Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 6: Don't Make Me Lose My Patience

When Isabella came out of the bathroom, she noticed the bright lights in the room had been dimmed.

On the couch not far away, smoke was swirling in the shadow and the red light of the cigarette was

Holding the cigarette, Maxwell fixed his dark, sharp gaze on Isabella.

Under his stare, Isabella felt her heartbeat skip a beat and panic rise in her heart.

"Come here."

The cold voice made Isabella shiver unconsciously.

"I-I'm done with the bathroom.You can take a shower now."

She looked a little flustered and tried not to look at Maxwell.

"Don't make me repeat my words."

Compared to just now, Maxwell sounded colder, and the oppressive aura that he was emitting became

Sighing in her heart, Isabella walked over.

In the coming two years, she had to learn to get along with this man.

Seeing Isabella walk toward him, Maxwell's became less gloomy.With the cigarette in his mouth, he
narrowed his eyes and looked at her.

He couldn't deny Isabella looked stunning when she just walked out of the bathroom.

Under her ugly clothes, she had a rather good figure.

Isabella stopped a meter away from him.

With his eyes narrowed, Maxwell signaled her to walk closer by curling his finger.

When Isabella moved closer, he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him with force.

Surprised, Isabella lost her balance and fell into a warm embrace.

Frozen for a few seconds, Isabella could hear her frantic heartbeat.

Just as she was about to break away from Maxwell's embrace, her waist was held firmly and her whole
body was pressed against him.

At once, she felt his warm body and his erection, which terrified her.

Maxwell was surprised at his weak self-control too.

After all, he rarely let his desire take over his heart and mind, but this seemed to be not the case with

He couldn't hold back himself after merely touching her.

"Are you on your incubation period now, huh?"

Taking the cigarette in his mouth away, Maxwell asked in a low and hoarse voice, bewitching Isabella.

Then, he blew a puff of smoke onto her face, choking her.

Immediately, Isabella couldn't stop coughing.

In the haze, she could see his flippant expression and mischievous smile.

In comparison to his cold face, this scared her more.


Isabella shook her head and denied.

Instantly, she understood what Maxwell meant.

He had kept Madam Sharp's words about letting her meet her great-grandson soon in mind! "Ha..."

As he put out the cigarette in his hand, a playful smile appeared on his thin lips.

Before Isabella could figure out the meaning of his smile, he spoke again.

"It doesn't matter.We'll have our chile after trying a few more times."

When he finished speaking, he raised his hand and pulled off the bathrobe on Isabella.

As Isabella didn't prepare pajamas in advance, she was only wearing a bathrobe now.

Hence, her back was fully exposed, which was fair and smooth like a Hotan white jade.

Due to her posture, her beautiful sphenoids were indistinct.

Instantly, Maxwell's eyes were filled with burning desire.

Feeling his hot gaze, Isabella couldn't help but tremble.

Just as she wanted to reach out to pull the bathrobe up, Maxwell gripped her hands to stop her from
moving and grabbed her chin with his other hand to force her to look up.

Deep fear was obvious in Isabella's bright eyes.

"Mr.Sharp, I-I can't..."

Before she could finish speaking, Maxwell had pressed his index finger on her lips.

His scorching body terrified Isabella further.

"Shh.Remember what you are to me."

Maxwell's words stunned Isabella.The moment she was lost in thought, his lips covered hers…