Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 486 Luke's Reward

Anna was tired of crying and fell asleep. Wendy stroked her tender little face with a full heart. But for
her now the most important was Brian.

As long as she got Brian back, she would have a chance to reunite with her child.

Wendy kissed Anna with tears in her eyes, and reluctantly walked out of her room, with tears streaming

‘I'm sorry, Anna. I have to do this.’

Wendy repeated her apology in hearts but she had not courage to say it out.

As she was sad, she was held into Jonny's arms.

"Don't be sad. Come back to us. We're still family."

Jonny said with deep feeling and hugged Wendy more tightly.

Wendy had not been hugged for years, this hug made her fear in the past, but now she felt warm as
she was helpless.

However, she was sensible and regarded as fake. If she cared about it, she would be trapped in those
painful days again.

She adjusted her mood and then lightly pushed Jonny away.

“Take care of the kids, don’t make her cry and make her feel hurt. I have a lot of things to and I have to
go back.”

with that, she was to leave, but Jonny stopped in front of her like a wall with his tall and strong body.

“I know you have things to do, but it is not urgent. Stay tonight, I miss you, I miss your body, I miss…”


Wendy stopped her. She did not know if Jonny missed her for real, but she did not miss him, but felt

He was a man would torture her in bed. How could she miss him?

“I can’ stay. My friend is waiting for me.”

Wendy whispered. She dare not refuse him loudly. She knew Jonny well, if she refused him
emotionally, he would want to possess her. Wendy was afraid of his desire of possession like a beast.

“I will see you see when we finish.”

Jonny did not agree, he would like to try every mean to let Wendy stay.

“You… Jonny, I really have things to do. I will come another day.”

Wendy was to lost her temper, but she was afraid to provoke Jonny, so she suppressed her flame of
angry and said to him softly.

“Wendy, since the moment you entered the door, I could not help but want to have you. So it must be
today, it must be now.”

There was evil and sinister desire in Jonny’s eyes. he did not allow to be refused. As his voice’s fell, he
did not give chance to Wendy to refuse, but embraced her into his arms and then kissed her lips

“… No.”

Wendy struggled in panic, pushing Jonny away.

But in the arms of Jonny, Wendy was like a weak chick, her pushing and punching were just like rains
falling from sky to Jonny a strong man.

It was not painful, but it was fun to him.

Wendy continued to resist, but in the next second, she was picked up by Jonny and her mouth was
covered by his hand, for fear that Wendy would make a sound to wake the kid up.

When they came into the room, the door was locked. Jonny came to the bedside and threw Wendy into
the bed.

Seeing that Wendy was controlled by him, Jonny was excited wans had stronger desire to get her.

Regardless Wendy’s oppose, Jonny began to take of his clothes.

“You bastard, we have devoiced, you can’t do this to me.”

Wendy shouted angrily and want to slip away when Jonny was taking off his clothes, but as she got
down on the ground, she was once again thrown into the bed again by Jonny.

“Wendy, have you forgotten that if you resist, I have to get you. Can’t you feel more desire or you think
the atmosphere is not good enough and try to make it better?”

Jonny said in an evil voice, which made Wendy fear and her body shake.

“Fuck off, don’t say that again. We are not husband and wife, if you rape me, I will sue you.”

Wendy knew it was useless to refuse, so she began to threat.

Naked, he stood on the bedside, seeing Wendy who was shaking. The desire had occupied his brain
and he was not afraid of her threat.

“Never mind, I don’t care. Nothing is important to me now and I just want to have you.”

With that, Jonny tore apart Wendy’s clothes with force.

“Jonny, you…”

Before she said bastard, she was pressed down on Jonny’s body.

“Let go… Jonny, you can’t do this to me.”

“I can’t let you go. No men could let go at this moment. Darling, I will be gentle, you can just enjoy.”

Jonny’s evil voice made Wendy panic, but her resist was useless, she could only rebuke him loudly.

“You asshole, you bastard, let go of me. I hate you. Don’t touch me, you hear me?”

