Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 3: Miss Holland Is Here

"Mr.Sharp will pick you up for the marriage registration tomorrow, Miss Holland.We'll also prepare
clothes for you, please be cooperative by then,'' the man with spectacles said dryly with his gaze fixed
on Isabella.

After that, another man put several gift boxes on Isabella's table.

In response, Isabella nodded without a word.

"By the way, your father's ten million debt with Allen has been written off.We hope we'll have a pleasant

After making sure that there was no problem with the contract, the man with spectacles stood up and
stretched his hand out to Isabella.

Reaching out to shake his hand, Isabella nodded and watched them leave.After this, she slumped onto
the sofa tiredly.

What kind of man was Maxwell? In just one day, he had already figured out everything about her,
including her mother's second marriage and her biological father's gambling addiction.

This weakened her confidence because her vulnerable side had been exposed.

"Thank you so much, Bella.I've heard that Madam Sharp likes you very much, so you must curry favor
with her once you're married.As long as she's happy, your status in the Sharps will be stable."

On the phone, Kairo sounded extremely relieved.If Isabella hadn't agreed to this marriage, Daniel's
company wouldn't have overcome the hardship.

By then, they probably couldn't even sustain their daily lives.Listening to Kairo's words, Isabella replied
perfunctorily and hung up the phone soon.

As for her birth father who she hadn't seen for two years, he wouldn't contact her unless he needed

Early in the morning, Isabella took out the clothes that the man in the spectacles had prepared.

When she was just about to change into them, she was stunned by the design.

Even though the marriage was a business deal, how could they make her wear such revealing clothes?
In her mind, she thought that she was going to be a prostitute instead of getting married.

Were they trying to humiliate her by letting her wear this? The dress could barely cover her body.

Although she had a good temper, she was still trembling in anger now.

Throwing the dress to the floor, she wore her usual clothes in the end.

Just as she finished her preparation, the doorbell rang.

Upon opening the door, she saw the man in spectacles and his frown.

Looking up and down at her usual clothes, he asked, "Miss Holland, we have prepared clothes for

"Sorry but they aren't suitable for me” Isabella replied calmly.

When the man heard this, he said in a deep voice, "Mr.Sharp doesn't like such a plain style, Miss
Holland.Please cooperate."

From his tone, Isabella felt they wouldn't leave until she changed her clothes.

As she wasn't willing to get married in the first place, she couldn't hold back her cold expression.

"I can't bring myself to wear these."

Seeing her firm attitude, the man cast a glance at her and then walked away.

Not long later, he came back and only asked her to follow him.

"You'll upset Mr.Sharp, Miss Holland.’’ Gazing at her, the man in spectacles seemed to be warning her.

Isabella nodded quietly.

Little did she know that she would witness what the man meant by upsetting Maxwell soon...

There was a black Bentley Bentayga parked downstairs when Isabella walked out of the apartment.

The closer she got to the car, the more she felt the enormous pressure.

Meanwhile, the man in spectacles didn't give Isabella time to be mentally prepared.

Directly opening the door, he asked her to get into the backseat.

"Miss Holland is here, Mr.Sharp."

He sounded more respectful than when he was talking to Isabella.

After hesitating for a moment, Isabella got into the car.

While getting used to the dimmed environment, she felt a strong, suffocating sense of oppression
despite not being able to see Maxwell's face clearly.

Just as she sat down and the man in spectacles closed the door, she was forcefully dragged
over.Slammed onto the backseat, she then felt a warm body pressed against hers…