Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 2: Don't Trample On My Dignity!

Walking back with the tea, Kairo heard Daniel's words and couldn't hold back her tears.The scene
before her made Isabella's heart sink.

"So, what should we do now?"

In her calmest voice, she asked softly.

"I've been doing business with Sharp Group, and they're willing to invest in the company.’’ Hearing
Isabella's question, Daniel couldn't wait to answer.

Nodding, Isabella continued, "Are there any requests from them?"

"The Sharp family asks for a marriage alliance.B-But you also know your sister is still studying

Embarrassed, Daniel couldn't brace himself to speak further.However, Isabella understood what he
was implying.

At the moment, she would be the best candidate as her sister had a better future.

Not only was Sharp Group Buserama's most powerful consortium, but it was also the business of
Madam Sharp's grandson...

"Is there no other way?"

Isabella looked at Daniel and said softly.In response, Daniel shook his head.

"None of my former partners is willing to help me except for the Sharps.It's fine if you don't agree,
Bella.I don't want to sacrifice your future to save the company too.I'm just afraid of the hardships that
Kairo and you will suffer..."

His words were a heavy blow to Isabella's heart.

"The company is Daniel's everything, Bella..."

Kairo grabbed Isabella's hand and pleaded tearfully.Looking at Kairo, Isabella maintained a calm
expression although her heart ached badly.

"You hope to see me marry the man, right?"

Her direct question stunned Kairo and put Daniel into a difficult position.After casting a glance on them,
Isabella nodded.

"Okay, I agree.’’ In her mind, she told herself this was to repay Daniel for taking Kairo and her in when
they were at their most desperate time.After all, she was a grateful person.As the saying went, there
was no free lunch in the world.Neither Daniel nor Kairo had expected Isabella to agree so readily.

Initially, they had thought they needed to spend a lot of time and effort to convince her.

"I've let you down, Bella..."

Daniel looked at Isabella and apologized softly.Isabella shook her head.

"You took me and Mom in 16 years ago, Daniel.Now that you're in trouble, I should help you."

When Isabella left the Chapmans' residence, Kairo chased after her and whispered, "About your
father's debt, the Sharps will settle them too.’’

After listening to this, Isabella looked at her mother profoundly.

"You had known about this already, right? So...Are you happy these years?"

Surprised, Kairo didn't expect that Isabella would ask such a question.Meanwhile, Isabella didn't wait
for her reply and quickly left the Chapmans.

This place was never her home.

When she reached her place, she saw the man in spectacles, who she had chased out yesterday,
waiting for her downstairs.

For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

"Miss Holland, please take a look at the contract.If there's no problem, please sign it."

In the quiet room, the man placed the contract before Isabella.

While she was reading the contract, the title "Prenuptial Agreement"

kept reminding her that she had been sold at a high price.

The amount stated on it was a hard slap on her face.

Although she had firmly rejected the proposal yesterday, she was going to sign the contract now.

"Is there any problem, Miss Holland?"

The voice from afar immediately pulled Isabella back from her chaotic thoughts.

Looking at the stern man before her, she shook her head and continued reading the contract.

Soon, she signed her name.She just sold herself to a devil for two years.

Buserama's most eligible bachelor, Maxwell Sharp, was the leader of Sharp Group.

Although there were always scandals about him, and rumors even had it that he was a cold and cruel
man, there were still countless women who wished to be with him.

Hence, how possibly would he be willing to end his carefree life for the sake of his grandmother?