man in glasses who had given Isabella
the contract previously.

He glanced at Isabella and nodded at her, then he took some documents and left.

Isabella didn't expect that she had to wait until late afternoon.

It was almost time to get off work when the secretary came in and informed Isabella Maxwell wouldn't
return as he had gone for a dinner party, and she could go home first.

The door closed again, and that left Isabella stunned.

Had she been waiting for nothing all this while? Was this the punishment he gave her? Thinking about
it, Isabella felt ridiculous.

After leaving the office, Isabella entered the elevator and left the building under a few pairs of curious

After hailing a taxi and returning to Sharp Mansion, she had to ask the maid Kyra to pay for her taxi

Isabella felt she had never been so humiliated in her whole life.

"Madam, Mr.Sharp has returned."

Kyra led Isabella into the mansion and informed softly.

"Isn't he at a party?"

Isabella frowned at Kyra's words.

"Oh, you probably don't know Mr.Sharp does not go to parties whenever Madam Sharp is at home,’
answered Kyra with a smile.

With her fists clenched tightly, Isabella finally realized Maxwell had done this on purpose.

He was deliberately making a fool out of her and embarrassing her.

Isabella entered the mansion in silence.

When Madam Sharp saw her, the old lady happily pulled the newly-wed to her side.

Isabella then noticed it was more crowded in the family compared to yesterday.

"Bella, come here.They are Max's aunt and cousin.They came to see you after knowing your marriage.’
Noticing how close Madam Sharp was with Isabella, the mother-daughter pair, who were silent all
along, turned to look at Isabella.

Seeing the two women in front of her who were nobly dressed, Isabella smiled shyly and greeted,
"Hello, I'm Isabella Holland."

When the two looked at Isabella, they returned a smile politely in response.

It was the type of superficial smile that the rich would put on whenever they met new people, but it
didn't bother Isabella at all because she didn't expect any member of the Sharps to like her.

Madam Sharp took rounds talking with different people then went to answer a call, leaving Isabella and
the mother-daughter pair alone.

Since she wasn't very good at initiating conversations, Isabella fell silent for a moment.

"I don't know why Max likes you.You look like a plain Jane and have a smell of poverty.Such an
embarrassment to our family; the young woman, who was also Maxwell's cousin, Joanna Sharp,
commented impolitely.

"Joan, watch your words.Bella, don't take her words to your heart.The older woman looked at Isabella
and smiled politely, but her words was still a command.

Isabella nodded and replied softly, "Don't worry, I won't.

It's true that I'm not worthy of Mr.Sharp.’ "Hmph! Good that you're aware!"

Joanna snorted coldly upon hearing that.

Isabella didn't want to get involved in any conflict with the Sharp family, because she didn't expect
Maxwell to stand on her side, so in the current situation, it was better to give in as much as possible.

"Hey, go and get me a glass of juice."

Joanna glanced at Isabella and demanded rudely.

Kyra was just about to serve when she was stopped by Joanna.

"You, aren't you my cousin-in-law? Aren't you even willing to get me some juice?"

Since she was provoking Isabella without even blinking, Isabella smiled and stood up, "Alright, give me
a minute."

After giving Kyra a comforting look, Isabella quickly went to get a glass of juice for Joanna.

The lady next to Joanna didn't bother to intervene and just let her daughter do whatever she wanted.

In the eyes of the rich and powerful, Isabella married way above her station.

Therefore, it was only reasonable for them to treat her this way.

When Isabella came back to Joanna with the juice, the latter didn't get up.

She leaned back on the couch and ordered, "Give it to me."