Contract Marriage Devil's Trap

Chapter 1: The Adopted Daughter Is To Be Sacrificed

"I'm not interested in your proposal to marry Mr.Sharp.Please leave now.’’ Isabella Holland looked at
the sudden visitor and said coldly while putting down the teacup in her hand.

"We hope you can think about this carefully, Miss Holland.In Buserama, it's every woman's dream to
marry Mr.Sharp.Besides, our proposal will only do good for you.’’

The man in spectacles fixed his serious gaze on Isabella and spoke as if he was talking about

Hearing this, Isabella was so exasperated.

If she hadn't watched this man's interview on TV, she would certainly have taken him as a lunatic, who
just told her the president of Buserama's largest consortium wished to marry her and register their

"I'm sorry but it isn't my dream.Please leave now, or else I'll call the police."

Isabella stood up and said slowly, gazing down on the man before her.

After casting a profound glance on her, the man nodded and replied, "I hope you won't regret it.Sorry
for disturbing you."

Even after the man had left, Isabella could hardly calm down.

It was out of her expectation that the old lady she had helped two days ago was Madam Sharp from the
well-known Sharp family in Buserama.

Madam Sharp even wanted her to be her grandson's bride.

However, she would never marry a man she didn't know at all.

No matter how wealthy they were, they couldn't force her.

Little did she know that she could only stick to this thought for one night...

The next morning, she received a call from her family asking her to go home at noon.

Without being suspicious, she agreed and hung up the phone.

As she hadn't gone home for a long time, she felt a little strange upon her arrival.

"You're back, Bella."

Kairo White, Isabella's mother, looked worried when she saw her.

With a nod, Isabella asked, "Did something happen, Mom? Why did you ask me to come back in such
a hurry?"

"Bella, your father...he contacted me today..."

Kairo met Isabella's gaze and hesitated.

Seeing this, Isabella nodded and motioned for her to continue.

"Your father is in debt again, and he has no money to pay it back.The debtors say they will kill him if he
doesn't pay, so can you help him, Bella? You know I can't ask Daniel to help.

Kairo phrased her words carefully while looking at Isabella's expression.

Isabella furrowed her brows after hearing this.

"You've divorced him many years ago, Mom.You shouldn't care about his affairs anymore.If Daniel
knows about this, he'll be angry.’’

When she was going to say something else, a man's voice rang from the stairs.

"Is Bella back?"

Turning her gaze to the direction of the QZ voice, Isabella stood up and greeted the middle-aged man
who was walking downstairs, "Daniel.At once, Kairo went to the kitchen to make tea.As Daniel
Chapman had raised Isabella for more than a decade, he felt guilty when sitting opposite her and
meeting her gaze, but selfishness still took over his heart in the end.

"My company has run into some problems, Bella.It'll close down soon, and I may face imprisonment
too,’’ Daniel told Isabella frankly.

When Isabella heard this, she widened her eyes in shock.

"I have some savings, and you can use them.If they aren't enough, I can go and borrow some more.’’
Although a bad feeling was rising in her heart, she tried suppressing it and shook the bad thoughts

"Your savings can help nothing, Bella...At the latest, the company will go bankrupt the day after
tomorrow.If I'm really jailed, I'm worried you and Kairo will suffer..."

Daniel said somewhat dejectedly while looking at Isabella.