Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 5: She Definitely Won't Have a Child With Him

When Maxwell released Isabella, she felt her chin numb.

However, in comparison to the physical pain, her heart ached more.

Although she knew very well that she meant nothing to Maxwell, she was still hurt by his harsh words.

"I really need my job, Mr.Sharp,’’ Isabella pleaded and was shocked by her hoarse voice.

When Maxwell heard this, he only cast a disdainful glance on her and didn't say a word.

Isabella could not read his mind, but she did not dare to ask further questions.

Soon, the car arrived at the Sharp Mansion and Isabella saw Madam Sharp, the old lady who had been
taken in by her and caused all of this, waiting at the door excitedly.

"Bella? Heavens, my Bella is finally here.’’ Madam Sharp's delighted voice rang as soon as Isabella got
out of the car.

Watching Madam Sharp walking toward her, Isabella had mixed feelings.

Logically, she should blame her because she wouldn't have been in such a difficult situation if she
hadn't taken the old lady in out of kindness.

However, what could she say? If there weren't Maxwell, she would probably marry another man to save
Daniel's company.

"You don't have to wait outside, Grandma.It's windy here."

Maxwell walked to Madam Sharp.

There was finally a trace of warmth in his voice.

After he finished speaking, he turned his gaze to the servant next to him, which was so icy that it made
the servant shiver in fear.

"I'm waiting for you to bring Bella back.The cold weather won't do anything to me! Let's go in, Bella."

Madam Sharp came to hold Isabella's hand, but Isabella subconsciously dodged her and caused
Madam Sharp to miss it.

When Maxwell saw this, coldness flashed in his eyes, and he grabbed Isabella's hand forcefully.

His strength frightened Isabella.

Then, he put Isabella's hand on Madam Sharp's and silently gave Isabella a warning look.

Meanwhile, Madam Sharp didn't notice what was happening and led Isabella into the Sharp Mansion
happily while holding her hand.

"Dinner is ready, we can eat anytime now.Bella must be hungry too, right?"

Madam Sharp brought Isabella to the dining room directly.

From the moment Isabella entered the Sharp Mansion, she felt as if she was in a dream.

Not only was the mansion ridiculously huge, but the renovation and furniture also looked luxurious.

There were servants everywhere too.

"You must take good care of Bella in the future, Max.She's a good granddaughter-in-law.’’ Madam
Sharp looked at Maxwell and Isabella, who was beside her, and said joyfully.

"Sure, Grandma.’’ Seeing Madam Sharp smiling, Maxwell became in a better mood, and the corners of
his lips slightly curled into a faint smile.

"Have some more, Bella.Now that Max is married, I only have one wish left.I hope to meet my great-
grandson soon!"

Madam Sharp said sentimentally as she continued to put food on Isabella's plate.When Maxwell heard
her words, his eyes darkened.

Meanwhile, Isabella would have choked if she hadn't held back.As she was just married to Maxwell, the
idea of having a child had never popped into her mind.

Moreover, she would leave Maxwell no matter what once the deal was completed two years later.

Hence, in these two years, she would never have a child with him.

After dinner, Madam Sharp chatted with Isabella for a long time and even gave her a bracelet.

Only when the old lady was going to rest that Isabella was able to escape.

"Your room is ready, Madam."

When Isabella walked out of Madam Sharp's room, a servant was waiting at the door.With a nod, she
followed the servant to the third floor.

"Please tell me if you need anything, Madam.My name is Kyra Hudson.’’ Kyra brought Isabella to a
room and said respectfully.

Hearing this, Isabella nodded and said, "Thank you."

After Kyra left, Isabella walked into the room and found that it was obviously a room for two.

Thinking about her life in the future, she felt a panic in her heart.There was something that couldn't be