Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 4: You Better Submit To Me

Pushing his leg between hers, Maxwell leaned closer to Isabella and pressed her firmly against the
backseat.Startled, Isabella looked up wide-eyed and found his face up close to hers.

She could even feel his hot breath now.

"Let go of me."

She looked at him and tried to speak in a calm tone.

"You're good at provoking me,’’ Maxwell uttered slowly, and his deep voice sounded like decadent
music, seductive to the extreme.

"I don't get what you mean.” Isabella turned her head, trying to make the atmosphere less intimate.

"I can't bring you out with the ugly and conservative clothes that you're wearing now.Aren't you two?
You dress like a 34-year-old woman.’ Maxwell's tone was full of disdain and mockery.Hearing this,
Isabella pressed her lips tightly.

"Sorry, the clothes you prepared don't suit me."

"Ha...You probably don't understand the situation, Miss Holland.Although we're going to get married,
you're just a pet that I bought with two hundred million.Shouldn't pets know their duties well and listen
to their masters?"

The man's scornful voice was obviously cold.

As though a sharp dagger, his words stabbed into Isabella's heart and reminded .

her that her marriage with him was only a deal and that she was at disadvantage.

Before she could react, Maxwell, who was on top of her, had already raised his hands and ripped off
her white shirt.

As the buttons popped off, Isabella blushed in shame and anger.

Stunned, she instinctively reached out to cover her body.

"I'm giving you two choices now.You can either change into the clothes I prepared, or you Can get
married like this."

Ignoring her reaction, Maxwell pulled away from her, and his cold voice was devoid of any emotion.

In the dim light, Isabella fixed her gaze on Maxwell, who had a peerlessly handsome face.

There were traces of hostility and disgust in his narrow eyes now, and undoubtedly, she was the one
who made him feel these.

At this moment, she finally had a good look at him, the man who was called the king and the devil of

"You don't want to change? Alright, let's go..." Maxwell said coldly.

"I'll change,’ Isabella answered in a low voice.Understanding their difference in status and identity, she
knew her resistance was useless.She believed if she didn't change, Maxwell would still bring her to
register their marriage regardless of her disheveled state.

No matter what, she couldn't embarrass herself like this.

Not long after, the car door was opened, and Isabella tried her best to hide in a corner.A paper bag was
then thrown at her, and a cold voice rang.

"Change.After casting a glance at Maxwell, who seemed to have no plan to get out of the car, Isabella
gritted her teeth and took out the clothes from the paper bag.

Then, she glanced at him and felt relieved that he wasn't looking in her direction.Compared to the
dress in the morning, this one was less revealing.

However, it was still something that she wouldn't wear usually.

Meanwhile, Maxwell was impressed by Isabella's calmness.

It was rare to meet a woman who could submit to such humiliation.

In the Civil Affairs Bureau, Isabella and Maxwell went through the procedures very quickly.

Even though Isabella was wearing a revealing low-cut dress, the officers didn't say anything, helped
them take a photo, and settled everything else.

Walking out of the bureau, Maxwell didn't turn his gaze to Isabella anymore.

"To the Sharp Mansion."

He got into the car first.After him, Isabella also got into the car.Her plan of heading back to her own
apartment was turned down.

Now that she and Maxwell had registered their marriage, she was Officially related to him, the man who
made all women in Busorama crazy.

Lawfully, they were husband and wife now.

"From today on, you'll stay in the mansion to accompany Grandma.Just quit your job in the hospital."

After getting into the car, Maxwell slowly spoke.

From his tone, he was merely giving out an order instead of asking for permission.

Upon hearing this, Isabella turned around and said, "No, I want to work."

As soon as she finished speaking, Maxwell leaned over and held her chin with one hand.

He was exerting so much strength that Isabella thought he wanted to crush her chin.

"Pets have no right to say no.’’ His narrow, dark eyes were like an abyss when he looked at her.

The oppressive aura he was emitting made the air thinner, and the cold words he spat made Isabella
feel suffocating.