Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 7: The Price You Have To Pay

The burning temperature made Isabella tremble violently and then she started struggling with all her

Ignoring the pain in her arm, she only wished to break free from Maxwell.

No matter what, she couldn't and didn't want this to continue.She wasn't a tool to give birth and she
didn't wish to do such a thing too.

Unfortunately, in terms of strength, she wasn't a match for Maxwell.

Hence, not only did she hurt herself, but she didn't manage to escape from him either.As a last resort,
she pursed her lips tightly.

Feeling this, Maxwell squeezed her chin hard with the hand on her chin.

The moment Isabella cried out in pain, he pushed his tongue into her lips, conquering her.

As Isabella had never even been in a relationship before, how could she withstand such a fiery attack
from Maxwell? Unconsciously, her body softened.

Noticing the change, Maxwell slowly loosened his grip on her chin, then moved his hand down her

His warm touch made Isabella come back to her senses in an instant.

In her mind, she knew that she wouldn't be able to escape if she didn't put this to a stop now.


Gasping in pain, Maxwell stared at Isabella, who was terrified, fiercely.

Soon, his mouth was full of the taste of blood.

"Can we take this slowly, Mr.Sharp? I-I'm not ready yet."

Isabella looked at him and whispered.

Upon hearing her words, Maxwell curled his lips into a smile, and this made Isabella even more panic.

It was even harder to guess Maxwell's thoughts when he smiled.

"Isabella Holland."

When the low and cold voice called out her name, she felt a chill running down her spine.

Without waiting for her to reply, Maxwell had already picked her up and thrown her onto the bed.

Standing at the corner of the bed, he couldn't hold back the raging fury and desire in his eyes.

"I've told you this before.You don't have the right to say no."

Just as Isabella wanted to struggle, she was pressed against the bed by his hot body.

Throwing her bathrobe to the side, Maxwell grabbed her chin and kissed her again.

At once, Isabella could taste the blood in his mouth, but she couldn't bite him anymore as his hand was
holding her chin firmly.

As she couldn't fight against his huge strength, she looked like a dying fish waging up its deathbed
struggle on the land.

All the time, she kicked her legs in the air in protest.

When Maxwell finally broke apart from her, she gasped for breath.

During this time, Maxwell had already taken off all of their clothes.

"Do you think we'll just do nothing in these two years?"

Although his voice was deep and bewitching, it was Satan's voice in Isabella's ears, thundering to her

"Grandma wants a great-grandson.Since she likes you, you're qualified to give birth to the Sharps’

"Is this the price?"

Finally, Isabella found her voice, but it was more hoarse than usual.

Slightly stunned by her sudden question, Maxwell narrowed his eyes that were filled with wildness and

"You think so?"

Maxwell's words made everything clear to Isabella.

The deal was never as simple as it seemed.

She had been sold to a selfish and calculative devil by her family.

Now, she didn't have the right to say no.

When Maxwell lay on top of Isabella again, she gave up struggling.

If this were the price, she would accept it.

However, she would never be pregnant with Maxwell's child! Absolutely not! "Isabella, this is a gift, not
a price."

Along with the pain and shame that she could never forget, Isabella opened her eyes wide and
sneered.A drop of tears fell from the corner of her eye.