Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Chapter 1099

What was there to say to a crazy woman who was at the end of her life and was already insane?

Good and evil, cause and effect.

What was there to argue about?

Just let her live in the world she imagined.

Everything outside had nothing to do with her.

"Let's go. I'm tired and want to go home." Gale turned around.

Shawn nodded deeply. "Okay."

Winnie looked at her back and yelled, "Let's go? Gale, you just want to go? novelebook.comYou just
came here to see my fate and to see how embarrassed I am?!"

"Winnie, when you were banned and kicked out of Sea City, you could completely rely on your own
hands to settle down and live in another city in peace."

Gale walked out without looking back.

Shawn followed behind her.

"Shawn! Shawn! At any rate, we also had a relationship, do you really have the heart to treat me like
this? Don't go, Shawn, you come back..." Winnie shouted heart-piercingly.

"My child, I'm carrying your child! It's not someone else's! I don't know what bodyguard, I haven't seen
it, I only know that person is you! You can't deliberately make up such a thing just to make Gale..."

When he reached the door, Shawn paused slightly.

He ordered, "You can play with her all you want but don't lose the child."

"Yes, Mr. Wood."

"Also, scratch her face."


This face that did not belong to Winnie should have been destroyed long ago.

From now on, there will never be another face similar to Gale's.

The short dream that Winnie stole was completely shattered!

"That child… Why did you let it live?" Gale asked.

"Winnie will live there for the rest of her life. She is too lonely. She wants a child so much, so let her
give birth to it and stay with her."

Gale showed a look of displeasure.

That was too ruthless.

"The child is..."

Shawn interrupted her. "I know what you want to The child in her womb is
innocent, so isn't our Nicole innocent?"

Gale was speechless for a while.

"To be kind to your enemies is to be cruel to yourself."

Gale sighed.

Forget it, she was not a good lady.

Winnie deserved it! It was self-inflicted!


The car drove several hundred meters, and Winnie's hysterical shouts could still be faintly heard!

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