Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 8: Traces That Can't Be Washed Away

When Isabella woke up the next morning, Maxwell was no longer by her side, but the lingering warmth
on the other side of the bed reminded her everything that happened last night wasn't a dream.

Although she desperately hoped it was a nightmare, her sore body was solid evidence that she had lost
her virginity.

Last night, she didn't know how many times she fainted while Maxwell tormented her body and soul as
though a greedy beast.

Struggling to get up from the bed, she went to the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting the cold
water fall on her body.

All the marks and bruises on her body were proof that she and Maxwell had had sex.

No matter how hard she scrubbed her body, she couldn't wash them away.

"Breakfast is ready, Madam."

Kyra's voice rang outside, making Isabella pause her actions.


Isabella tried her best to make her voice sound normal.

Then, she quickly tidied herself up and looked at her naked body in front of the huge mirror.

Every mark on her body was an eyesore that she couldn't ignore.

Kyra had already prepared clean clothes for her.

Compared to what Maxwell had given her yesterday, they were at least within her acceptable range.

After changing her clothes, she opened the door and went downstairs.

When Kyra led her to the dining room, Madam Sharp and Maxwell were already sitting at the dining

Casting a cold glance at her, Maxwell put down the newspaper in his hand.

"Keep in mind we have breakfast at 8 am."

With her fists clenched, Isabella nodded.

"I see."

"Bella must have been tired last night, Max.So what's wrong with her sleeping in? Don't be so picky."

Madam Sharp looked at Maxwell disapprovingly and then turned to wink at Isabella.

If they hadn't known each other before this, Isabella would have found Madam Sharp's actions

However, she could no longer face Madam Sharp with the same emotions she had the first time she
met her.

After smiling perfunctorily at Madam Sharp, Isabella was going to walk to her seat at the dining table
when Maxwell said coldly, "Stop there."

Isabella looked at Maxwell in confusion.

However, Maxwell didn't say anything and only let the servants continue serving Madam Sharp for

"What are you doing, Max? Didn't I ask you to take care of Bella? This isn't the right way!"

Madam Sharp asked in a high-pitched voice as she was startled by Maxwell's words.

Helplessly, Maxwell turned his gaze to his grandma and replied, "Just have your breakfast,
Grandma.Don't worry about her."

Clenching her fists tighter, Isabella bit her bottom lip to keep her mind clear.

Bracing herself to put a bright smile on her face, she greeted, "Good morning, Grandma, Max."

"Haha, come here and sit with me, Bella.Let's ignore Max."

When Madam Sharp heard Isabella calling her grandma, she was delighted and didn't bother to argue
with Maxwell anymore.

Meanwhile, Maxwell's gaze became less cold after he heard Isabella calling him Max.

With this, it could be said he allowed Isabella to call him so.

After casting a glance at Maxwell and finding that he had no refusal, Isabella went to sit down.

The breakfast ended under Madam Sharp's concern and kind questions.

Seeing that Maxwell was about to go to the company, Isabella wished to go to the hospital too, but she
was stopped by a glare from Maxwell.

"Why don't you bring Bella to the company and let her be familiar with the environment, Max?"

Madam Sharp asked softly while being supported by a servant.

When Maxwell heard her words, he frowned slightly.

"It's okay, Grandma.I-I need to go to the hospital later too."

Upon hearing Madam Sharp's question, Isabella quickly said.

Even though she knew her words would certainly make Maxwell angry, she still needed to do it,
because this was her only chance to let Maxwell agree to her continuing working.