Wendy shouted hysterically, but it did not work.

“Wendy, you are unique in crying in bed. I like it. Louder, louder.”

Jonny laughed out loud and then his next move made Wendy cried out because of pain.

“Ah…You bastard.”

In the hotel, Brian and his family had fun together and no one noticed that Wendy was not present.

Luke would have the competition tomorrow, so Winnie let him relax this day so that he would not be
nervous about the competition.

Mom, Dad, we should be happy forever.”

Megan had a head of sweat because of playing, but she was happy. It had been a long time she did not
play with Dad and Mom and did not have this high spirit.

“Ok, as long as you like it, we can be happy forever.”

Winnie answered Megan, satisfied.

Seeing that two kids were happy, she felt her suffering worth it and the status was not so important to
her now.

It was a wise decision that she did not ask Brian about his relationship with Wendy, or they could not be
happy together like now.

“But it will have an end, Luke has to go to bed early so that he can have energy for the competition

Winnie said a real problem, and then Brian added.

“Let’s go to bed together, I will reward the one who fall asleep first.”

“Ok, let’s sleep together. Dad, you are awesome, I love you.”

Megan said excitedly and raised her hands over her head to make a heart shape to Brian.

“I love you too. Go to bed now.”

Megan was to go to bed holding Megan’s hand, but was stopped by Winnie.

“Wash hands first.”

So Brian took Megan and Luke go the bathroom to wash hands.

After washing hands, they lied on the bed.

“Brother, sleep, if you fall asleep first, Dad will give you award.”

Megan remembered Dad’s promise and urged her brother to sleep.

“You must be the one who fell asleep first, you will get the award.”

Luke said sensibly and then looked to Brian.

“Dad, if I win the competition, can I have award?”

“Sure, Luke, I don’t require you to get the first prize, as long as you do a good job, I will award you.”

Brian agreed readily.

“But I want to the first prize. A soldier who does not want to be a general is not a good soldier. If I don’t
want the first prize, it will be meaningless. I have to try to get the first prize, but I can’t assure the

“Luke, it is right to have this thought, it means that you have dreams and ambitions, but you should not
only focus on the result, we just want you to work hard.

Brian was afraid that Luke would have too much pressure and pursue too much, so that the result
would be too bad for him to bear. As he said this, he realized that educating children was not an easy

“Dad, Mom, don’t worry. I understand and I can bear the failure, but I have to set a goal for me and
work hard for it. I may fail once or twice, but I will make it as long as I tried hard.

Luke said seriously and Winnie was pleased to hear that.

“Luke, you have grown up, I can feel at ease not. I am proud that I have you and sister, you are the
perfect work of me. I love you.”

Winnie felt her kids were sensible and self-motivated.

“Luke, I love you too. You are a good boy, let me what award you want. If you get the first prize, I will
give you bigger award.”

Brian decided to give Luke’s award taking the first prize as goal.

But he was guilty at this moment. Luke was sensible and excellent, but he was different to him before.

If not the appearance of Winnie, he would have destroyed such a smart boy.

“If I get the first prize, I want we stay together and never separate forever.”

Hearing that, Brian and Winnie were stunned.

They did not expect that Luke would want such award.

So Luke had minded it always and he had never felt at ease.

“I promise you. We will stay together and never separate forever.”

Brian did not hesitate and wanted to give him this award. Even if Luke did not raise it, he would work
hard for it and give the children a stable family.

“Thank you, Dad, thank you, Mom. If I win the first prize, please keep your words.”

Luke gave a happy smile. He had wating this award and had working for it and it would realized one

After two kids feel asleep, Brian got up silently and Winnie could not fall asleep.

For Luke was to take the competition, she was more neverous than Luke and did not feel sleepy at all.

They walked out of the bedroom quietly and came to the living room.

Winnie threw herself into the sofa and wondered why she was so nervous.

“It is weird. I have attended countless competition, but I had never been nervous. But I am so nervous
that Luke is to take the competition.”