World Redlight Guide: Sex Tourism, Sin Cities, Escorts, etc.

World Redlight Guide: Sex Tourism, Sin Cities, Escorts, etc.

English | April 12, 2015 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B00W2GT1VY | 1712 Pages | AZW3 | 1.52 MB

As a young man, I sought out sensual thrills and adventures. I wanted to touch the highs of life. I didn't realize then as far as a social life goes, you only get one chance which is when you're young because by the time you pass 35 or so, you're considered a creep if you try to socialize at the usual fun spots that are all about young people unless you're a musician, guru or rich. Even then, they still think you're a creep that can be used for whatever money or status you got.

Older people go on cruises or join "activist/ religious" groups to socialize. They don't fit into the party crowd open for adventure.

By the time the average guy or gal is middle-aged, they're overweight and old-looking. They're going to feel self-conscious walking around any festival, social event or night club.

This book is knowledge to help you get sensual thrills with real people regardless of age and looks as long as you got the money to pay for it. That's the deal in a capitalist world.


[Fast Download] World Redlight Guide: Sex Tourism, Sin Cities, Escorts, etc.

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